Torture To Death

BDSM torture can't get any more hardcore than this.

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Ehmmm.... +67 points1512 days ago

Dafuq did i just watch ? Reply Report

jannybh +1 points241 days ago

Hello, you did just watch "Torture To Death" at Reply Report

vAMPFAGULA +15 points1467 days ago

How the FUCK did my honeymoon video end up here?!!! Reply Report

aiisha13 +13 points1544 days ago

Good training for daughters n wives Reply Report

someone +6 points1508 days ago

ehm, good thing its fake no? If it wasn't it would be fucking sick. Reply Report

omni15 -2 points600 days ago

No it wold be totaly Awsome Reply Report

explorer +6 points845 days ago

I expected to see sex, not guns and stabbiings. Most of this was just close ups on men with blood on their faces, and I fail to see how stabbing and hammering away at a leg can be sex. When the one sexual thing happens - the pinching of her nipple - you can't really see it because she's completely covered in red fluid. Nobody ever gets around to do something that's really about sex, they just cut her throat, thus killing her. If it was about necrophilia there might've been some fucking her after she died, but that too wouldn't do anything for me. I don't get turned on by dead or unconscious sex partners or sex slaves who can't feel or register what is happening nor react on it. And finally, they made a mistake. They showed her pissing as she died, but they forgot that people also defecate when they die, so they also deprived scat lovers of a good experience. Because of all this I've only rated it 2 stars (nothing special - to watch, anyway).
The second part I won't even bother comment on.

All that said, I'm not against videos like this - morally or otherwise - I think it is in fact a good thing that people make them because some people do get turned on by stuff like this and there's no reason why they shouldn't have their fill like everybody else. - And besides, it just may prevent a few examples of this being turned into reality, and that's an important point.
Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin   0 points234 days ago

Are you Siskel or Ebert? Reply Report
Yo Momma

Yo Momma +3 points1509 days ago

This is from the film K3 Prison From Hell Reply Report
Bored to death...

Bored to death... +2 points1512 days ago

Bo Ring Reply Report

butterball +2 points1512 days ago

good effects Reply Report

BenFranklin +2 points1511 days ago

I have more fun by putting my dick in a light socket Reply Report

theripper +2 points1289 days ago

Not real of course, but I LOVED it! Reply Report
dont kinshame me

dont kinshame me +2 points255 days ago

i came i wish my daddy would cut me up and kill me like that omg Reply Report
Porn hot

Porn hot +1 points1513 days ago

Nice......... Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert +1 points1280 days ago

As long as their legs and underarms are cleanly shaved torture the he'll out of them for real Reply Report

7tony2 +1 points867 days ago

needs english Reply Report

explorer +2 points845 days ago

Not really. It was just an interrogation kind of thing. I don't understand German either, but it was obvious that it was interrogation. I don't think it matters much what they interrogated her about. It was meant to inspire fear in her, and that was obvious without subtitles ot dubbing. - Just my personal opinion, of course. Reply Report

Charlene +1 points673 days ago

Its ok I didn't need sleep today anyway :x it gave me goosebumps!
Reply Report

spiff +1 points487 days ago

well i was horny Reply Report

Tortureher +1 points347 days ago

This is great. More more more, Reply Report

SF   0 points1286 days ago

moviemakers plz spend som time watching real gore footage to make these more realistic! Reply Report

giala   0 points1523 days ago

noooooo!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report

German   0 points1512 days ago

Seit wann Porno auf deutsch synchronisiert? O.o Reply Report

Emily   0 points1498 days ago

Hey! it was funny lol! Reply Report

joe   0 points1164 days ago

Only a desert eagle can do that much damage to a persons head up close dumb ass learn your guns bro Reply Report

explorer +2 points845 days ago

I noticed the same thing. That gun could not have accomplished a clean capitation effect. Ridiculous. Reply Report
Fuck It

Fuck It   0 points1196 days ago

even the thought of making such movie is sick...i don't think anyone could get hard seeing this and if he does then he needs serious help!!! Reply Report

God87   0 points21 hours ago

@Fuck It i cumed so hard yum yum Reply Report

klklk   0 points536 days ago

m,m, Reply Report

:(   0 points21 hours ago

why did i cum fuck i am so fucked up Reply Report

realizm -1 points1539 days ago

u can see its fake head wouldnt explode Reply Report

Poutine -1 points1398 days ago

Reply Report

RobW -1 points941 days ago

K3 Prison of Hell - Director is Andreas Bethmann Reply Report

F2f -1 points693 days ago

What the fuck omg wtf Reply Report

Ali55677765 -1 points382 days ago

How to report this? Reply Report

_Bored_to_death -1 points414 days ago

Fake, it's not scarier I had popcorn and couldn't take my eyes off the screen Reply Report

baha -3 points1512 days ago

also noch unrealistischer geht es ja gar nicht mehr. Reply Report

Alex -5 points1512 days ago

And this is not fake at all, right? Reply Report

Bullshit -5 points1512 days ago

Too fake to even begin to start Reply Report

noshit -5 points1512 days ago

this one is fake you can see it head wouldnt explode only hole in the head! Reply Report
thts fake too

thts fake too -10 points1512 days ago

FAKE!!!! Reply Report