Japanese Air Gun Torture

Naked woman is bound and has her body ripped by bb pellets that came from a Japanese firing squad amidst her cries and moans. She is then released after showing the innumerable holes on her ass and backside.

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Well shit

Well shit +30 points3799 days ago

The Japanese are in to some kinky shit... Reply Report
king niggar of the 50 inch dick

king niggar of the 50 inch dick +11 points3607 days ago

And to think that the worst fear you have if you don't finish college in the west is to end up working in McDonalds for your whole life....well kids,that is what happens when you don't finish college in japan. Reply Report
trigger happy

trigger happy +5 points3751 days ago

Wow, this sure taught me a lot of stuff about guns Reply Report

Straya +5 points3629 days ago

Well, if you have a cock the size of a toothpick then I suppose you have to fall back on guns... Reply Report

Random235r +4 points1330 days ago

@Straya If you have the wallet size of a toothpick then I suppose you'd sign up to do this shit. Reply Report

Truthman -16 points3619 days ago

Shut up bogan, fuck off and die and take your halfcast kids with you. Reply Report
Bang bang bang

Bang bang bang +5 points3453 days ago

I want to do this to someone! I have the perfect victims in mind! Reply Report

michael666   0 points2846 days ago

yeah! i want this done to me; front AND back! Reply Report
Man 246

Man 246   0 points761 days ago

@michael666 I shut your in belly tits and in back to Reply Report

SubNVinyl -1 points2930 days ago

When you get done I wanna be next Reply Report
Man 123456

Man 123456   0 points761 days ago

@SubNVinyl I do it to Mana123456 Reply Report

Lecodias +4 points3567 days ago

Those japs a all fucked ups, but anyway, LOL, she wouldn't be able to sit for a while
Reply Report

Army68 +2 points579 days ago

Man they should have done the same thing to her frontside. Id love too see herTits brutalized, ripped apart and flesh torn. Then lets concentrate on her pussy too. Yeah sure well protect her face but the rest of her body is fair game. LetsRip those tits and pussy wide open!!!! Reply Report

Dragonfodder +1 points3662 days ago

Do you think they'd do a remake of this if I offered to show up with my stepsister and my mini-gun jammed full of blanks? Reply Report

Vanillanomegusta +1 points3247 days ago

I find it impressive that they actually did this scene in the first place, as impact play involves a lot of safety measures you need to take into account...not the least of which are avoiding hitting vertebrae and the kidneys...especially with a projectile. They must have had a lot of fun doing it. Reply Report

ibornfree   0 points3750 days ago

what the hell do they get out of that? Reply Report

Rap4po   0 points73 days ago

Wtf is this dawg torturing a woman with pellet guns are fucking HOT? Reply Report

Biggernigger   0 points2236 days ago

This some fucked up shit tho Reply Report
Fuck this is so hot

Fuck this is so hot   0 points2153 days ago

Fuck this is so hot Reply Report
Fuck this is so hot

Fuck this is so hot   0 points2153 days ago

Fuck this is hot. Reply Report

killyourtv   0 points1938 days ago

good video Reply Report

Japslauer   0 points1859 days ago

This is fucked Reply Report
Er trojo

Er trojo   0 points1631 days ago

What's the problem? It's not a real gun. Reply Report

Manam12345   0 points761 days ago

Shot like that in my belly Reply Report

Tim789798 -1 points761 days ago

@Manam12345 by woman shot me in my belly on Reply Report

stupidbitch   0 points100 days ago

The Japs. really know how to treat a bitch.Hearing her suffering from pain is so hot. Reply Report

:D -1 points3808 days ago

nice looks so fun !! Reply Report

cidaliafatpig -1 points3135 days ago

After this i would need someone to spank me, use all my holes and feed me with his cum and shit Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -1 points3781 days ago

@Well shit

Reply Report

darkidark -1 points2773 days ago

Ohne Worte , schön auf die Nieren , ehh bei sowas krieg ich Plack, wie kann man nur so blöde sein . An sich eine nette Idee, aber dann bitte nur auf den Arsch udn nicht auf die Nieren ! Reply Report
Random Airsofter

Random Airsofter -1 points824 days ago

Bit of context. Japan has strict power limits when it comes to airsoft guns like these (although ironically making some of the biggest technological leaps in the hobby). Any gun can not shoot hotter than 0.98 joules (under 300 fps) and I think they took some safety precautions (not shooting her point blank and giving her face protection). Most guns sold in the united states shoot 1.3-1.5 joules out of the box , with upgrades being able to exceed that (no legal power limits in america). Still though, getting hit on bare skin isn't fun, especially THAT many times! Now i'm curious as to how much she got paid! Reply Report
I just discovered the world I live in

I just discovered the world I live in -2 points2706 days ago

What the fuck would make them want to do this to her!?! Reply Report

random2345 +1 points1330 days ago

@I just discovered the world I live in What the fuck would make her sign up to do this, dumbass? Reply Report
Lost on Internet

Lost on Internet -5 points2470 days ago

This is abuse. Should be illegal. Sick... Reply Report

wolfman_jack +1 points2138 days ago

@Lost on Internet "Hey Dude" Of course it's Abuse! "It's S&M"! Reply Report

wolfman_jack   0 points2138 days ago

@Lost on Internet "Hey Dude" Of course it's Abuse! "It's S&M"! Reply Report
It\'s so hot

It\'s so hot +1 points2153 days ago

@Lost on Internet it's so hot Reply Report