School Doctor Rapes Young Girl

Poor school girl chloroformed by doctor and is raped while passed out.

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News Reporter/ Journalist

News Reporter/ Journalist +52 points839 days ago

She was prom queen earlier that week and this sick science teacher planned to do this: Successful.. She was never found and he fingered her soul that day

Est: May 2005
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True Story WTF!!

True Story WTF!! +49 points835 days ago

^^^ Yup her name is Hiriyoshi Anurama.. She was the new popular cheerleader and this dude actually went on her records and stalked her for weeks prior. Sick bastard fingered her soul. He was never caught and her delicious body was never found =( shame Reply Report
Aussie Proud

Aussie Proud +27 points1822 days ago

FAKE as the day is long ...................... Reply Report

tittysicle   0 points1740 days ago

Lol moron ^ Reply Report

pauluzzz -2 points1786 days ago

no shit sherlock! Reply Report

Why +17 points1822 days ago

Goddamn Asian censored porn Reply Report
Hannibal Lector

Hannibal Lector +11 points79 days ago

Holy Jeezus.. I absolutely love when he literally marinated her tongue with her own cum!! I would’ve sucked her juicy tongue and taste her stiicky womanhood all at once. No lie Reply Report

wtf +6 points1764 days ago

I love her pussy Reply Report

Weird +2 points1784 days ago

Is that guys dick really green at the end Reply Report

1488 +1 points508 days ago

Most boring ass rape ever Reply Report

ZornGottes   0 points1821 days ago

shave the Pflaume. Reply Report

chickenking -3 points1784 days ago

das denk ich mir bei den japanern auch immer Reply Report
Death the Kid

Death the Kid   0 points1015 days ago

Warum? Deinem Namen nach zu urteilen fickst du ohnehin nur Hühner.... Reply Report

Huh   0 points353 days ago

Huh Reply Report

cuntswithcameras   0 points315 days ago

More jap crap... Reply Report
Cloe Spain

Cloe Spain -1 points248 days ago

Any old man rape me? Im 15 Reply Report

s9doughboy   0 points103 days ago

@Cloe Spain sure will. Reply Report