Forced Sex

Girlfriend is just not into it, but her boyfriend is one persistent bastard and doesn't take no for an answer.

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Non-Memer damn

Non-Memer damn +66 points1927 days ago

well if u want a boyfriend like that, i can fuck u like that ;)
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Awful +37 points1855 days ago

Wow.. I can't believe he did that.. I mean.. honestly.. Who wears a shirt while fucking in their own home? He disgusts me. Reply Report
Poor choice

Poor choice -8 points1129 days ago

Really that's what our commenting about Reply Report

RT2D +13 points911 days ago

Its a joke you fucking idiot. Reply Report

hmm +23 points1900 days ago

I want to be angry about this video and this guy, especially because I'm female but this is so hot :/ Reply Report

jdubs +13 points1900 days ago

Time to find a new boyfriend dumbass bitch Reply Report

didy -2 points793 days ago

The dumbass it's you... It's a game between us, you do not see? Reply Report

blah +11 points1926 days ago

thats mean Reply Report

hjd +7 points1926 days ago

lol hime. ull get used to it
girl. no i wont
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Melissa +7 points1914 days ago

My bf has sex like that wig me ( minus the spit n poop) and it pleases me to serve him. The painful anal sex is the best. Seeing him cum makes me happy
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zielco +7 points1901 days ago

Did you buy your camera from a heroin hooker on the street? Bad quality, you should feel bad. Reply Report

ss +6 points1926 days ago

this is not hot , this is super hot Reply Report

Sickboy +6 points1901 days ago

This is not your average BDSM. This is BDSM gotten out of control. She is not really in charge, she is a victim because he abuses her weakness.
I like it.
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dsf +4 points1901 days ago

Girls love this. Seriously they all fucking do, some might pretend to be "strong independent women" but deep down it's instinctual for the weaker sex to be submissive and I can kinda understand why. You take the control entirely out of their hands, and by doing that, they lose a sense of responsibility. You could push them to the edge, make them suck your dick after it's been in their ass, pierce their nipples as torture and if they like it that's great, if they don't, they're not responsible for it and it was all your idea etc. What a great way to fuck. I used to do this to an ex who "wanted to be owned" by me. It's weird, you get very good at restraining someone. Sorta like sexual bjj. It's just a shame they become so attached. Reply Report

Mmmmm +4 points1902 days ago

Reminds me of how I used to fuck my cousin taren Reply Report

drg +4 points1900 days ago

She's so fucking hot Reply Report

ss +4 points1771 days ago

give him a medal Reply Report

Dirk +3 points1667 days ago

now that's how u treat a bitch ..good for him u the lil cunt realized her place in life with this guy! Reply Report

NigelThornberry +2 points1926 days ago

lol Reply Report
Horny & Psycho

Horny & Psycho +2 points1901 days ago

Women are hoes, are bitches. They deserve to have their asses destroyed and to be deepthroated. Reply Report
electric milkshake

electric milkshake +2 points1899 days ago

this is love Reply Report

jup +1 points1900 days ago

That's how you should treat a slut. Reply Report

bigfarter +1 points1897 days ago

What a great guy!! Get those sluts sucking shitty cocks!! Reply Report

hardasrock +1 points1840 days ago

put more videos like this Reply Report

(N/A) +1 points252 days ago

The subtitles are wonderful, I love it! Reply Report
fucks you deep

fucks you deep   0 points1926 days ago

Asshole Reply Report
fucking wrong

fucking wrong   0 points1901 days ago

hardcore sure, bt shit dick no!
kill that bastard!
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Dirtcupachopur1115555555555555555 -1 points1137 days ago

Well.. That was not nasty... She just need to suck... And shut her f*cking mouth like every woman in the world does Reply Report
true story

true story -2 points1921 days ago

That's what you call a slut. Reply Report

adslfk -3 points1918 days ago

This is totally fake. It's BDSM play between slave and master. Reply Report

funbarbie3 -3 points1901 days ago

i love doing forced role playing like this. forced oral!! Reply Report

kinkybbwslave -3 points1323 days ago

I would love to have a boyfriend like that. Reply Report

wolfmankayl -4 points1914 days ago

Just role playing, men should be like that with their women for real. Any girls agree message me. Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -4 points1900 days ago

ThatOneGirlJade I need to add you but i don't have a phone :( Reply Report

Gav -5 points1926 days ago

Half of me thinks this is faked esp when she smiles on her knees for a second, otherwise thats not cool. Reply Report

Frank -5 points1921 days ago

Give me his address and I will kill him! Reply Report

hehe -5 points1611 days ago

Guys relax, she loves it, and every girl who looks at this, will think that its evil but hot! Trust me, we all are little submissive sluts when a guy knows how to treat us. Reply Report

damn -8 points1927 days ago

now that's the kind of boyfriend I want!!!! Reply Report

thatcrazyguy -8 points1900 days ago

That's me and my girlfriend.
Me: don't fucking cry just suck it!!!
Girl: please no more.
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NonStopJerking -8 points1900 days ago

Not real rape
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TT -12 points1918 days ago

Lol this is so funny, they are having role playing rough sex and he talks nasty to her and its so fake, he talks like a fucking robot. Reply Report