Sluts Shit In Their Mouth

Various scenes of men shitting in hot girl's faces, right in their mouth!

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Scattie +67 points1940 days ago

I LOVE Germans Reply Report

podkabluchnik +22 points1940 days ago

More excellent clips of German shit-girls! Several clips here from the Kit-Kat Club in Berlin :)) Reply Report

jannybh +15 points1867 days ago

Hi, where are those Kit Kat Club clips to see, Podkabluchnik? Reply Report

jannybh +20 points1931 days ago

The Ladies are wonder ful - the guys :-( Don not understand much German language, but the comments seem to be stupid. Ladies could be a little bit more elegant or bizarr with better clothings and make up, Best scene is the disgusted grl at the end. Hope she´ll get it too. Reply Report

toiletslave69 +9 points1264 days ago

Volle Punktzahl!!! Was für geile schlampen Reply Report

doubleoo7k +9 points388 days ago

WOW FUCK!!! Reply Report

dirtnastyniggr +9 points349 days ago

fuck yeah! nice & nasty
Reply Report

apple +8 points1917 days ago

i just wonder why some girl are so pretty and they go for this kind scat in mouth porn. sometime i wonder, they were paid a lot or they just like to eat shit, or they like to be humiliated, but i like this kind of porn~ Reply Report

h3nn3p +7 points243 days ago

Some real classics!!! Reply Report

femmeshaft +6 points614 days ago

Would love to see some pretty Lisa videos. Reply Report

lilwhiteho +5 points1913 days ago

It is nothing than perversion to fuck without to eat shit and to drink piss Reply Report

charlie2258 +5 points1905 days ago

German girls are the best shit eaters i love them. Very hot video Reply Report

xjand +5 points893 days ago

I love the scene in 17:53 !! Reply Report

xjand +5 points893 days ago

And in 18:10! two girl tongues licking your ass while you shit on them! Awesome, would like to live the same! Reply Report

filthydirtydom +5 points851 days ago

Damn love that pretty face getting fucked someone force her eat more and fuck her throat while she has shit in it make her swallow your cum and piss directly at throat close her nose to make her choke almost to death! <3 Reply Report

SlaveWife +5 points672 days ago

Great Scatsex!! I love getting soft shit in My mouth from a hairy ass! Reply Report

miss_you_75 +5 points358 days ago

I'd LOVE to find one of these nice girls to play with. Not only for her to taste my shit, but also for me to taste hers. I'm a dirty pig, searching for my pig girlfriend.I really miss licking her asshole while her soft, hot, stinking feces are making their way out... Reply Report

Alisha +3 points291 days ago

DO u want to shit in my face so I can lick ur big dirty ass whole and I can shit in ur face so u can lick my bum whole
Reply Report

Alisha +5 points291 days ago

I want someone to shit on my face so I can lick there dirty big ass whole and I can shit on them and they can do the same thing Reply Report

antifeminist +5 points294 days ago

this is how it should be Reply Report
Perverted Like You

Perverted Like You +4 points1874 days ago

The very last shit, right at the end, was a perfect illustration of THE BEST WAY TO QUIETEN A FEMALE WHO WILL NOT SHUT UP !!!! LMFAO )))) Reply Report

Lilwhiteho +4 points1788 days ago

These women are Ladies, not those anti porn pigs Reply Report

Riccasha   0 points1837 days ago

Ok two girls and one cup dont got shit on this Reply Report
Bukake Lover

Bukake Lover   0 points1568 days ago

I cant find the second video does anybody have the link?? I saved this link the 2nd vid is better :( Reply Report
Perverted Like You

Perverted Like You -2 points1874 days ago

Germans don't do things half-heartedly. They go in hard, all-the-way.

Adolf Hitler would have been proud of these people. My sources indicate that Hitler loved to have Eva Braun shit in his mouth.
Reply Report

la-di-da   0 points1831 days ago

totally agree: that Eva Brown -what a name, isn't it? - used to shit in Hitler's mouth is historical fact, and eating shit from asshole IS a kind of German folklore, meaning everybody does it, especially modern Nazis worshipping by memorial shit-eating their depraved and perverted 'traditions'... Reply Report

wanker2013 -4 points1911 days ago

things you have to do when out of job Reply Report
Domina Lady

Domina Lady -4 points624 days ago

Nice german girls. Read e-book? Look german amazon and surch sarah reiter and christin gräfin. Reply Report

Millionaires -8 points1914 days ago

The girls must be paid millions to undergo such shit - literally! Reply Report

H.Clinton -8 points819 days ago

The women are not eating the crap but spitting it out. Reply Report

frankw265 -10 points1760 days ago

Where's the fucking? Where's the cum? Not enough swallowing! Reply Report

tsunami8 +7 points1338 days ago

Read the title, dumbass. Reply Report

Clowner -10 points1670 days ago

These Germans shall burn in Hell! Reply Report

blabla1 -10 points848 days ago

WTF!!! Crazy people. Reply Report

HornyFucka -12 points1523 days ago

Doesn't anyone see its totally fake? Reply Report