Group Rape

Girl abused by group of guys who take turns fucking her mouth.

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WHAT "what"?

WHAT "what"? +41 points1726 days ago

"only bitches deserve to be raped??" No one actually deserves to be raped you creepy fuck, it's fantasy. Reply Report

missym86 +31 points627 days ago

Id love to be her right now. Reply Report
Ashamed but oh well

Ashamed but oh well +23 points1738 days ago

Fuuuuck I love watching girls get raped. But I would never do that so it's okay Reply Report

emma21 +10 points1276 days ago

Will someone please do that to me?! Reply Report

mikey   0 points986 days ago

i will Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +9 points605 days ago

mmm I would love to be used by a horny group of men like this too! Reply Report

mmmm +6 points1674 days ago

mmm pleeeease, i want this. <3 Reply Report

anon +4 points1739 days ago

She is loving it... Reply Report

ingomat +4 points928 days ago

She obvously enjoyed this, even I would Reply Report

bigfarter +3 points1739 days ago

Shot my fucking load seeing this ugly cunt's mouth being raped! Go for it guys!! Reply Report

Mike +2 points1738 days ago

Chastity Lynn
For some Research ;)
Youre welcome

Ps: i like her cream dreams with Proxy paige
Reply Report

Amazing +2 points1640 days ago

Not enough fucking but still amazing :) Reply Report

RedHott +1 points1739 days ago

Why is she complaining?? These guys are fucking hot. I would love to be fucked like that! So Hot... Reply Report

tom +2 points1687 days ago

il fuck u like that if u want Reply Report
Tucker orce fucker

Tucker orce fucker +1 points1411 days ago

Guys satisfying their manly urges! I chase her for a mile to make her satisfy my 9 inch! Reply Report

littletease95   0 points434 days ago

Good little slut ;-) Reply Report

Koitattooed   0 points1066 days ago

haha love the last part "go untie her boyfriend" I wish i could see the BF's face when his woman's face is covered in 4 other guys spunk. Reply Report

WifeLover   0 points282 days ago

I wish that were my wife! Reply Report
jeremy john hall

jeremy john hall   0 points453 days ago

a great watch but... wish there was more feet Reply Report

sluttoabuse   0 points259 days ago

I so wish to be her right now, what a lucky girl, so abused, so many cocks using her mouth. Reply Report

GamerGirl   0 points99 days ago

honestly I want to have a sex dream. Reply Report

GamerGirl   0 points99 days ago

It sounds so amazing and hot. I want sex now, it sound lik fun. Reply Report

GamerGirl   0 points99 days ago

I kept taking off my shirt during the video Reply Report

Jade-Dog   0 points23 days ago

If it was a real rape they would be retarded for recording it and uploading it to the internet as evidence. You're retarded if you think it's real or retarded and fucked in the head if you feel cheated for it not being real. Reply Report
non member

non member -1 points1737 days ago

you call that abuse
my bitch goes through that DAILY!!!!
Reply Report
the stoner dude

the stoner dude -1 points1737 days ago

why are u doing this becuz your hot omfg i hade to stop wacking off so i could finish lafing omg
Reply Report

angelique21 -1 points1218 days ago

Now check my profile and see this same lucky girl getting gang banged in my upload Gang Raping. Reply Report

GamerGirl -1 points99 days ago

I want to have sex, but sadly, it will always be in my dreams:( Reply Report

S -3 points1736 days ago

Obviously fake. That's James Deen. Reply Report

Fake -3 points1641 days ago

The guys and that girl they are all payed pornstars you guys need to do research. Reply Report

afafw -4 points1736 days ago

So i guess after a while she gets used to it and laughs at those cumshots lmao Reply Report
Draco 94

Draco 94 -5 points1550 days ago

She kept saying "I'm sorry" why? Did she owe these guys money or something? Reply Report

jami63 -6 points1738 days ago

I really don't understand this fantasy of gaging a girl ?
I would rater fuck her pussy
Reply Report

raperkiller -9 points1679 days ago

Just so u no if u watched tand u thanks its real and u liked it i will kill Reply Report
sexual defence of amercia

sexual defence of amercia -15 points1394 days ago

IF this was real... that is dirty, and whomever this girl is now needs mental help with the rest of those guys, those guys should goto hell (if this was real) Reply Report
Diciendo la verdad

Diciendo la verdad -29 points1769 days ago

Yeah right... Why she doesn't bite their dicks?

PD Obviously, this is from a movie, but in case if it were real, she DEFINITELY deserves to be raped :)
Reply Report

What -29 points1738 days ago

deserves to be raped? Only bitches,whores, and sluts deserve to be raped, if it were real, she probably wouldnt be any of those, not many bitches, whores, and sluts get raped, its always the innocent girls sadly... Reply Report
To" What"

To" What" +14 points1411 days ago

This vid is fantasy only, you need to seek professional help! Reply Report

jannybh +7 points1464 days ago

Adore us bitches, whores and sluts, but hurtk, dprave and a buse the fcking innocent ones Reply Report