Anal Rape

Woman tied up and is brutally anal raped.

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Amber +149 points1932 days ago

I wish I would meet a man willing to do that to me! Guys are always afraid they might hurt me and only make gentle love to me. But I SO badly want and need a man to just take me with only concerns about using me for his pleasure. Especially in my virgin ass. I want to be fucked into submission and made to scream and cry until he can no longer control himself from cuming balls deep into my ass or makes me gag on his cock while dropping his load down my throat. That's a guy who's cock I'd gladly worship. Where are these guys? Do they exist in real life? I'm very pretty, petite and tight. I'm getting tired of being only made sweet love to. I wish some guy would just fuck me like I was his little whore. :( Reply Report

Joery   0 points63 days ago

@amber ill glady help out with this for u
Reply Report

Bigjohn1986   0 points68 days ago

@Amber I’m that man Reply Report
Questionable just do be mad when u got 37 guys kid

Questionable just do be mad when u got 37 guys kid   0 points191 days ago

@Amber Reply Report

Wannaripthatass86   0 points376 days ago

@Amber anytime that's my fantasy. I want to take that ass. I'm in Illinois Reply Report

89lovesanal +1 points63 days ago

@Wannaripthatass86 shit I'm in St Louis come get this ass
Reply Report

lilith10   0 points648 days ago

I understand your frustration completely! I want that too... that feeling of powerlessness. It doesn't mean I actually want to get raped... nobody does. But the fantasy is strangely there, isn't it? Reply Report

CJMulti   0 points677 days ago

I live in Las Vegas. I'll fuck you like that. Reply Report

Jae +1 points822 days ago

Im one Reply Report

montico420   0 points1085 days ago

I would lol Reply Report

hotdad4200 -4 points1429 days ago

Reply Report

cuntuserxxx   0 points1594 days ago

like i wrote before write and we can meet up ... Reply Report

Amber   0 points1599 days ago

U are the sexiest I would love to meet you Reply Report

jonny   0 points1580 days ago

amber i like ur style Reply Report

jimmy -1 points1664 days ago

Amber I would gladley rape your ass like this force you to deep throat my cock spit on you lick your asshole making me go harder as you scream and cry till we both cum Reply Report

ana +14 points1886 days ago

i'd love to be fucked this way, maybe not necessary in my ass so hard... but i like anal ;p i have fantasies about being raped or being fucked like a cheap whore... a submissive slut willing to do everything for pleasure ;p maybe double penetrated... while being fucked in my tight ass i want my pussy to be stimulated as well ;p and then i'm whole yours ;p Reply Report
The man

The man   0 points92 days ago

@ana Reply Report

cuntuserxxx -1 points1594 days ago

Ana all this can be arranged you just need to write where and when ... Reply Report

darkfrostgirl90   0 points1603 days ago

I do too girl and my fiancee he is into bdsm but idk how he would feel about this though Reply Report

veronica +12 points1909 days ago

I've always had fantasies about being raped. I just never felt comfortable trying to find a guy to act out on this. Mainly because I am a small framed woman, only 4'11'' and 105 lbs and I am afraid they might go too far and not stop. I know how guys are, they can be pretty rough at times :-( Reply Report

jonny   0 points1580 days ago

veronica id like to help you Reply Report

cuntuserxxx   0 points1594 days ago

well do something about it make a safe word .... write me ... Reply Report

susmiboul +9 points1931 days ago

mmmm nice Reply Report
Chef the boss

Chef the boss   0 points1146 days ago

What's good mami hit me up 718-825-2679 Reply Report
only 18

only 18 +1 points1801 days ago

hey susmiboul lets meet up ill be willing to anal rape you girl Reply Report

passionwhore +8 points1088 days ago

I wish I was her... Reply Report

samanthadutchslut +7 points782 days ago

mmm you can rape my ass like this anytime! Reply Report

Hotboyhk   0 points10 days ago

Contact me sweetie I’ll do this to you
Reply Report

Alystaire +7 points1946 days ago

I love how in the beginning he slams his dick inside her so forcefully, first slow and hard, then fast and even harder... Reply Report

pornjunkie12 +6 points779 days ago

fucking great vid i must have watched this a hundred times so fucking hot Reply Report

chelsea +5 points1337 days ago

id love too have multiple guys rape me and use me like the whore i am.... mmmm my fantasy.... no stopping no matter what! and no option to say no... just having cocks shoved into every hole, gaged, chocked, fisted, and left tied up for another time. mmmm imma squirt just thinking about it ;) Reply Report

me +4 points1804 days ago

My wife wants me to tie her up then ads rape her till she screams no more and starts to like it Reply Report

