Spying On The Girl Next Door

Every night my neighbor girl puts on her sleeping shirt in front of her bedroom window, reveiling her gorgeous breasts. She must know people can see her, right?

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8========D +48 points1853 days ago

Walk up to her window and just start jackin it Reply Report

noobs +6 points1818 days ago

she looked at the window, because she sees herself in it. it's dark outside, so she can't see shit out there Reply Report

Eatmy___duck? +5 points1818 days ago

Tap on the glass with your dong...that'll get her attention. Reply Report

tony63 +2 points1819 days ago

Yes! FAKE! But excellent boobs!!!!! Reply Report

r +2 points1819 days ago

why fake?
If she know that there is a guy in the oppsite house that watches her she might do this only to tease him.
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joey jones

joey jones +2 points1818 days ago

FANTASTIC TITS!! Would cum all over them Reply Report

relisabe +2 points1817 days ago

give me her address please, i'll give her something to look at! Reply Report

x-ray +2 points1816 days ago

you lucky bastard lol Reply Report

Snaa +2 points1814 days ago

Can you please video it everyday and post it ? Reply Report

Colugino +1 points1817 days ago

She's waiting for passers by to come stuff her like a big breasted thanksgiving turkey Reply Report

Re +1 points1817 days ago

Could be real. I had a neighbor who teased me like that. Reply Report
flash addict

flash addict +1 points1817 days ago

shes purposely flashing she is an exhibitionist! lucky dude! im readyto buy ur house for double price :P
i would go to her place and take out my dick my sure she would love it
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Re Tard

Re Tard +1 points1572 days ago

There is not one woman I know of that ever changes in front of any window expecially the bedroom, so you know this is set up Reply Report

jon   0 points1818 days ago

if i where u i'll ask her out, you might get lucky Reply Report

stringerbell   0 points1815 days ago

She looks like the girl in game of thrones Reply Report
Jerk off

Jerk off   0 points1374 days ago

Could well be real, my neighbour and her daughter used to put on separate shows from same bedroom window, they had net curtains and supposedly didn't know I could see when they put light on, happy days Reply Report

pizza   0 points860 days ago

rofl she drops the curtains after she changes
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Thtt   0 points705 days ago

Mmmm those are perfect, should have fucked her, or at least sucked on her perfect tits
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RE 8========D

RE 8========D -4 points1819 days ago

Fake..looked like she glanced at the window a split second after she came back in
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Wonderful natural melons but fake situation

Wonderful natural melons but fake situation -6 points1818 days ago

She glanced at the video at 0:55 and 1:20. This is take. But her boobies are real!!! Reply Report

ahyeah -7 points1818 days ago

I had a neoghbor like this in a college town she played it off came to fine out one drunken night she ws giving me shows for months so blessed am I lol
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