Wife Gets Facial By 2 Dicks

My wife sucking me and my friend's dick and we dump lots of cum on her slutty little face.

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Dave -3 points1866 days ago

Not long after my wife and I married we went on a holiday. We met a couple and got along well, we all went to party in one of the siuts where we were staying. Someone obviously spiked the drinks and veryone was soon off their faces. The wife of the couple we were with started to get very friendly and I noticed my wife talking to two guys and I took a bit of an opportunity, then I realised my wife had gone into one of the bedrooms with these guys, I went over and watched her having sex with them both and had a strong orgasm, then left to screw the other guys wife. When I came back my wife was with another guy and then he was replaced with another. I fell int a chair and watched as guy after guy fucked my wife, I think it was about seven but not sure. In the morning we struggled back to our room with my wife very sore and not well. We slept for awhile then woke up to realise what had happened and to discover later she was pregnant. Reply Report

rayraythepimp -6 points1892 days ago

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