Drunk Rape Sex

Wasted young teen raped by dude she took home with her.

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Fantasy? +22 points1597 days ago

I want to be gang raped. Brutally. Till I'm screaming in pain Reply Report

Bigbigcherry +9 points457 days ago

Me too Reply Report

Stareyes -6 points644 days ago

Wtf is wrong with u Reply Report

hooboyshowmerape -1 points670 days ago

It wouldn't be rape if ya liked it. If you want it rough, just say so. Reply if you wanna get fucked ;) Reply Report

lawl +6 points1593 days ago

did anyone else laugh at the tripod they left out before filming? Reply Report

pink +5 points1230 days ago

obviously fake , role play porn , she wasn't drunk or sleeping its called acting , nice pussy though, would've been better if he undressed her and nutted on her face some anal would've been a bonus and maybe some spitting on her would've been the icing on the cake then i would take a marker and write words like "slut" "whore" "sperm bucket" on her body where she could never see them like on her asshole and under he feet plus more Reply Report

Cider +2 points1596 days ago

I saw it again and this is real fake, a real 'simulacrum'. They make a show of raping. The girl is first on her mobile and then prepares herselves to be fucked by feinting a rape. When you don't feel anything, how can you moan and open your legs ? Maybe there is an exception for sex ? Only the actress 'Christine' can tell you... :-) I wouldn't mind raping a gril like this with her consent and staying so calm ... :-) Reply Report

Agirl +2 points1595 days ago

Of course it's fake, you think they're gonna put up real rape videos? No. ad Non-member YOZA you're complaining but you're still here watching it like the rest of us, so shut the fuck up or go watch something else. Reply Report

daa +2 points1324 days ago

I would let my cute princess sleep over their for a few nights as long as he did the same thing an posted it for everyone to see as jo to Reply Report

lilith +2 points1048 days ago

I wish i was this girl. I get a great orgasm from the conception that a man at me calms down, while I (nearly) am sharp motionlessly, but dishy ... I wished, he would have also taken her anal and orally. Reply Report

LOLsad +2 points855 days ago

Like, seriously, there's a tripod in the middle of the room and she's not questioning it at all? Reply Report

Fake +1 points1596 days ago

Fake, and actually she DOES moan at 7:40-8:00 Reply Report

OstrichSack +1 points1597 days ago

Curious Christine Reply Report

as +1 points1597 days ago

fake Reply Report

zalimdunya +1 points1597 days ago

who wants to rape my wife for real??? Reply Report
Daddie longjon

Daddie longjon +1 points361 days ago

I will Reply Report

shads +1 points1463 days ago

sure !!!!!!!!!!
Reply Report

100%REAL +1 points1502 days ago

This is SO REAL... Ugh yes! REAL REAL REAL! Reply Report

dg -1 points1458 days ago

yeah... Reply Report

kk   0 points1485 days ago

dg Reply Report
Jay Bones

Jay Bones +1 points892 days ago

Yeah, fake as fuck! Description says "Drunk teen raped by dude she took home", but he's saying he's her stepfather, there just happens to be a camera tripod on the floor in front of the couch, she not wearing underwear, he just happens to have a big jug of lube, and she does moan a little a few times. Seems not to be too passed out, puts her hand on the dude, positions herself on the couch, puts her hand down by her pussy, licks her lips, etc. Doesn't happen to notice the camera with the light before she hangs up the phone. Totally staged. Still hot though!! Reply Report

Maxmoefoe +1 points187 days ago

Whatta you fuqn gay ? Reply Report

fullmetalbitch +1 points167 days ago

Why do I get so wet by all your sick perverted comments more then the actual videos here? Reply Report

BB35 +1 points31 days ago

i wanna rape a bihh with my big black dick Reply Report
make me ur cum dumpster

make me ur cum dumpster   0 points29 days ago

@BB35 do me please... Reply Report

testadicazzo   0 points1274 days ago

fake Reply Report
mad jock

mad jock   0 points1597 days ago

I would waken her up,and let her watch me rape that pricks choclate star fish till he screamed,she would probably enjoy it,and want hers done next. Reply Report

LMAO   0 points1597 days ago

@sexybitch.. Thats cute, I guess its why your watching these videos and not getting laid mhm Reply Report

Cider   0 points1596 days ago

Fake... How can a camera be ready like this for a raping scene ? Everything seems to have been well prepared. It's a pity that the camera isn't moved to be in the good angl to see the guy cum on the 'drunk sleepong' girl's pubic hair and labial lips. Reply Report

doink   0 points886 days ago

the fuck does she have makeup on for? lol. the cameraman's acting - so bad. just shut the fuck up and stick it in. christ alive. if you had a good voice you would have been an actor. Reply Report

target0104   0 points560 days ago

he's got a great ass Reply Report

سsسسsbbbbbb   0 points913 days ago

uddbfhhfdhhd Reply Report

ingomat   0 points673 days ago

Boring and lame video, the only watchable was her juicy pussy Reply Report

RAPELOVERRRRRRRR   0 points89 days ago

god i want to get raped!
Reply Report

jhakaas   0 points76 days ago

I can't watch videos here..... don't know what's wrong with it Reply Report

Pro12   0 points1 day ago

In his defence... She never said 'No, Don't, or Stop" Reply Report

soapster -1 points387 days ago

I can tell you 2 reason why this is fake and setup. 1. U make sure if u bring a random dude home u know where they are at all times. 2. nobody falls asleep that quick. Drunk or not. 3. Why would a guy have a vidcam with him (I assume she met him at a club or bar). Chick is so hot. Reply Report

sexybitch -3 points1597 days ago

Fake my pussy is better Reply Report

brownPrde -3 points1597 days ago

typical crackers..only get play when they girls are asleep otherwise they get slapped for small dick Reply Report
This guy must be circumcised

This guy must be circumcised -3 points1150 days ago

Wow he really can't get full erections can he? He must be circumcised Reply Report