Girl Tapes Step Dad Raping Her

Teen girl is tired of being raped by her step dad and films the rape with a spycam so she finally can go to the Police with evidence.

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susmiboul +118 points1554 days ago

around 30 seconds hes fast Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +1 points448 days ago

She looks as if she is in her mid-to-late 20s, so she is not a teen. Therefore, it is doubtful that he is really her stepdad. Still, it appears to be a consensual act where he lubricates her asshole with his saliva before he anally fucks her from behind, she appears to enjoy anal sex, and she never says NO or objects or resists in any way. The video is clearly staged, but this is not rape or even statutory rape. It's just an amateur anal-sex vid between a 20-something woman and an older man. Reply Report

ricanguy -15 points1524 days ago

hi sus Reply Report

pumper +38 points1504 days ago

no panties, bend over wait for him to come in never stand up or anything, get pussy licked until u cum, let him stand up stay bent over waiting for his dick in u until he cums, THEN STAND UP, give him something to wipe his dick with, pull dress down with cum inside OH YEA then cry for the camera
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UnknownTwo +11 points590 days ago

What is she supposed to do? Fight him and attack him? Some people are not like that... Maybe he has been doing this to her, her whole life? Maybe she thinks that if she says something they might call her a liar, maybe she doesn't want to tell her mother because she feels ashamed? Not everyone is a big brave dickhead like yourself fuck face. Rape non consensual sex and if she says that it was non consensual sex then he raped her and just because she didn't fight him back doesn't mean that she wasn't raped... Granted, I would need more proof than this, I would need audio of her saying no to him and he goes on with it anyways. This does look suspicious and I bet it's either not real or an attempt at blackmail, who knows. Reply Report
I will not listen and believe.

I will not listen and believe. -1 points342 days ago

Idiot, UnknownTwo, just because she said it's rape doesn't mean it is... Reply Report

likee -2 points614 days ago

she like
Reply Report

gohan +25 points1406 days ago

hey at least he thought about her look he ate her out Reply Report
oh baby

oh baby +20 points1336 days ago

I was rapped h8ed it but now fantisise about it it makes me so horny and wet having sum1 force there manly cock up my tight wet fussy and ads whilst being fucked in the mouth makes me extremely horny Reply Report

WISH I WAS UR DADDY   0 points72 days ago

Reply Report
Hard and horny

Hard and horny   0 points451 days ago

Want to make this a reality Reply Report

Papi   0 points590 days ago

Let me fuck Reply Report
kik me at Friedhicken07

kik me at Friedhicken07 -1 points1185 days ago

let me fuck the shit out of u Reply Report

jcock +4 points1299 days ago

lets do it then Reply Report

Trojandealer +14 points1504 days ago

Fake Reply Report

therealstranger +14 points1319 days ago

he isn't raping her, he is training her like every good father should... daughters are meant to be taught how to please - not bitch, whine and cry - that's the problem with this world, its going to hell because women think they are equal. Reply Report

Seller -5 points451 days ago

Fuckin right Reply Report

ufcmaniacchad -5 points477 days ago

That's absolutely right! Reply Report

SKYPE +7 points1261 days ago

why dont you get ahold of me xxxcutekitty i wanna talk, i love the way you think and i wanna be kidnaped to be a daddys bitch Reply Report

candy23 +11 points1483 days ago

I want someone to fuck me and pretend to be my step dad. Reply Report

Largewepon +1 points1401 days ago

Love too Reply Report
what the fuck is this

what the fuck is this +9 points1504 days ago

what the fuck is this fake bullshit shes like 30 years old total set up Reply Report

Asshats +8 points1504 days ago

You gotta love a place that uses bed sheets as doors. Reply Report
mad jock

mad jock +1 points1504 days ago

yip.....makes for easy access Reply Report
Stupid arses

Stupid arses +8 points1504 days ago

You are all stupid, no where in this video did you hear her tell him "no", resist or do anything about being raped, even if it was her step father this is classified as consensual, this would never stand up in court and therefore is NOT rape. Reply Report
You're the arse

You're the arse +4 points1464 days ago

If she's underage, it's rape, you moron - no such thing as "consensual" Reply Report
Your not smart

