Biker Run Over By Heavy Loaded Truck

Brutal video showing a biker getting dragged on the concrete with the full wieight of a heavy loaded truck on top of him, leaving his guys streak out on the street.

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jayke1981 +10 points2154 days ago

God damn that was heavy...Pillion passenger possibly got his head crushed too Reply Report

Jooosh +2 points1734 days ago

Hooooooooooly shit! Look at the fuckin' blood being dragged along by that truck, fuck me that looks nasty, would have sooner saw it first hand but damn son, that shit's fucked up! Reply Report
Fakin' it.

Fakin' it. +1 points2153 days ago

Oh, get up yah big suck! :oS :o) :o) Reply Report

wieczniewkurwiony +1 points2091 days ago

to dla tego motory są do dupy! ^^ Reply Report

heavyghost +1 points1842 days ago

I would hate to be the one to clean that shit up... Reply Report

neil -2 points2153 days ago

why is it you never see shit like this in the UK? its always in other countries that have no traffic laws. First of all the truck had a green light so the biker was at fault, secondly they werent wearing helmuts so they would have died on impact. Reply Report
drug one crushed the other...

drug one crushed the other... -3 points1261 days ago

I love instant justice. Reply Report

ELLOCO -7 points2154 days ago

COOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO'T AGAIN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PENDEJOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report