Dildo Surgically Removed From Hot Girl's Ass

And she was still moaning with pleasure that dirty anal whore!

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OhYeah!! +70 points1568 days ago

After that dildo been in there so long it gives her great chances to put bigger dicks in her (real or fake). Reply Report

beedee241 +21 points1568 days ago

Okay...great...now where's the one showing just how it got there......that's the one I really want to see. Reply Report

oh +11 points1521 days ago

i wonder how often doctors actually have to do this Reply Report
Balony Pony

Balony Pony +9 points1566 days ago

I think I saw her tonsils! Reply Report

Philosopher +6 points1521 days ago

I wonder if she got it back... Reply Report

lol +6 points1520 days ago

Wow how embarassing that must have been. If I was the doctor I would have tried to hook up with her before she left. Reply Report

scatman +5 points1567 days ago

she couldve just shit it out rather then get embaressed by the doctors :I (just saying....)
Reply Report

voodoo +6 points1522 days ago

Shit it out? I'm pretty sure that's what was the problem Reply Report
sissy Cute boyx

sissy Cute boyx +5 points1522 days ago

as my experience at this she can simply sHit it but propble she was afraid to hold it in her Reply Report
The Teacher

The Teacher +4 points1563 days ago

And today we leraned what is the practical use of the large and firm base of the common dildos, it serves to not stuck this shit inside you. Reply Report

Wolfeeeeeeeeee +3 points1566 days ago

Get a bigger base dumbass Reply Report
doc anon

doc anon +3 points1518 days ago

become a doctor they said... very reward they said... Reply Report
Ai Caramba!

Ai Caramba! +2 points1567 days ago

wow, that's really hot! what a perfect ass, hope she keeps playing so we can see more vids of her soon! :D Reply Report

Sonnderkommando +2 points1568 days ago

So there is where Sen Reed's ability to compromise went! Reply Report

paul +2 points1565 days ago

this is from brazil. At beginning doctor says 'hold on to remove it from you' in portuguese 'Aguenta firme pra tirar isso de vocĂȘ' Reply Report

stoner +2 points1520 days ago

She clearly needed a bigger dildo.. Reply Report

hahah +1 points1568 days ago

that sound et the end :D Reply Report

555 +1 points1568 days ago

lol, how embarrassing. Next time get a longer one! :) Reply Report

hahaah +1 points1519 days ago

the way it slammed as it dropped into the bowl lol Reply Report

PapiDony   0 points1518 days ago

Lmao the way it slammed in the bowl Reply Report

veroslut   0 points197 days ago

Ok. The reason was because the dildo was too small. Next time try something bigger into your ass, bitch! Reply Report

watcher -1 points1567 days ago

That was hot. Reply Report

lunar123 -1 points1519 days ago

I bet it has a sweet flavor now, all those sweet juices dripping from it! Reply Report

me -2 points1566 days ago

whats her name where does she live I want to marry her? Reply Report

?   0 points1446 days ago

Creepy stalker much? Reply Report
Which of the docs....

Which of the docs.... -2 points1521 days ago

Took the dildo away into a toilet to lick the dildo clean? That's what I wanna know... I mean if I were a doc there, that thought would have crossed my mind.... Reply Report

Yep -2 points1461 days ago

Stupid dumb cuntwhore ...and everyone there is thinking the same thing lol Reply Report

Lol -4 points1461 days ago

Imagine the humiliation for this stupid slut lol hope her family sees this too! She deserves every minute of her disgrace!!! Reply Report