Girl Raped In The Woods

On her way home, this unsuspecting girl gets attacked and fucked hard.

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beedee241 +60 points1595 days ago

All around excellent dual rape session of a beautiful and well built girl! Reply Report

Inspired +12 points1565 days ago

I dunno why but.... I wanna live in a forest. Reply Report

Whoa +11 points1565 days ago

WHAT IS HER NAME?!! I wanna see more of her!!! Reply Report

hoselover +10 points1595 days ago

It was to bad she wasn't in panty hose. I love the little squealing she did. The oral raping was good. Her outfit was cute and very easy to rape her in the short skirt. Reply Report
hentai lover

hentai lover +9 points1554 days ago

The girl shows she wants to get fuck. I wish I can find girls like that. Reply Report

ME TOO -4 points1414 days ago

Yeah dressed like this, she wants to be raped for real. Reply Report

Lauren +8 points1567 days ago

Sexy as fuck. Reply Report

Heather +8 points1567 days ago

Damn! He really took his time with her! You could hear people and a dog not too far away in the distance and he didn't give a shit. He still just took his time enjoying her. Very dominating. If this happened to me I would be smart and just lay back and be compliant too. But I would probably squirm, squeal and whimper more. Maybe even let myself cum for him for his benefit so he might cum faster. I truly believe it's best to not try fighting a guy off and just let him do his thing. I wouldn't want to piss him off and have him hurt me. Men have their needs and this is NOT the time to ever piss a man off. Reply Report

RAPEHER +8 points1595 days ago

Do you think she was asking for it? The way she was dressed and walking alone in the woods. I did't see any panty under her skirt. I liked afterwards how she just walked off like this happened to her everyday. This has to be one of my favs. Great oral rapes. Great post!! Reply Report
Get her

Get her +8 points1369 days ago

SHe needed raped in that outfits Reply Report

Nicole +7 points1566 days ago

New I came so hard watching that. The oral rape really did it for me Reply Report
why you dumb asses

why you dumb asses +7 points1567 days ago

Why do all you dumb asses have to say, "FAKE"? No shit. This is a very hot movie. If you don't like it, post something you dead beet asses that yell "FAKE". Do your part like they do. Reply Report

j +6 points1566 days ago

really, you're going to pull out and jack of on her? Reply Report

sylar2014 -1 points1168 days ago

Best way about it Reply Report

OMGF +6 points1566 days ago

SHE NEEDS TO MOAN MORE!!!!!! Reply Report
ME 2

ME 2 +4 points1350 days ago

I see this young teen girl dressed like her walking to school all the time and I want to rape her. Reply Report

Dickface -3 points656 days ago

I'll grab the chloroform while help you gets the van... Reply Report
LongCock Silvers

LongCock Silvers +1 points823 days ago

Yeah, those sweet curves and disposable skirt makes you want to wreck them hard Reply Report

funbarbie3 +6 points1309 days ago

get some help will you and go away. Reply Report
Help you.

Help you. +2 points1343 days ago

I have a van we could kidnap her. Reply Report

Jared +3 points1567 days ago

To Heather
You're a very good girl. Someone taught you well. you definitely know your place. If I raped you and you behaved then I might actually spare you by not fucking you in your ass. Although, I truly wonder if you really could handle being a compliant girl and not squirming away screaming and crying while I plowed you uncaringly in your ass? I seriously doubt it. You girls act like you want it and then act up when it's time for you to get it. All talk,

Reply Report

lol +3 points1566 days ago

walks off like nothing happened
Reply Report

14 +3 points1326 days ago

When this happened to me at 14, I didn't know what to do afterwards, I just walked home and didn't say anything to anyone Reply Report
In these rape videos

In these rape videos +2 points1567 days ago

They never have panties of some sort...
Reply Report

Fuckme +2 points1566 days ago

You sound like my kind of lady heather...
Reply Report

angelique21 +2 points1122 days ago

I WANT TO SEE HER NAKED. How can I get horny over a fully clothed girl???? Reply Report
Shoe raper

Shoe raper +1 points493 days ago

She deserved it, walking through the woods in those heels.....I would've pumped her sloppy cunt full of juice then stole her shoes as a souvenir Reply Report
Fetish Guy

Fetish Guy   0 points269 days ago

I would honestly lick her feet, wash it off first but I would love to lick her feet, they look so nice. Reply Report
buttrape her hard

buttrape her hard   0 points342 days ago

omg i want to live in the woods see something like her id buttrape her ass non stop Reply Report

Sarah   0 points1567 days ago

Jared you're a mean jerk! :P Reply Report

sylar2013   0 points1390 days ago

Beautiful girl like this should be a 3 man job so 2 can cum on her face and the other one can cum in her to teach her a proper lesson ;) but flawless video and would like to see more of her fine ass Reply Report
Ashly H.

Ashly H.   0 points1043 days ago

I have a skirt like she has, but I wear pantyhose under mine. Maybe she should have too. Reply Report

Ashly   0 points913 days ago

I want to get under you hose and skirt. Reply Report

Tim   0 points913 days ago

I was with a girl that liked to do it with her clothes on and she looked fucking sex like that too. Reply Report

smally   0 points687 days ago

She is beautiful Reply Report
Big tits fat cock time

Big tits fat cock time   0 points349 days ago

Sex i love it Reply Report

Goodgirl35   0 points572 days ago

Good Reply Report
The Fuck Police

The Fuck Police   0 points304 days ago

I'm glade this wasn't my girlfriend I would have found this guy who did this and he would be a died man. Reply Report
Defoliate the forest

Defoliate the forest   0 points278 days ago

If a girl falls on a log in the forest and no one is around to hear it. Is it still rape? Reply Report
Don,t go down in the woods today. your in for a bi

Don,t go down in the woods today. your in for a bi   0 points200 days ago

keep walking girl deeper into woods out of sight, Don,t want anybody to wittnes your rape very soon first show you my erection nice big fulley erect penis now you suck it then I rape you with it your going to feel all 10inchs in your tight little cunt I will not stop fucking you until you comb understand? Reply Report

Pimpclass -3 points1283 days ago

Yea she was really butting up a fight I can watch regular shit for this Reply Report
Eat shit and post it then "BITCH"

Eat shit and post it then "BITCH"   0 points934 days ago

Yeah, a bitch nothing posted by her. Reply Report

zabawa -4 points1568 days ago

funny Reply Report

aiisha13 -5 points1568 days ago

Too bad the bitch was ten years too old Reply Report

Jared -6 points1567 days ago

STFU sarah! I definitely think you need to be taught a very tough lesson with My dick up your ass as well! I swear, not one girl has ever talked back to Me while I was destroying her ass unmercifully or anytime after. All are obedient and have quickly learned the quickest way to make me happy is to get on her knees without me having to order her or force her. I'd fuck your ass too, make you properly clean my dick with your tongue after and you would be thanking me for the privilege of being fucked in the ass as well. Reply Report

Jamie +1 points1421 days ago

OMG you sound just like a guy i need! My bf is not in to stuff like that but I am and I wish for once someone would treat me like that ! Reply Report

Rosie -15 points1568 days ago

Worst rape scene ever! She may as well have been asleep. Reply Report