Stepfather Has Sex With Daughter

Indian man taking advantage of his wife's daughter.

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Mmmm +60 points1951 days ago

I wanna do this with my cousin we used to fuck when we where kids ive always wanted to ask her if she wanted to fool around now I know she remembers Reply Report

pff -5 points1949 days ago

idiot...i bet you're an inbreed aswell Reply Report

Rob +1 points1951 days ago

Bull shit I know a whole family fuck by the father not the step father. What would you know fuck wit. Reply Report

Shetookitall   0 points90 days ago

I fucked my stepdaughter when she was 12 I was 40. Best pussy ever. I tore that pussy up a lot back then. Reply Report

TOROCULION -2 points1948 days ago

That is an ugly stepdaughter......damn! Reply Report

amigos -3 points1951 days ago

true story Reply Report

? -3 points1951 days ago

That's not sex at all until the ending all they did was make out
Reply Report

la-di-da -6 points1950 days ago

"No sex at all" is right, except for squaw doing hell of bj at end of track, should be scalped for that = no wonder, wanking indian chief forgotten his fucking feathers..., aint even whooping like hell, or aint this the feather fucking scalping kind of indians after all??? Reply Report

Retards +2 points1944 days ago

Really? These are Indians... from India. Your probably some redneck from the deep south, no doubt! Reply Report

Ha +3 points1944 days ago

India. Reply Report

dumbass -3 points1951 days ago

its not like that my mother (who is dead now) wanted a husband who wouldnt hurt me so shut the fuck up bitch Reply Report

Gillford -4 points1951 days ago

An imbecile would know better than, to create such illusions. Stepfathers (along with stepmothers) are alright people. From time to time, hard to get used to but, nothing you might suffer to live with. As to put it this way: You my friend, are an Ass - as your joking around about Rape, and how the family sorts work about. Either of them are not topics you can have a cheap laugh about! The reason why people get "new" dads and moms... would be that some of 'em are not satisfied emotionally with their partner. SO please, cut the crap. To all of you out there, I bet these two ain't even REMOTELY related... not even on the Step-father/Daughter sort either. Reply Report

allah -8 points1951 days ago

she should be stoned to death now Reply Report
dude what the fuck?

dude what the fuck? -8 points1950 days ago

sorry but this is beyond disgusting,

sorry but this is beyond disgusting,

sorry but this is beyond disgusting,
Reply Report
El Lechero

El Lechero -19 points1951 days ago

People who have stepfathers deserve to die. They have stepfathers because their mother are so horny that they need a man to fuck them. They are pathetic. Stepfathers always rape their daughters. Fuck that people! Reply Report

kitty -8 points1950 days ago

U R a fucking twat U bitch Reply Report
El Lechero

El Lechero +3 points1950 days ago

I hurted you? Hahahahahaha... Fucking pussy (Hello Kitty) Reply Report