Snuff Movie

A horrific, bloody nightmare awaits her.

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XCOM +27 points1778 days ago

Who says porn is harmful? Reply Report

flareclaire22 +7 points1778 days ago


Mpython +4 points1753 days ago

And here we witness the age old struggle for survival between brunettes and red heads ... Reply Report

:P +3 points1723 days ago

Well its Time to have nightmares :I Reply Report

damn +3 points1684 days ago

rubbed one out to this Reply Report

Sophie +3 points1556 days ago

Lucier Valetines work. <3 This is from The vomit Gore Triology, "ReGOREgitated Sacrifice". Love this! Reply Report
The Teacher

The Teacher +2 points1721 days ago

How to know this is fake?
Simply having some medical knowledge: The girl would be still alive, but not conscious to fight back while being strangled. The ammount of blood is too much, we have only 5 liters of it, not a full gallon... and when cut out, her intestines should drip liquid poo, and unload in seconds, by the spot they were cut, and not look full and thick...
Plus, at the start point, we can read "adult Fantasies network"...
Reply Report
the truth

the truth +1 points1271 days ago

5 liters is well over a gallon teach Reply Report
I love gore

I love gore +1 points1509 days ago

No! No! No! NO! Dont you dare ruin this for us you boner killing/pussy drying thumper! >:c keep your science thumping to yourself and let us drown ourselves in our insanely twisted sexualities! >:c or this will happen to you O_O Reply Report

Pww +2 points1435 days ago

..Stop it boner. Reply Report

msmonique +2 points928 days ago

Oh HELL YEAH!! My favorite blood play video :D <3 Reply Report
Jew Slayer

Jew Slayer +2 points704 days ago

The Jews did this. Reply Report

WTF +1 points1778 days ago

This shit is to hardcore for me Reply Report

Satan +1 points1753 days ago

From Lucifer Valentines Vomit Gore Trilogy :) Reply Report
not Paul

not Paul +1 points1679 days ago

.... wtf did I just watch Reply Report
cape may

cape may +1 points1428 days ago

At least she won't have to deal with menstrual cramps anymore Reply Report
Hawk Thug

Hawk Thug +1 points1210 days ago

I hate this. Can't See a thing clear. Reply Report

jaimeleqbienhardetdegeu +1 points1063 days ago

im wondering where do they find these girls lol Reply Report

daisyann111 +1 points955 days ago

I want to be the red head, OMG, so intense
Reply Report

john   0 points1775 days ago

its so obv fake Reply Report

PJ   0 points1293 days ago

Because "Adult Fantasies Network" at the beginning and end wasn't a dead fucking giveaway of that Reply Report

>.<   0 points1773 days ago

lol wtf Reply Report

ChangedMan   0 points904 days ago

And, how about "bloody love" Reply Report

damn   0 points1280 days ago

holy shit i wonder how much they got pay to do this shit lmao Reply Report

Anonymous   0 points937 days ago

You have mental problems.... time for die Reply Report

sickboyfuck   0 points567 days ago

watched this twice and rubbed one out to it love it Reply Report

Saved -3 points880 days ago

This video may be fake but it made me sick. I realize these videos degrade not just women but all people. Pornography is a sickness of the heart. I realize now I was cursing myself. I have come back to God and repented ever watching any of these videos! Please do likewise people!! Turn back to God and repent! We are destroying each other allowing this poison into our minds. I am delivered from bondage to destruction. I have found deliverance through Jesus. Please all seek him while you can. Reply Report
God Hates Us!

God Hates Us! -1 points735 days ago

I gotta ask why the fuck ur on Heavy-R if ur a fucking Christian? Fuck ur Lord, ur God and ur Christ! Do some legitimate research and realize ur believing a Bullshit myth! Reply Report

Um... +2 points776 days ago

Um... My god, our great lord and savior Cthulhu, has commanded me to watch this and more. Check your fucking privledge. Reply Report