Your not smart +3 points779 days ago

She is at least 25 and didn't even resisit it's not rape at all she's faking for moron Reply Report

ladeeda +7 points1504 days ago

this is rape? Reply Report
the guy

the guy +7 points1504 days ago

he should be shot in the dick and have his throat slit Reply Report
horny man

horny man +7 points1491 days ago

ok, so if i walked in at that moment, i would knock his ass out and fuck her myself.. haha... stupid bitch! never resisted.. fake as hell... besides, the man works all day, he needs some.. shit.. Reply Report

lou611 +6 points1504 days ago

he likes to eat ass from behind like i do mmmm Reply Report

atik +6 points1504 days ago

No pantys(QUİKY) Reply Report

Nobody +5 points1502 days ago

if iwas that little cutie i would cut his dick off stick it up his ass, then put the video on heavy r haha Reply Report

jack27408 -2 points1502 days ago

fuck you HEHE............. she should obey his father even if he rape her or any thing else
Reply Report

Blueskie03 +2 points677 days ago

Fuck I need someone to do this to me!

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gothcumslut +2 points534 days ago

If I was her I'd be mad he didn't make me suck his cock and fuck me longer and harder. Reply Report

Pussylicker420life   0 points410 days ago

I will shove my cock down your throat before I put it in your ass if you want ;) Reply Report

wtfdotcom +1 points1504 days ago

well if this is true then a real explaining to do will come the way of Heavy-r moderator Reply Report

singirl +1 points1391 days ago

lol Reply Report

Abyssal +1 points608 days ago

This shit is so fake Reply Report
rock hard 9

rock hard 9   0 points712 days ago

she loved it getting her asshole licked I know I would and then some dick Reply Report

sladas   0 points1501 days ago

pero que bien le gusta a la zorr@ Reply Report

fernandoarg   0 points1504 days ago

esta bien! por puta! tremendo orto tiene que se la coja bien Reply Report

thatcrazyguy   0 points1504 days ago

That's a fat mother fucker. Reply Report

rtyfdf   0 points1496 days ago

Man that's crazy. Reply Report

Henry   0 points1006 days ago

Didn't see her resist one time! Reply Report

kate   0 points877 days ago

Not doing a whole lot of fighting it off, more like she wants it to happen so that she can get things from him too! Reply Report

DSD   0 points744 days ago

At least he kinda lubed her up! Some step-dads just ram it in there! Reply Report

Jaxon   0 points128 days ago

Quite obviously fake it's so hard to find good rape footage nowadays :'( Reply Report

Poisonivy   0 points551 days ago

Hi susmiboul Reply Report

alwayshorny247   0 points408 days ago

Wish my dad did this too me I may not be the dirty slut I am Reply Report

kik-cutiebabyrose   0 points266 days ago

he realy fast lol me n my frend watching this like omggggg lol Reply Report

Kittyxox   0 points186 days ago

Its a shame my dad never taught me this. Maybe some day a real man could train me to serve men :C Reply Report
daddy x x

daddy x x   0 points72 days ago

wow , x Reply Report

Barker66 -1 points807 days ago

Looks a lot like she went into the next room to call step-daddy & tell him she's ready. Reply Report

sajid -3 points1431 days ago

sex Reply Report

Gman -6 points1504 days ago

Local scum muzzies probably raped her for bring in the video...nuke all the scum bag muzzies Reply Report
mad jock

mad jock -7 points1504 days ago

makes a change to a fuckin donkey ya old smelly cunt...big mohamid is waiting to do the same to you in the pokey!!!!! Reply Report

Snackbar -8 points1503 days ago

heres my proof that daddy eats me out and porks me with his 3 and half inch mini sausage maybe if im lucky i will have little grandpa babys all wrinkly and deformed with hairy terrorist beards like obama sin lama Reply Report

ANON -11 points1323 days ago

All females are slags and deserve to be raped every day from the day they are born!!! Reply Report

dik +7 points1164 days ago

U kame from a female fuk wit !! Maybe u need help if your hatred towards women is that bad possibly from rejection !! Loser Reply Report

swag +2 points1297 days ago

Hahaha Reply Report

scum -12 points1550 days ago

heres my proof that daddy eats me out and porks me with his 3 and half inch mini sausage maybe if im lucky i will have little grandpa babys all wrinkly and deformed with hairy terrorist beards like obama sin lama Reply Report
Baby girl

Baby girl +6 points1526 days ago

How old r u? Reply Report

ELLOCO -13 points1554 days ago

Reply Report

@elloco -23 points1554 days ago

is there no english in your country u ugly motherfuckin sandniggah? Reply Report