Scat Sex On The Beach

Cute girl gets face totally covered in shit at public beach.

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Douche +16 points1803 days ago

Albert Hall, you're are a major queer dude, you had a freaky girl who would lick you dirty ass for ten minutes for no particular reason and you dumped her? Oh I know, you're the guy who fills the fast food drink container all the way to the top of the lid and wonder why it shoots out when you put the straw in! Reply Report
Toby Jugg

Toby Jugg -2 points1380 days ago

Just because Albert Hall wasn't in to the same kinky stuff as his ex doesn't make him queer. It's called opinion. To use your example, I bet you're the type of guy who makes the fast food worker fill the drink container to the brim and then sips some out before you put the straw in. You want a little bit more than the next guy for free, you don't want to waste any of your freebies but want to show others you're not only a control freak but an organised control freak. Reply Report

podkabluchnik +13 points1835 days ago

What a happy pretty girl :)) Reply Report

Yum +8 points1834 days ago

Now kiss her
Reply Report

aries99999 +8 points1373 days ago

Susse, thank you for this clip. Had not seen this one before. I have always loved "Schnuckle Bea" in her scat and pee videos. She was one of the greatest. Reply Report

tehpole01 +8 points1339 days ago

she is a keeper Reply Report

Pisser +7 points1803 days ago

geile Sau Reply Report

jeff +6 points1639 days ago

Look how hard her nipples are Reply Report

Fentom +6 points1801 days ago

This is what i will do on my wedding night :) Reply Report

bigfarter +6 points1800 days ago

Fucking ace!! All fucking whores and bitches need this treatment! Reply Report

h3nn3p +5 points758 days ago

Bea in her prime, damn what a girl she was, fucking loving this and doing it movie after movie having such pleasure! Reply Report

diggerau +4 points1835 days ago

I need to find where this beach is Reply Report

Jack   0 points1664 days ago

Sorry to tell you, in this small cut of a movie you don't see it, but it is not a beach, is kind of a park.
Sadly i don't remember the title of the movie
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rayraythepimp +4 points1834 days ago

Wow I need to move to Germany! Reply Report

sweetpuff +3 points1614 days ago

i would marry this bird Reply Report

komentator +2 points1802 days ago

Każdy mówiący po niemiecku zasługuje na to żeby mu nasrać do ryja... Reply Report

SM_THOM -1 points1772 days ago

Tobie nasrac do ryja bo muwisz po polsku ! Reply Report

Kiera2342 +1 points126 days ago

Good lord I wish that girl was me. So hot. that shit was the perfect consistency, I want it all over my face and hair, smeared into my skin Reply Report

alexandria76   0 points1801 days ago

MILEY !!!!! Reply Report
just me

just me   0 points1802 days ago

How do you just walk away from this one? Reply Report
Heinrich Drescher

Heinrich Drescher   0 points1801 days ago

Meine Fresse, was stimmt denn nur nicht mit den behinderten Berlinern!? Degeneriertes Dreckspack! Wenn das der Führer wüsste! Reply Report

scatslaveee   0 points1529 days ago

anyone knows the male feeder's name ? he is my fave. Reply Report

smally   0 points425 days ago

Fantastic Reply Report

Zoran -4 points1832 days ago

They get no oxygen at birth I guess :o( Reply Report

Kinch -5 points1835 days ago

another one for Poddy! LOL Reply Report

Hornblower -5 points1802 days ago

Is it me, or are dvds like that just a load of shit? Reply Report

Reg -5 points1800 days ago

Just to clear something up here - 'Albert Hall' was writing down his dearest fantasy. In the world of reality, nothing he wrote ever actually happened to him. The nearest he ever got was the day he smeared Pedigree Chum around his dung funnel and bent over for the family pooch. Still, he was able to get a passable semi while writing it, so good for him. Reply Report

APT21   0 points1380 days ago

I reckoned it happened because he obviously didn't enjoy what his ex was doing so he finished the relationship. How would that be a fantasy when it was a tale of sexual unhappiness which ultimately led to a breakdown in his relationship. However it seems you wrote down your own fantasy involving dog food and your family pet and as you are clearly disturbed by what actually turns you on and your inability to gain an erection, have passed your own sick fetish off as somebodies else's fantasy. Your warped opinion on facts show you to be a very lonely individual who has no friends and feels uncomfortable around the rest od society. Reply Report

la-di-da -10 points1802 days ago

@ rayraythep

wanna move to Germany? to judge from the easy way that people in that country get shat on from lower down, you don't have to be an 'offender' to get your share from a 'great height' ! ! so do be careful when being in Germany: oopsie daisy, and you'll end up with a mouth full... even so, as it seems some kind of germanic ritual to eat as much shit as you possibly can, which pleases the germanic gods. just like Hitler (praised by all Nazis for his vegetarianism, which you don't contravene by eating shit) described in "My Struggle" how hard it was for him not to choke on masses of fresh turds he used to devour greedily... (like I said: "His struggle"...). - Now, that's all history. I hope you'll be having a great time in Germany, with many 'pleasant' shit everywhere !
Reply Report

Karamberam -10 points1802 days ago

Kill those sick retards. Really, kill those. Reply Report

ed -12 points1802 days ago

how...? WHY? ... fuk i cant believe people do this ,, fuk me lol eating hot shit wow . what a world ! Reply Report
what the fuck

what the fuck -15 points1802 days ago

This is fucking weird. Why is it that only this porn site has the weird stuff.... Gross Reply Report

flareclaire22   0 points1730 days ago

there are more than just this Reply Report
Albert Hall

Albert Hall -17 points1830 days ago

My ex (Julie) use to love me taking a piss in her mouth & shitting all over her face. If we went out for the night she'd have me piss in her mouth on the way home or if I was taking a shit she'd come into the bathroom & want to lick my ass clean.
I honestly never understood her fetish & how such things could turn her on especially when sometime it wasn't even sexual.
I mean she'd be downstairs doing the house work fully clothed & she'd walked into the bathroom stick her tongue up my shitty ass & spend 10 minutes licking it clean before going back to do the dishes or something.
I never understood how she could do it as a sexual thing or just "because she could"
Hence that is why she is now my ex!!! Lovely girl but she was just too freaky.
She's shagging women now.......................... I've heard.
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