Drunk Girls On Cam

These young girls drank a little too much that night... Jailbait alert!

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shit +71 points1898 days ago

holy fuck Reply Report
Know the truth

Know the truth +14 points1871 days ago

Pedophilia is a sexual attraction for PREPUBESCENT children, there is nothing wrong with video and is in no way connected to pedophilia. Reply Report
The King of the Jews

The King of the Jews +12 points1871 days ago

God Bless the Internet. Reply Report

daddy +12 points1871 days ago

If I was their father I would not be proud, but masturbate to this till my hands fell of anyway. Reply Report

tony63 +8 points1897 days ago

young and sexy. there gonna get themselves in trouble... Reply Report

quagmire +6 points1871 days ago

Their parents must be SO proud! Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +6 points1512 days ago

I like licking young cunts and having them piss when they cum I lick it all up my girlfriends daughter is so fucking dirty her mom rides my cock and she rides my face Reply Report

Hex +5 points1872 days ago

Damn fit looking young girls... Very nice... Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +5 points1512 days ago

I want to fuck their mouths and tongue their asses Reply Report
hell yes

hell yes +3 points1872 days ago

Infinite love for this, came so hard Reply Report

FuckSlut +3 points1871 days ago

I wish there were sound Reply Report
chris hansen

chris hansen +3 points1871 days ago

Hi i'm chris hansen, why don't you take a seat over there... your on date line nbc. Reply Report

hhh +3 points1845 days ago

look at 1:07 the brunette is wet as fuck those panties are socked Reply Report

hmm +1 points1871 days ago

Not DRUNK. Just BITCHES :D Reply Report

micmac69er +1 points1459 days ago

i want to lick their pussys and assholes and drink their pe then watch them shit and i wipe their asses Reply Report

<3   0 points1818 days ago

<3 inhumanity,com Reply Report
kong king

kong king -1 points1869 days ago

they're not really under 18, they just look it, so no, no pedophilia here. I find it funny that the website tag is Solo18 but there is 2 of them. Reply Report

8========D -1 points1861 days ago

I would cum inside both of them
Wait no, i would cum inside the brunete, go down on her and suck the cum out and spit it in the blondes pussy, then bend the brunete over and hit it doggy style while i make out with the blonde girl, and right as im about to cum, id haul off and slap that blonde slut as hard as i could just for the fuck of it, and tell them bus money is on the night stand, bitch

Reply Report

hm -2 points1871 days ago

not too sure what the hype about this video is, they didnt actually do anything, i wouldve liked to see some pussy licking or something Reply Report
leroy brown

leroy brown -3 points1791 days ago

Attractive girls with nice bofie, beyonf that this short clip dodm't do anything for me. Reply Report

Lichynymph -4 points1871 days ago

I have this weird feeling that were all pedophiles after watching that. Reply Report

Sow -4 points1871 days ago

a morena nem limpa o cu! kkkkkkkkkkk Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -21 points1871 days ago

Where is the rape and the blood this fucking sucks. Reply Report