Home Alone Girl Raped And Murdered

Psycho killer enters poor girls house and brutally kills her.

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snuffer +96 points1785 days ago

fuck her bare and beat her senseless- then rape again Reply Report

fucker +27 points1765 days ago

after he snuffer ger, I fuck und cum in his ass Reply Report

hoselover +11 points1866 days ago

It would have been better if he was INSIDE or her when he strangled her to death. I would have been. She was a very cute victim. I love he made her take her clothes off before the rape. Reply Report

funbarbie3 +5 points1768 days ago

the role playing we do, he is in me when i am strangled and raped Reply Report

sexy_love19 +10 points1839 days ago

got me so wet mmmm sexy Reply Report

beedee241 +5 points1866 days ago

Really liked when he pulled her arms behind her back as he was brutally fucking her and a good choke scene right after. Reply Report

johnnygee48 +4 points1863 days ago

nice touch, fuck the bitch then see her squirm Reply Report

rapelover +4 points1706 days ago

should have tied the bitch up and beat her first Reply Report

angelique21 +3 points1389 days ago

Got me sooo wet I had to get my dildo out and watch it again. Reply Report
alona girls rape

alona girls rape +2 points1630 days ago

vedere il cordino che stringe quel bellissimo collo e molto ecitante bel video Reply Report

0000 +2 points1576 days ago

I would kiss her neck, cheeks, and mouth over and over.
She is such a pretty girl.
Reply Report

Amber!!! +1 points1599 days ago

This is Amber, I know it is, It is her. Reply Report
daddy loves rape

daddy loves rape +1 points1283 days ago

Loved it . Rape is very hot I think Reply Report
i loveit

i loveit +1 points1136 days ago

i wou,ld kiss her and lick her boobs and rape her hard
Reply Report
Rape me

Rape me   0 points625 days ago

Do that to me! Reply Report

lilwhteho   0 points1552 days ago

Such a waste not to make pig suffer right in pain before finishing with it Reply Report

theripper   0 points1523 days ago

Very sexy! Reply Report

raper117   0 points1444 days ago

oh trust me this is the least i could do and if i did in real life i would rape the bitch alive then kill her and fuck her some more Reply Report

.......   0 points1132 days ago

Like to rape my niece she has bigger tits and is a virgin Reply Report
virgin taker

virgin taker   0 points813 days ago

LOVE women big tits tight virgin cunt coc 3inchs girth by 10inches length make your niece bleed not a virgin after my penis been in her? Reply Report

.......   0 points1132 days ago

I also want to rape my niece she is also a Virgin and has bigger tits she is also a Virgin maybey tonight when she sleeps i will rape that bitch come inside het the whole night and threaten her to shut up or i will killher i will show her this movie Reply Report

Lamecrap   0 points222 days ago

Simulated rape. Lame crap. Reply Report

fdsafds -1 points1718 days ago

her body looks way better than her ugly face Reply Report

nobody -1 points1603 days ago

sick son of a bitch............... go rape your mother and strangle her to death cause she gave birth to you......... Reply Report

666 +3 points1320 days ago

you do know this isn't real life ,it is just a video. watch the last 2min.... Reply Report

funbarbie3   0 points1512 days ago

please tell us how you really feel, don't hold anything back. Reply Report

Watcher327 -1 points564 days ago

The rape part was good because it is fake, but even though the murder was fake it was taken to far. Like it wasnt enjoyable to watch her get strangled. Reply Report

Robby -2 points1841 days ago

I would have enjoyed much more if at the end he would have removed her socks too Reply Report

raper117 -2 points1463 days ago

man i wish i could rape and kill some one in real life if any one wants me to i would gladly do it to you as long as your female
Reply Report

rape_me   0 points1298 days ago

I would love it till my last breath. Can I have your contact info? Reply Report

....... -1 points1132 days ago

Can i rape you? Reply Report
this is fucked up

this is fucked up -6 points1833 days ago

This si fuckrd up Reply Report

Kerrice -6 points1640 days ago

Is this real? Cos if it is you are very sick people Reply Report
Pissed of US citizen

Pissed of US citizen -7 points1777 days ago

What in the hell is wrong with you people you sick fucks!!! Reply Report
i hate this killing

i hate this killing -8 points1854 days ago

i hate this killing, why he have to kill her ? Reply Report