Father And Son Rape Daughter

Step daughter crying while she is raped in her ass by brother and father. Fucked up shocking porn video exposed and leaked online.

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assfucker +134 points1830 days ago

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torishavelle +4 points238 days ago

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only9inches   0 points130 days ago

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Robert w

Robert w -1 points235 days ago

@torishavelle they are out Hun just have to find them Reply Report

Smh +77 points1517 days ago

All of you responding to those "girls" saying they want to be raped.. youre all idiots those are probably some dirty old guys trying to trick you.. stop thinking with your dicks geez Reply Report

Mhk +2 points101 days ago

@Smh You’re right. No one want to be raped, those people are speaking of fantasies and roleplay. Not actual rape. Reply Report
Choke me, daddy

Choke me, daddy +10 points242 days ago

@Smh Yeah, sorry man. The truth is a little fucked up. I'm a girl, and I always dream to be raped. I guess we're all a little wild. Reply Report

Ori +32 points424 days ago

I genuinely am a girl. I'm just really fucked in the head. A lot of girls like it too, though. Women love power and when a man forces you down and rapes you, he shows how much power he has over you and your body. Reply Report

Tower59atx59 -1 points171 days ago

@Ori Reply Report

Justhereforthenut +20 points379 days ago

I'm a chick too. 30 yrs old, attractive, & married with 2 kids. I watch a lot of fucked up shit. I was raped when I was younger, so this shit is the only way I can get off sometimes. Whether or not it should be like this- it is. So fuck it. Gotta learn to love yourself even if your ugly lol Reply Report

Meonperi13 +4 points363 days ago

@Justhereforthenut Reply Report

sf +2 points354 days ago

@Meonperi13 Major props to jsutthereforthenut - I'm the same, in fact that's why I'm on this site Reply Report

didy +10 points641 days ago

you are idiot cause "rape" is a fantasm for many woman. I'm a woman and that exciting me...in my mind and in the video that's not rape even incest that's just swingers Reply Report

brains +14 points1364 days ago

I agree with you 100 percent Reply Report

gohan +53 points1684 days ago

i like reading the comments cause some people are retards especcially the racist people :D Reply Report

hvy712491 -38 points793 days ago

There's no such thing as a racist. Want to talk reality; Talk Easter Bunny or Santa Clause or Bigfoot lol Reply Report
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Justhereforthe nut

Justhereforthe nut +4 points379 days ago

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gothcumslut +3 points596 days ago

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cannabischic -2 points610 days ago

I do. Wow. Love a big one Reply Report

rapemehard73 +1 points673 days ago

I do... Reply Report

hmmm -7 points851 days ago

where do u live
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Ermmm +29 points799 days ago

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ᴀxᴇʟ   0 points58 days ago

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Id rape your asshole hard -1 points41 days ago

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curious +35 points1817 days ago

The old fucker holding her hand was probably her daddy. Looked like he was really getting off watching and participating in the rape of his daughter. Reply Report

somebd +21 points1586 days ago

I love her moan....makes my dick hard... Reply Report

Asssucker +21 points1178 days ago

Hot. It be better if she was begging then to stop though Reply Report
Green Eyes 069

Green Eyes 069 +16 points1383 days ago

I have been looking for a video just like this. OMG This is my fantasy. A dad asking me to fuck his sons and friends but he has to watch. and when they are done he starts fucking me. I would love to be fucked just like this. But would love to have seen a cock or two in her mouth. I am always willing to try anything once. I mean anything. Anything to get a dick hard and start ramming in my hot wet pussy and Show me who is boss. I need to cum sooooooo bad. Reply Report

gothcumslut -1 points596 days ago

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Tezzi +15 points1652 days ago

i love this video anyone can point me to others like it?
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ThatIsWhyImHere +11 points1785 days ago

her mom help them to record the video ~~ :D
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Jzepedajr +11 points1809 days ago

Is it me or did that guy cum like 5 times? Reply Report

imbatman +8 points1740 days ago

actually 6 times, her butt was overflowing with his semen and it just ran deep down her pussy,it was magical of the love of family bonding like this :P Reply Report
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no1Daddy +2 points1716 days ago

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Horny Fucker

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Daddy\'s Babygirl +9 points991 days ago

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Toad +5 points1830 days ago

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well +4 points1786 days ago

best father son bonding i've seen Reply Report

imbatman +1 points1740 days ago

Ya i know right hehe ^^

Family unity with love "behind" it lol
Reply Report

lilsexy30 +4 points1302 days ago

I need a daddy to fill my pussy up with his seed Reply Report
Incest lover

Incest lover +4 points968 days ago

Love this movie so much Reply Report

Neingag +4 points734 days ago

Harambe died for usand all u doing is watchin did Reply Report
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use me please +4 points767 days ago

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Freak Hunter South Carolina

Freak Hunter South Carolina   0 points713 days ago

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Love incest +3 points812 days ago

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Arial +2 points701 days ago

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sexaddictprincess +3 points651 days ago

I wish we could see them all fuck her. Reply Report

Dafuckqw +3 points506 days ago

Welp guess I'm on the weird side of the internet again, some of y'all need to be on a child endangerment watch list. Reply Report

Rapelover857 +3 points421 days ago

Rape should be legal Reply Report
Ali Catt

Ali Catt +2 points1777 days ago

Mmm he knows exactly how to fuck Reply Report
Ravish Me

Ravish Me +2 points1642 days ago

I like the way he breathes, its very erotic Reply Report

Mike +2 points1502 days ago

Not rape, this is an old video, its a swinger couple and the wife passes out from the intense fucking Reply Report
Mr wants real rape

Mr wants real rape +2 points600 days ago

This is completely fake. Reply Report

WantItHardAndPainful +2 points485 days ago

I agree. Want to make it real??? Reply Report

angelique21 +2 points1440 days ago

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Aussie-Fucker +2 points1340 days ago

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sallymay +2 points802 days ago

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taboo bytch

taboo bytch +2 points610 days ago

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Rape me +2 points489 days ago

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Sickbabygirl +2 points269 days ago

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Hooked on rape

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Don't cross me

Don't cross me +1 points1506 days ago

I learned that my Girlfriends ex raped her... Ricin is fun
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Your gf's ex

Your gf's ex +2 points1365 days ago

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Fuck yes

Fuck yes +1 points794 days ago

Like father like son
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WantItHardAndPainful +1 points485 days ago

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xLittleslutx +1 points478 days ago

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redblue76 +1 points277 days ago

It would be better if the description said
"Dad holds daughters hand while his three sons take turns banging their sister and creampie her"
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Faze Tfue

Faze Tfue +1 points55 days ago

Rape is okay if there is no consent Reply Report

Notreal   0 points717 days ago

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cosmic charlie

cosmic charlie   0 points1752 days ago

agree with 'toad'... wish I could have seen her face. Reply Report

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rape me please   0 points637 days ago

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dumbasseeeee   0 points306 days ago

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actaully for the total cunt who dreams about being raped, it is indeed a fantasy, but the problem of the cunt, they do risk their lives for a cum lol dumb to death
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Yo mama

Yo mama -1 points692 days ago

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Nobody -2 points1203 days ago

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Not An Asshole Like You!

Not An Asshole Like You! -3 points1713 days ago

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Your both fucked up +41 points1786 days ago

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Fucking idiots

Fucking idiots +2 points692 days ago

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andy -13 points1830 days ago

white people..we always keep it in the family Reply Report

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Would u care to rape me and cut me? Xx Reply Report