Hard And Violent Rape

Guy takes what he wants and bitch gets what she deserves.

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beedee241 +77 points1949 days ago

Excellent vid...loved the better than usual struggle/fight choke scene! Bruising on her neck was a nice added affect. Reply Report

sexyredhead132 +2 points1020 days ago

It was one of the best ones i have seen. It was different then the rest. Reply Report

IloveRedHeads   0 points469 days ago

You are awesome to look at and to drool over! Just Saying... Reply Report

Mmmmmmmm +15 points1914 days ago

I wanna do this to my cousin Reply Report

Jvynvyugc   0 points199 days ago

@Mmmmmmmm wtf no Reply Report

Dicklong80 +14 points1547 days ago

That shit looked real as fuck Reply Report

Almostgood +11 points1755 days ago

This was such a great video until he started choking her, what the fuck was that? Reply Report

Almostgood -1 points960 days ago

Reply Report

sylar2013 +10 points1929 days ago

loved the cum dripping out of her mouth as she struggled for air Reply Report

anon +8 points1213 days ago

Her choking noises were a bit much. Reply Report

God +7 points1889 days ago

Omg that girl raped that poor man Reply Report

neru +7 points1816 days ago

loved the part where he grabbed her breast to break her neck with force Reply Report

ares -10 points1566 days ago

Not that I have anything against queers, but do yah have to make it so obvious? Reply Report
Dr Dr

Dr Dr +6 points1913 days ago

Well at least he can fall back on his chiropractor skills. Reply Report

killink +2 points1835 days ago

Victoria Lawson...She's my snuffy Queen :) Reply Report

spatzi1945 +2 points1781 days ago

It is always a pleasure to watch girls being killed during rape Reply Report

ares -1 points1566 days ago

Fuck, dude, u no like pussy? Reply Report

Dumbfuckdoll +2 points910 days ago

Someone should rape me this way Reply Report

Tears +2 points238 days ago

Why do people in the comments want to kill and torture her so bad I feel bad that she died even if its acting Reply Report
Girl friend

Girl friend +1 points1909 days ago

Kill the Motherfucker Reply Report

jigsaw +1 points1740 days ago

Nice but the fake snapping of the neck a little much Reply Report

chyleendreyer -2 points206 days ago

@jigsaw I love that part! Reply Report
Dat boi

Dat boi +1 points819 days ago

That was fucked up
Reply Report
Idgaf fuck me

Idgaf fuck me +1 points1023 days ago

Ugh, their all flat-chested. I have huge bouncy boobs and an even bigger pssy Reply Report

Mandeno66   0 points962 days ago

What's your number
we can fuck sometime
Reply Report

Twinkly   0 points1612 days ago

This is the funniest shit i'v ever seen!! Reply Report
Humans on the menu

Humans on the menu   0 points1433 days ago

Nice, too bad he didnĀ“t stabbed her Reply Report

An0n   0 points945 days ago

rape is completely immoral but it's still hilarious & so was this video
Reply Report

shan   0 points1253 days ago

Nic Reply Report

Sweetbluebutterfly   0 points1009 days ago

Anywhere I can watch this? 15 wanting this.
Reply Report

SillyBoys   0 points709 days ago

Best one yet.. except the fact that they seem to be wanting to make everyone believe she coincidentally seizes in a 'bobbing' motion that also happens to blow this guy.. LOL. Other than that he's hella believable as being a vengeful rapist. Reply Report
what an afternoon

what an afternoon   0 points566 days ago

now to see you bare, naked small tits bare fleash to toutch struggle all you like your going to feel all my ten inch erect penis enter your tight small vagina I will fucking rape you.10inchs might be big for you but you will fuck Reply Report

CuntKilla   0 points527 days ago

Perfect Reply Report

........   0 points281 days ago

Loved how he choked the shit out of her. It would have been nice if he cut her up and then fucked her Reply Report

Gabbt   0 points325 days ago

That was no fake video dumb ass probably in jail now
Reply Report

Nightshade69   0 points255 days ago

I loved it Reply Report

Daddyletmecum   0 points239 days ago

Um we know this is fake? Reply Report

rapelover -1 points1948 days ago

loved it Reply Report

daad -1 points1861 days ago

wow mazinnnnnggg Reply Report

megawakker -1 points1802 days ago

these role players have issues Reply Report
Penis....that is all

Penis....that is all -1 points1718 days ago

The part at the end when he put her in a body bag... She looked fake like manican Reply Report
Fucked up.

Fucked up. -1 points1692 days ago

Booty good good but then chocking wtf hated that but the booty yummy Reply Report

Curious -1 points1675 days ago

Anyone know her name? Reply Report

larrydavis +1 points1641 days ago

showed her name at the beginning its victoria lawson Reply Report

Partygirl -1 points953 days ago

I am looking for a guy who want a party girl like me Reply Report

Shihab -2 points1902 days ago

Totally disgusting. Reply Report

kiki68 -2 points1902 days ago

wtf ????, Reply Report
Did she?

Did she? -2 points1311 days ago

Did she has have had dieded? Reply Report

sexyredhead132 -2 points1020 days ago

Acting was so much better then what i normally see on the kinds of videos. The girl was so beautiful too. Reply Report

Mard -3 points1606 days ago

wtf? A killing? Reply Report

Haha -5 points1913 days ago

Love the really bad over acting while she's "choking" Reply Report

Antoniomamie -5 points1896 days ago

I am so sorry for my earlier comments. I got drunk... I got mad about my tiny penis... No women or even men will so much as touch me... I didn't mean any of it. Reply Report

ssss -6 points1600 days ago

lol So fucking noobs give me dislike biciz but this sucks.. Reply Report