Peepee +3 points1932 days ago

Love how she cries out as he plows her arse Reply Report

Non-member +3 points1930 days ago

Omg i want this guy to fuck me like that, nothing better than being pounded roughly Reply Report
I loved this

I loved this +3 points1880 days ago

I love the look on her face and the way she screams through the duct tape as that cock finally rips its way in to her tight little anus Reply Report

Anallover +3 points1382 days ago

No matter how many times I look up different anal videos this is by far my favourite. Would love for this to be me. Her moans and cries are the best! Reply Report

Fukme   0 points669 days ago

I would love to do this too you Reply Report

Realman +3 points1371 days ago

Every time I meet a woman this is what I think about doing to her. Rape her tight asshole while ignoring her pleas for mercy. Reply Report

Kinkylady79 +2 points744 days ago

Where are you? I would love to be fucked like this! Reply Report

Usedcunt +3 points871 days ago

My ex did something similar to this to me. I came home from work and the moment I walked in the house he grabbed me started hitting me ripping my clothes off and calling me names. I was crying screaming asking why he was doing this to me. He tied me to our bed and left me there. When he came back he had 2 of his friends with him. They each took turns fucking all my holes pissing all over me and beating me! They all came in my tight abused cunt. He still to this day will send me pics and vids to remind me what a whore I am. Reply Report

wut +2 points1932 days ago

guys dos this man have a ballsack o.o Reply Report

+1 points1055 days ago

No. He got aids and it fell off. Reply Report

Gunther +2 points1929 days ago

This bitch needs a lot more discipline and training, to take that dick with pleasure. @Amber - I'd fuck you like an animal, and I promise you tears after our session. Reply Report

bb   0 points1899 days ago

mmm where do u live Reply Report

Friedo +2 points1775 days ago

My wife told me she fantasizes about letting her girlfriend's husband rape her ass like this Reply Report

LittleXmrshot -2 points1759 days ago

You need to go do something I'm single and a girl but I would never do that or even think about it Reply Report

Daddylongstick   0 points1680 days ago

After watching this video I would tie ur ass up to ur bed and fuck u Reply Report

UpForIt   0 points1674 days ago

Can you do me like that Reply Report
Long Dickk

Long Dickk   0 points1673 days ago

I could do it, I got a long thick black dick, n I'd fuck you like no other.. Reply Report

Bigbootywhtgirllovesbbc   0 points719 days ago

Mmm I want a big black cock in my ass., I wanna be raped and forced to eat BBC ass! Reply Report

Daddylongstick +1 points1680 days ago

I bet u would let me fuck the brains out of u with my big black dick ur ass.... I don't use lubricant either when I rape my hoes ass u will be my hoe.... Reply Report

blackcougar +2 points1555 days ago

would like to see when he first grab her and rip her clothes Reply Report

darkfrostgirl90 +2 points1603 days ago

can some one fuck me like this really rough though Reply Report

cuntuserxxx   0 points1594 days ago

yes sure i can, just message me and we can set it up Reply Report

Anonymous1327   0 points1597 days ago

I'd love to, so long as you don't mind a little rope burn. ;) Reply Report
I am lucky

I am lucky +2 points1555 days ago

I am married to a man that loves me tenderly but is still willing to do this to me when I get a craving. Reply Report

bigbrowneyes85 +2 points1496 days ago

Damn this video made me cum so hard. I need a man to rape my tight asshole. Reply Report
Tucker fantasy force fucker

Tucker fantasy force fucker +1 points1713 days ago

nice rape vid! Sexy hit chick and horny sexy big cock stud! FUCK YEAH!!! Make her TAKE IT !! Would have been even better to see him chase and subdue her in the begginning as well! Reply Report
blak dick

blak dick +1 points1930 days ago

Id fuck u just how u want it amber. Shove my fat cock up your ass til u cry! Pound that pussy til u squirt &queef Reply Report

Charlie +1 points1267 days ago

God damn this is hot a real fantasy of mine. I crave being tied up and brutalised like this only improvement would be multiple men filling my arse and cunt full of cream all night Reply Report
Guy who wants ambers ass

