Classic Rape Scene

This 1970's rape video is a classic bondage, rape porn that will get you excited for sure.

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Nonmember +71 points1804 days ago

Looks like she's enjoying it a little too much for it rape Reply Report

RooneyMara +3 points689 days ago

You can watch me getting anally raped while handcuffed to a bed in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Reply Report

satinlover +5 points1801 days ago

love the idea of her being in something satin and being raped. NICE!! Reply Report

rapelover +4 points1841 days ago

lol the acting in this is hilarious Reply Report
-Face desk.-

-Face desk.- +4 points1836 days ago

This guy either must have been stoned the entire time, or he's got that natural mug-shot look. Reply Report

wtfwtf +4 points685 days ago

So...1. Robber comes to your spot with no panties
2. You eat a bitch pussy you are raping
3. You kiss the bitch
4. She says it's too big but NEVER yells or screams while you are fucking her.

Yeah, that sounds extremely believable!!
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Marque De Sade

Marque De Sade +3 points1801 days ago

You are correct By! That is the legendary Johnny "the wad" Holmes in this vid. Reply Report

By +2 points1801 days ago

You idiots! This was the amazing John Holmes. Reply Report

Arla +1 points352 days ago

That was rape???!? Reply Report

Kels   0 points337 days ago

That was not rape this was bullshit Reply Report

YourFutureParoleOfficer +1 points548 days ago

Completely legal. When someone robs you or comes to kill you you get to rape and release back into the wild. Reply Report

wazza +1 points638 days ago

a bit bullshit, if her intention was to shoot, her safety would have been off,and how could he see that anyway?
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jmease361 -1 points459 days ago

he was testing her probably. to see if she would stick to her guns. Reply Report
Dick Harde

Dick Harde   0 points1786 days ago

More than classic…this is a segment of John Holmes and his legendary series character, Johnny Wadd, Private Eye! Reply Report

fromley   0 points1521 days ago

I wonder if her cunt was smelly? Reply Report

Arjun   0 points1099 days ago

Fuck my load Reply Report

sitarakhan   0 points318 days ago

Very enjoyable rape Reply Report