Shocking Gore And Violence Compilation

Compilation of some of the most violent and gore videos around.

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sad but true

sad but true +15 points1754 days ago

the sad truth is this isn't the worse i've seen!! humans or 90% of them don't deserve life... Reply Report

crownofworms +6 points859 days ago

What should be deleted is all the god comments. God is as real as the Easter Bunny and Hillary Clinton's vagina. Reply Report

Seraph +5 points1788 days ago

And God made us in his image......shame on us, worst creature ever made to destroy each other as well as this earth. Reply Report
satan's left testicle

satan's left testicle -1 points1339 days ago

Oi angel! Don't yah evah say nothin bout my just hangin around evah again, cause yah verballed it yourbloodyself: the little half-bred clone-defects are his Invisibleness's image and the stuff they get up to, puts laziness way down on the sin-list. Reply Report

ddd +2 points1693 days ago

And human think from themselfes that they are not animals? Lol Reply Report
Sara Dalton

Sara Dalton +2 points1446 days ago

Nothing wrong with this, God is not real. ... Reply Report

Sick +2 points1232 days ago

If God is real, and this stuff makes you happy. Good luck on the afterlife peeps. Reply Report
More Gore!

More Gore! +1 points1788 days ago

Upload more! WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Reply Report

vasto7 +1 points1785 days ago

Nice compilation,bring us more!!Make us happy!! Reply Report

88boy   0 points1649 days ago

GOOD!!!!!!!!!!Like this!!
Reply Report

TheBat   0 points1788 days ago

Remove? Why? Reply Report

carpatian   0 points1604 days ago

we need more vids like this Reply Report

sfe   0 points1297 days ago

the groups of guys whos killing peasents isnt not funny..... really not funny.... Reply Report

alberto1968   0 points643 days ago

Te hace falta ver mas gore. Reply Report

lou -1 points1788 days ago

This is perfectly fine. Real or not, this is totally ok. But a fully consensual woman getting plowed by a fully consensual dog, that's a no-no. Please explain human morality to me, somebody? Reply Report

.. -1 points1752 days ago

god is fake and some people don't get raised well and have all sorts of issues these people need to be put down harsh but true Reply Report

remove -4 points1562 days ago

remove this fbi comes
Reply Report
I agree with "LOU"

I agree with "LOU" -6 points1788 days ago

I'm with you...that is the most disturbing gore compilation I've ever seen.
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WhitePower -6 points1781 days ago

LMAO this is kid's shit!...If you call this gore then your all fucking pussies. Reply Report