Guy who wants ambers ass +1 points1232 days ago

I would do so much to you, I bet you're sexy as fuck. I could definitely open that ass up to a whole new world of pleasure ;) Reply Report

itsmaster2u +1 points1016 days ago

This has to be the best video on this site! Looks like an average Saturday afternoon at my house... Reply Report

butroo +1 points402 days ago

Yummmm. I would love to have some woman who would like to get tied up like that and i could creampie her ass! Reply Report

trololol   0 points1930 days ago

ozzy blare he did fuck her pussy at the beginning if you look closely, :P quite hot anyway, but that's a cruel man that he does that to a girl.. horny to watch, but won't ever be able to do something like that myself Reply Report
Eye candy

Eye candy   0 points1783 days ago

The very thought of this makes my cock hard, however I rather not fuck the unwilling... And Amber, I'd love powerfuck that ass. Reply Report

kit   0 points1674 days ago

You will never understand the power you have when raping women :) Reply Report
Long Dickk

Long Dickk   0 points1673 days ago

Mmmmmm (: Reply Report

JOEJOE   0 points1721 days ago

HEY amber lets hook up ill fuck your asshole untill it bleeds n let u suck my cock until u gag on it and then ill let u swallow. Reply Report
Long Dickk

Long Dickk   0 points1673 days ago

Any girl down to get this done hmu so we could set this up eight six zero eight nine zero five nine nine one Reply Report

lilith10   0 points648 days ago

If I thought this was at all real, I'd report it and would never have favorited it. But it's obviously well staged and acted for those of us who have this particular fantasy. I used to hate porn because of videos just like these. I thought they promoted violence toward women. I don't think that any longer. I think these videos provide a healthy outlet for men who have fantasies like this, but would never go through with it. As a woman, I came to realize just how much I desire to have this happen to me! Would I really want to be raped? Of course not! but I still have erotic fantasies about being raped. I don't quite understand it myself, but I think it's quite common and we should stop shaming each other and ourselves for getting off to fake videos like this. Reply Report

alfa2k99   0 points1232 days ago have requests, you should take the initiative and suggest or insist.
Lets face it, us guys are supposed to be respectful.
If you want a good HARD fucking just ask.
This old fella, would like to be of assistance...! lol
Reply Report

perpetuavelouriaimagefapgmailcom   0 points659 days ago

Ok, so it's a Saturday morning and I wake up before my wife. I went on my phone, checking FB, etc, while she continues to sl**p next to me.
Then she gives a little grunt in her sl**p. I look over briefly, then back to my phone. She grunts again, and a few seconds later again. Then a long breath out following by a grunt.
I look over at her and she has a concentrated expression on her face.
I recognised the sounds she was making as something like her sex noises, so I thought 'she must be feeling horny'.
Not sure if she was awake or not, I spooned in behind her (we both sl**p naked), and tucked my hardening cock in between her ass cheeks, just nudging her pussy.
She continued making her sex noises, but remained asl**p.
Around two minutes later she woke up, felt me behind her and rolled onto her back. She smiled and took my hand and, spreading her legs slightly, placed my hand over her pussy.
Well- her pussy was soaked, engorged and slippery. I slipped two fingers inside and fingered her g-spot while thumbing her clit. She wanted cock though. Pulling me on top desperately, she grabbed my rock hard cock and jammed it in between her labia. I had no need to take the first few strokes slowly, she was hot to trot. Get pussy felt almost as hot, slick and swollen as when her lover has been fucking her all afternoon veggie sending her back to me full of his sperm.
'what's going on?' I wondered.
After a short, fast, hard fuck, we both orgasmed and lay back. She with a strange smile on her face.
'were you having a dream just now?' I enquired, casually.
'yes, I guess so' she replied, again with that funny expression on her face.
'Was it a sex dream?' I laughed.
She went red in the face 'how did you know?' Looking a bit mortified.
I explained about the noises, and connected it with the state of her pussy. She admitted it.
'tell me what it was about' I said.
'it was a bit horrible really' she said 'I was in the cinema and there were four Pakistani guys sitting on the row in front, making a lot of noise. Eventually I leaned forward and asked them to be quiet. They turned round and said 'fuck off, you slag' I went and got the manager and they thew them out. After the film finished, I was waking home and heard footsteps behind me. I turned and it was the four guys from the cinema. 'Not so fucking brave now are you?' One of them shouted. I started running and ran into our old house in Leeds, but there was no-one in. They started banging on the door, ascend I ran upstairs subs hid under the spare bed. I thought to myself 'what a stupid birch you are, hiding in the fucking bedroom'. I heard the door break open and they ran up the stairs, like they KNEW where I was. They grabbed my very and pulled me out, and my skirt rode up, showing them all my panties, which had also been pulled right up into a wedgie, as they pulled me out from hiding.
I again thought 'stupid stupid cow, wearing this skirt, instead of jeans'. The pakis started taunting me and grabbing at my skirt, trying to lift it up again, and two of them were trying to walk around behind me. I could see exactly what they were wanting, and I tried to reason with them.
'look, I don't know what you think you're doing: I am NOT going to have sex with you!' They laughed at me and one said 'you fucking are, you stuck-up white bitch!'
Then they grabbed me and held me down on the bed. One held my wrists to the bed, two held my legs apart, while the last one pulled and pulled at my thong until it ripped off. He pushed the thing into my mouth and then pushed his cock into my pussy... ...the thing is, and this is weird, although I was struggling, it felt good and I could feel myself getting wet, really really wet. He came inside me and then they swapped, they all fucked me, and they all came in me, and I could feel, really feel their cocks ticking as they spurted unto me. And I loved it... ...I could feel my orgasm building and building. And then I woke up and felt your hard cock knocking at my gate'

