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Rapist intrudes woman's home and strangles her while she was taking a bath. It appears he didn't do it good enough and strangles her again while he's brutally raping her.

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whoa +39 points1557 days ago

he came coolwhip Reply Report

TUIT +7 points1534 days ago

that was fucking hilarious Reply Report

Lol +3 points1554 days ago

Her stomach is moving like a mofo. She suck's at acting dead. Reply Report

beedee241 +2 points1557 days ago

Loved it! Reply Report

bob +2 points1556 days ago

rofl, talk about shit acting. cute chick though;) Reply Report

xxx +2 points1551 days ago

why the shaving foam, was he gonna shave her pussy for her before he left? Reply Report

bumblebee +1 points1555 days ago

what a load of shitty crap acting Reply Report

wtf +1 points1533 days ago

Shes clearly never been choked for real.... terrible acting Reply Report

david +1 points1471 days ago

who is this woman Reply Report

-_-   0 points1557 days ago

If she was taking a shower why is she that fucking dry Reply Report

funbarbie3   0 points1556 days ago

my boyfriend and i do roles like this. but i am wearing a dress or skirt and pantie hose. the strangling and passing out, and being raped and coming to and struggling is such a turn on. it feels so good when he is in me and i fight and struggle like that. he loves me wearing a satin dress and hose. when i am getting out of the shower, i am in a satin robe, slip and hose. he loves this outfit on me. Reply Report

lolfuckoff   0 points1556 days ago

what a load of boring bullshit. i cant believe this turns some people on.. Reply Report

NOT HOMEMADE   0 points1555 days ago

still prefer homemade vids this is yawn old school Reply Report

Satan   0 points1553 days ago

Crap. Reply Report
Hot chick but not talented

Hot chick but not talented   0 points1402 days ago

If it only was real it be entertaining! Lol too bad Reply Report

Cumonit   0 points1044 days ago

Total rubbish.Where is the real stuff Reply Report

ZornGottes -1 points1553 days ago

i am pregnant. Reply Report

morenik1000 -2 points1555 days ago

si vede che e' finto. una cazzata Reply Report

fuckumhard -2 points1557 days ago

fake ass bull shit Reply Report

zenserene -2 points1555 days ago

Kool Whip deteriorates, Amazing that they sell shit like this that costs them actors' fees, etc. + a can of travel-size no-brand shaving cream + a shoelace for 10-20K? Also-pupils either dialate or pinpoint ( forget) as a result of stranulation. Raise ur standards-we're not all racist trailer trash! Reply Report

RAH -3 points1456 days ago

I hope it's as fake as the comments are suggesting. The title suggests that it is a film of two actual major felonies. It is disturbing that there is no way to report it as inappropriate for the site, and by "inappropriate," I mean murder and rape. Reply Report
Stop moaning

Stop moaning +3 points1323 days ago

Why are yoy even on this site then? Reply Report