Faces Of Gore (Part 2)

Join your fiendish host, Dr. Vincent van Gore, as he leads you into the forbidden world of the dead. Only the most disgusting and horrifying car crashes, suicides and murders are presented. Nothing is faked. There are no boring autopsies or grainy World War 2 footage; all new, exclusive never before seen footage of those freshly slain over the past ten years! Documented through actual crime scene investigations by police and emergency response teams from around the world. If you cannot handle smashed brains, bug-eyed corpses and char-broiled fetuses, do not watch this film!

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jelly +7 points2001 days ago

ways to die Reply Report

romo +3 points1998 days ago

The electrocution one was interesting, the way his whole body had become locked into position, never seen that before Reply Report

Terrible +1 points2002 days ago

It's like seeing the same guy dead in different ways. Chinks all look alike. What a let down. Reply Report
Pimp hand

Pimp hand +1 points1998 days ago

Lame Reply Report

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL +1 points1957 days ago

Dumbass American none of this is in Japan. Kill yourself for being so stupid! Reply Report

DHA   0 points2003 days ago

sólo con el título me da mucho miedo quedar en shock!! quiero verlo pero creo que es lo peor que a subido la gente de HEAVY-R. Alguien que comente algo sobre el video por favor!! Reply Report

Vengador   0 points932 days ago

Es impresionante a los niveles que puede llegar la maldad humana, la frialdad, falta de empatia y perversidad
Lastimosamente, la gente que no seria capaz de realizar tales atrocidades si les llama el morbo de ver cual miserable es nuestra raza (me incluyo) ya que nuestra raza apesta
Reply Report

hhajjiooa   0 points407 days ago

I don't think it was in japan, because there were Thai writing on those securities' uniform. Reply Report

2lolo -1 points1878 days ago

Who is this Douche Bag? Don't he know Japan from Tahiland?? Reply Report