Kidnapped Boy Beaten For Ransom

Poor innocent boy kidnapped and beaten up badly while begging to his family members to give them the ransom money.

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Kirll +15 points1565 days ago

Why don't they ever just fuck his ass? That would have been sweet! Reply Report

RighteousKill +13 points1572 days ago

So so sad smh Hope that kid came out alright. That motherfucker will get his for sure no evil act go's unpunished. Reply Report
den boy

den boy +2 points1540 days ago

torturers should be killed Reply Report

painnnnnnnnnn +2 points332 days ago

people on here are fucking pussies compared to the dark side. some comments on here are laughable Reply Report

toxic -1 points1572 days ago

wow this guys is a fag soo rude sorry for that kid Reply Report

zaven -1 points246 days ago

why whould you watch that... Reply Report

j -2 points1573 days ago

This is why we need to lighten up our immigration policies, so we can have more of this in the US. Reply Report

иван -4 points831 days ago

надеюсь эта тварь будет в самом страшном месте ада Reply Report
Juan perez

Juan perez -12 points1572 days ago

This is why the US should send his troops to Mexico and kill all this fucking rats mierdas pieces of shit putos escoria of the world, I hate how they treat this boy I will pay the six million pesos for the ramsom if I was the parents and i will pay another six to find em and hang em from the huevos pinches culos. Reply Report
juan perez is a fag

juan perez is a fag   0 points1466 days ago

You are a fag, Juan Perez. Reply Report

whitekid -97 points1571 days ago

this is an old video... mexican boy came from a well off family... he ended up with a few fingers cut off to force parents to pay up ransom... the kidnappers' were eventually caught by police... however, on their way to being transported to prison, the kidnappers somehow got away from incarceration... obviously, they paid off or threatened the police. Reply Report