Blonde Swallowing 15 Cum Loads

Sperm loving blonde teen gets jizzed a whopping 15 times straight in her mouth at a bukkake party. She swallows all 15 sticky cum loads with a bit of gagging in between but that doesn´t even stop her from sucking some lost drops out of the carpet. What a girl!

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samanthadutchslut +20 points663 days ago

I wish I could swallow all that cum too mmmmm Reply Report

h3nn3p +19 points662 days ago

Great girl, she surely loves her cum ;-) Reply Report

Whoa +18 points1681 days ago

15 cumshots and all swallowed, this is a great vid, what a good little whore she is. Reply Report

Lilwhiteho +18 points1604 days ago

If she would only perform this mouth, sperm and finger games publicly at malls, stgreets and places in the early afternoon Reply Report

ViolaEmdin +18 points1576 days ago

I'll have this on my birthday :) Reply Report

bigfarter +17 points1640 days ago

What a fucking cumdump! Great to see that big black schlong unloading into her! Reply Report

Med   0 points1685 days ago

You can tell from the shape of her lips that she has had a history of herpes lesions. Reply Report

buhh   0 points1638 days ago

please explain Reply Report

Med   0 points1638 days ago

open your eyes or get your glasses, that'll do. Reply Report
la di da

la di da   0 points1640 days ago

why not swallow 150 ? 1500 would be world record? don't be that finicky, bitchy !! Reply Report

qul   0 points1637 days ago

why dont real girls like sperm??? i cant find this one Reply Report

jaat -8 points1083 days ago

I wanna suck face and swap spit with her. Reply Report
Sweaty cock

Sweaty cock -15 points1640 days ago

Does her nan knows she does that Reply Report

Heheh.. -20 points1640 days ago

This would make a very fun episode on the Murray Show. Reply Report
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McShake Advertisement -20 points1639 days ago

She can be the face of McDonald's for an x-rated advert for vanilla shake! Reply Report

fuck -20 points1639 days ago

this bittch should have swallowed the cum fucking bitch Reply Report

OooWee -20 points1639 days ago

She's Not A True Swallower B/C She Kept Gagging But Still She's Beautiful As Hell!! Good Job Punkin ;)
Reply Report

SonOfAGun -20 points1637 days ago

The things girls will do nowadays for crack... Reply Report

Omg -24 points1673 days ago

You're right dude! She has got herpes on the right side of here mouth! Holy shit, and now do do 15 other guys! Reply Report
la di da

la di da -23 points1639 days ago

do do is right! be do be doo, do be do be doo : what do you make of that? Reply Report

headtotoe -25 points1639 days ago

She and the guys never learnt that the a rug contains varmints? Reply Report

Rebelstudcock -25 points1162 days ago

She only gagged because it was nigger cum.
Reply Report
The smith

The smith -26 points1640 days ago

If that was my daughter I'd kill her Reply Report
la di da

la di da +25 points1639 days ago

honestly, dude, you're sure what your daughter is doing right now ? ... Reply Report

Yes   0 points1637 days ago

Perfection. Reply Report

dave -26 points1639 days ago

She wasted 8 cum outside did any one noticed she did not swallowed its FAKE Reply Report

shitter -26 points1639 days ago

that was lame cause guys was touchin tips and shit Reply Report