Horny Mom Fucks Barbie Doll

And her daughter kept questioning why her dolls were smelling so funny.

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hornymommy +66 points1928 days ago

i like this to fucking with my daughters toys i even let her watch me:) Reply Report

666D   0 points357 days ago

@hornymommy I make my little girl swallow daddy’s cock and cum Reply Report
Cum cutie

Cum cutie   0 points456 days ago

Id love to cum on a doll while she watched me Reply Report

MommyLikee +6 points1109 days ago

Fuck that, throw the doll away and let the daughter who is watching take over the dolls roll... Basically, let your little girl do things to you and and maybe even do things to her like lick that tiny pussy Reply Report

@84hu4 -1 points1784 days ago

Your a ugly ass whore which makes you not a true mother to your children dumb slut!! Reply Report

FREAK +9 points1703 days ago

Are your little girls the kind to put their toys in their mouth? Reply Report

Hornblower +8 points1884 days ago

I wonder if the daughter ever asks "Mommy, why does my doll smell funny"?
Hornymommy, wanking with dolls is not new and as a boy in the 1950s and early 1960s I'd use my sister's dolls to play with my cock; of course I preferred it when SHE played with my cock instead as she did many times as we got older.
Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -2 points1883 days ago

Crazy old cunt Reply Report

tittle444 -5 points1883 days ago

i luv to let dolls play with my cock Reply Report
die already

die already -3 points1883 days ago

you sick little fucker, what the fuck are you doing in the internet anyways grampa... seek some help Reply Report

Hornblower +1 points1881 days ago

It's strange how some people seem to think that you lose all interest in sex when you pass 30. Not so, as you'll find out when you get there in about 20 years D/A. Meanwhile shouldn't you be doing homework since, from your silly comment, you are obviously still a schoolboy? Reply Report

stoner +5 points1880 days ago

She probably gave it back to her daughter...and made a home movie of her playing with it....
Reply Report

Br41th +4 points1928 days ago

Thats not Barbie its Polly in my pussy Reply Report

Spud +3 points1804 days ago

That's nothing I blindfold my wife then stuffs her mums panties in my wife's ass then puts her mums bra up her pussy then she licks her mums pussy juice out of another dirty pair of panties Reply Report

tittle444 +2 points1883 days ago

luv to see girl play with doll Reply Report

j +1 points1883 days ago

She is hot but..this is weird Reply Report

welshy -1 points1883 days ago

True that Reply Report

bighotmsn   0 points1929 days ago

i'd love to put my doll into this delicious pussy Reply Report

jees   0 points1928 days ago

@gross now what the fuck is a peehole? Reply Report

MommyPressesHerPeePeeAgainstMyMouthInTheShower   0 points1108 days ago

Damn, you like putting that little dolly face-down in your pee-pee hole mommy don't you? Reply Report
merc hartman

merc hartman -3 points1882 days ago

you all have no clue what it is. its not cum ffs. a vagina cleans itself out. that shit is natural. if it had a yellow-ish color to it then it would be a yeast infection. Reply Report

fyi -1 points1882 days ago

if its thick and white its a yeast infection but if its yellowish or greenish and stink, its more than likely an std Reply Report

doc -5 points1927 days ago

its not normal to have white gunk inside pussy. Reply Report

wdisjfls +2 points1883 days ago

its called cum to retard Reply Report

meow -1 points1883 days ago

... actually i have to agree with op. looks more like a yeast infection than anything else. Reply Report

gross -7 points1928 days ago

she has an infection by the look of that white shit. Also is she fucking her pee hole with the dolls arm at one point? Horny old cunt I'd stamp on her neck just for a laugh! Reply Report

Hornblower   0 points1884 days ago

Don't be an idiot - that white stuff is cum. Reply Report