Nasty Scat Play

Lesbian slut putting her shit into her friend's asshole.

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Desiree +43 points1638 days ago

Oh my god, what kind of a diet are you on?! Reply Report

corn? +8 points1613 days ago

why does the shit have corn it it? Reply Report

Random +2 points1562 days ago

She had corn earlier Reply Report

Geez +3 points1613 days ago

I would've used all that nasty scorn filled shit as lube and ass fucked the bitch so deep all that shit would be packed back up in her colon. Reply Report

mmmm +3 points1459 days ago

worship....... Reply Report
Fastest way to hells greatest power!

Fastest way to hells greatest power! -3 points1294 days ago

Yes, worship shit, satan & evil.
Eating shit is the fastest way to prove to Satan that you are worthy of the power.
Bon Apettite!
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Dispaly! +1 points1611 days ago

Name of the movie? Reply Report

stevie6808 +1 points127 days ago

I do love corn the second time around!!!! Reply Report

Gfys +1 points77 days ago

I wish that was my asshole Reply Report

scatman54   0 points1639 days ago

if you are going to use soft shit, better get her whole open up more, than from ass to ass works to Reply Report
Black guy

Black guy   0 points1638 days ago

I think it's corn Reply Report
Recycling corn chips

Recycling corn chips   0 points1613 days ago

Should have recycled the shit in the other playground too!! Reply Report
Victor's Vector

Victor's Vector   0 points1614 days ago

I've been wanting to see a video like this for a while now. Hurray!

Can we have one that isn't Brazilian diarrhea?
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Defuse niGGAAAAAAA   0 points1614 days ago

Lol ..CLASSIC CORN in the shit xDDD Reply Report
Black dude

Black dude   0 points1604 days ago

It's the two girls one cup biches! Reply Report

tittle444   0 points1387 days ago

wow,luv corn,yummy Reply Report

ohshitgorillas   0 points1371 days ago

Anyone got more of these videos? With shit into ass stuffing, or shitting into ass? No gay stuff. Reply Report

DREADWING1977   0 points647 days ago

Hey Anybody Hungry after watching This? (SMIRK) Reply Report

:3   0 points440 days ago

... Reply Report
smoking joe cool

smoking joe cool -1 points1639 days ago

yummy corn Reply Report

sourtc -1 points1639 days ago

source? Reply Report

shitinpussy -1 points1630 days ago

Soft shit play is no fun...and that is one ugly fuckin' hand! Reply Report

xx -1 points1369 days ago

My gf wants a girl to do this to her asap she just told me Reply Report

scatboy54 -6 points1614 days ago

Wow, only gay freaks would not like this video! Reply Report

dabudabu -15 points1614 days ago

What the f... Are there really disturbed people who like to see shit ?
Don't even wanna play the vid', even by curiosity, just the picture makes me wanna puke.
Get a life people, my god...
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Stop it

Stop it +11 points1562 days ago

If you dont want to see this kind of stuff then stop searching for it.....easy Reply Report
Pedo's = Scat Fetishists.

Pedo's = Scat Fetishists. -153 points1639 days ago

Not surprisingly perhaps, Criminal Psychologists often find that Pedo's are also 'scat' freaks.

'Nuff said really.
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