Slut Forgot To Wipe Before Flashing Her Ass

She even made the niggas run away from her. That means it's really nasty!!!

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Republican Bastard

Republican Bastard +157 points1784 days ago

Hard to tell if her asshole was really dirty... She is black, and niggers and shit have the same fucking color... Brown! Reply Report

titonhiton +69 points1787 days ago

I wanna out my dick right between those asscheeks no matter if she didn't clean properly I love black women Reply Report

misterrogers +37 points1787 days ago

Yum, I'd lick her ass clean!! Reply Report
Persona educada fuera de EEUU

Persona educada fuera de EEUU +10 points1761 days ago

LOL Republicans' hate towards black people is fucking hilarious! Reply Report

haii +9 points1762 days ago

When they said "eww eww" I couldn't stop laughing x) Reply Report

flareclaire22 +8 points1787 days ago

She did say she'd give them something to talk about. Reply Report

anynomous +7 points1788 days ago

emberrising moment of her life Reply Report
Bitch please.

Bitch please. +7 points1763 days ago

-Face palm.- Ghetto hoes.. Reply Report
none of your business

none of your business +7 points1762 days ago

That was disgusting, and all the people that are commenting on this using the n word are disgusting as well. That shit ain't funny and it doesn't make you look cool. Why don't you take advantage of the taxes I pay and get a damn education. Reply Report

oldtman +6 points1763 days ago

pure trash with nothing to offer the world. Reply Report

denosyus +5 points1762 days ago

Why does nobody on this website know that there are actually really smart educated black people in the world!?
Probably because whenever you actually see one of them, you just let it pass by your thick skull and only pay attention to the ones who arent too smart.
Reply Report

MizzPeach +4 points1762 days ago

Like for real I am fucking shittin myself laughing at that dumb bitch haha Reply Report

BAHAHAHA! +4 points1761 days ago

Man, when he turned and ran, I laughed my white ass off. These guys look like a fun motley crew. Reply Report
Pimpin ain't easy

Pimpin ain't easy +3 points1771 days ago

What language are these people speaking? That's some fucked up ebonic shit as Samuel L Jackson would say. Reply Report

yuck +3 points1780 days ago

3.24 it was light brown Reply Report

anger +3 points1763 days ago

Look i'm not even racist but i can see why they came up with the term monkeys. Reply Report
non member

non member +3 points1763 days ago

they act like fucken animals s.m.h. Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +3 points1763 days ago

That smells like shit and fish. Reply Report

naw +3 points1762 days ago

this is sad, I don't care what color you are, it some people out there make it bad for any race...if she was white it would make white people look bad, if she was Asians same thing and also for Europeans and don't say black people this and that...Your race has the same people like this it just not put on video yet...... and this racist shit, really need to stop cause we all in the same damn boat...its funny when something happen in the world, like 9/11 every race came together and pray and shit but as soon the shit die down. we want to go back to this race is race and this race is that...sad Reply Report

SHIT EATER +3 points1760 days ago

She's the skanky crack whore of my dreams! Reply Report

plblanco +2 points1763 days ago

Big sexy ass but... A dirty ass! Reply Report
Obama's Butt Baby

Obama's Butt Baby +2 points1762 days ago

Dat's right, honkies! And we rule dat ol White Ass Hose as well!
Suck it, crackers!
Blame it on the boogie!
Reply Report

thecomedian +2 points1761 days ago

Now she talked all that shit with shit in her but lol and people stop being racist it's just a video. Some black people do dumb shit and some white people do dumb shit Reply Report

brrr +2 points1761 days ago

Those guys react funny :D Reply Report

tusker +2 points1760 days ago

I love heavy , com such a funny web site as for racist remarks well we all look funny with a fuck face on im white English and I would not kick her out of bed Reply Report

Trevor +2 points1419 days ago

I wanna lick that right off her asshole Reply Report
yuck fou

yuck fou +1 points1763 days ago

Yumm, I'd lick her ass clean!! Reply Report

Dragon   0 points1780 days ago

That shit was nasty and the language being used was fucked up!!! Reply Report

j   0 points1763 days ago

my tax dollars at work. thanks Obama. Reply Report

denosyus   0 points1762 days ago


Most racist race on this planet? there is not a single comment on Heavy-R thats racist against white people, its all against black people.
Reply Report

LMFAO!420   0 points1761 days ago

that shit cray Reply Report

rob13   0 points1761 days ago

im white id like to lick her ass and eat her shit! imagin she sitting on my face Reply Report
public slut

public slut   0 points1214 days ago

Can you pimp me out and make me your sex whore, long as you promise to let strangers look, ouch, grab, lick on me whenever and where ever? You can shit and piss on me baby!!! Reply Report

shtubes   0 points1756 days ago

That gotta be itchin dayum.... Reply Report

rob   0 points1744 days ago

That's some real good skank ghetto jazz just wipe it Reply Report

d1ty   0 points1281 days ago

it was the build-up to mating i know im a specialist on chimps. Reply Report

mikeUK   0 points854 days ago

Q. What's the diffrence between a nigger slut and a heap of shit? A. There isn't any: same color, same smell. Reply Report
Dick in ya ass

Dick in ya ass   0 points595 days ago

I needto find pne like this to fuck in the ass all day
Reply Report

mmmmmmmmmmmmm -1 points1746 days ago

lmao what a goon guy says worldstar and nobody even got dropped Reply Report

lookatyourselffirstbeforeyoujudgeanentirerace -1 points1559 days ago

Did you racist small gunned tossers know That Washington DC was completed as planned largely thanks to a BLACK architect and astronomer? No? Thought Not. Reply Report

bla -1 points1559 days ago

Did you racist arse wipes realist that 95 percent of the civilizations in Africa are not north African? That in south Africa, resides an overlooked system of complex city ruins, roads and mines over 75000 years old?
Reply Report
Asshole lover

Asshole lover -1 points1167 days ago

Mmm I would fuck her shitty asshole Reply Report

komentator -2 points1763 days ago

Głupie czarne małpy... Reply Report

Wow -2 points1762 days ago

Thots! Doesn't get more low class than this. Is that a yellow buick roadmaster on 24s? Low class trife people. Reply Report

Blowme -3 points1762 days ago

I hope one day in the future, the blacks can look back on videos like this, and understand why they were the most despised race in America! It's because they are uneducated, they think ebonics should be taught in school, and they literally throw their babies in trash cans then have more instead of using condoms. Asians, Europeans and Hispanics are nothing like the N WORD. Not to mention American blacks are the most racist people on this continent. Reply Report

Youareamasskillingpedobear -3 points1559 days ago

Did you Racist Fuck faced biggots know that Mansa Musa, The Richest Human Being in all recorded history was BLACK..and MUSLIM?!? No? Thought not. Reply Report

... -4 points1762 days ago

and this is why America frowns upon black people Reply Report

NYC -4 points1763 days ago

Monkeys on street!!! Reply Report
one word

one word -5 points1761 days ago

niggers Reply Report

guest -7 points1762 days ago

Niggers are some of the vilest creatures on the planet! Reply Report

ELLOCO -8 points1763 days ago

Is Very Predictable

Is Very Predictable -30 points1787 days ago

"Yumm, id lick her ass clean" Reply Report

well -101 points1788 days ago

im just waiting for the flood of comments that will be saying "Yumm, id lick her ass clean" Reply Report