Well, I'm no psychologist, so I'll put it out there. If you've looked at our profile, you know she loves to fuck, to fuck anyone, but what did this mean? What shall I do about it, if anything?
EDIT: just for fun I made a fake gallery inspired by her dream :)
Reply Report

Rapey   0 points769 days ago

Ok video Reply Report

darklight   0 points752 days ago

il,love to rape a school
Reply Report
Interested Party

Interested Party   0 points740 days ago

Anyone know her name? Other videos with her in them? Reply Report

Celis   0 points738 days ago

Anyone know the guys name?
Reply Report

i_love_slaves2   0 points442 days ago

amazing job Reply Report

lilith10   0 points406 days ago

I absolutely love this clip! I fantasize about being her all the time and return to watching it again and again. Reply Report

Otto76   0 points383 days ago

Now that's what you call an ass-fuck!
Nice smooth-lipped pussy too, without roast beef hangin' out of it.
Reply Report

Hotboyhk   0 points10 days ago

I have done this to to my x gf. I made her cry by entering my cock in her ass with one fast push all cock in she shouts and cry so loud. If any girl want me to do this to her contact me. Reply Report
Marsha 141

Marsha 141   0 points96 days ago

I get drunk and walk around in tight skirt looking to be used like the whore I truly mother was the same way Reply Report

babie_x36J   0 points43 days ago

Bound, gagged, filmed, and forcefully fucked. Just add in some tightly bound tits, maybe with some clamps, and it's a perfect dream for my first anal. Reply Report
tell it like it is !

tell it like it is ! -1 points1928 days ago

Yes amber....they are all in prison....or very soon to be ! Reply Report

Eccles -1 points1870 days ago

I would certainly be willing to anally rape you Amber, I have a nice thick cock that would have you screaming, it's a fine line between pleasure and pain Reply Report
leg perva

leg perva -1 points1750 days ago

Loved this would have cum up her pussy though and played with her pantyhosed feet... Reply Report

analman -2 points1872 days ago

i will fuck u until u cant move
Reply Report

yehh -2 points1846 days ago

Love this had anal with my sister once shes 12 and I
loved it
Reply Report

dirtyassfucker   0 points897 days ago

Did she? I bet she cried at first but then had a big orgasm. ... Reply Report

EthanPlaysMinecraft69 -3 points964 days ago

Hey guys I was hoping you could check out my minecraft lets play channel. Reply Report

Yo -4 points1897 days ago

Damn i feel srry for the girl she wanted him to stop men r always doing this for pleasure but tht looks painful cuz hes like forcing it in her ass Reply Report

Kit +5 points1674 days ago

Rape :) Reply Report
Long Dickk

Long Dickk   0 points1673 days ago

Your hot we should get together Reply Report
ozzy blare

ozzy blare -6 points1932 days ago

Shame he didn't fuck her pussy too Reply Report

xtreme -6 points1789 days ago

stupid guy, he ignore her pretty feet Reply Report

thickdick -8 points1926 days ago

I just got tied up an watched my wifes cuntpussy and her used2 be tinysexy hole gettin stretched ova the top of me bodyblind foldedme and listenin 2 my wife scream4 my help as i laugh and tell hershes got cunt drippen then i hear my slutty drippen wife controlling tellen the gang of strangers 2 pack rape husbands lil virgin arsshole till i bleadandswollowmass loads of cock jizz and forced2pretend 2 enjoy beenfucked and thrashedun Reply Report