American Pricks Abuse Drunk Korean Girl

Coke addicted small dick american rich kids had to make up for their small dicks and abuse and humiliate this poor girl just for fun.

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toad +963 points2055 days ago

USA = Bunch of cunts Reply Report

podkabluchnik +115 points2045 days ago

@ couldn't have said it better

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Fuck you gay ass bitch

Fuck you gay ass bitch -5 points1813 days ago

Suck my cock little faggot ass bitch Iranian Arab North Korean mother fucker go fuck a dick little fucking homo fuck your bombs and your racial profiling fucking douche bag ass Osama Reply Report
Fuck the US

Fuck the US +22 points2040 days ago

@Non-Member They are not American... (6 days ago)
To bad everyone wants to make out like America is full of people that are stupid.

Correction: 'Too' bad everyone wants to make out like America is full of people that are stupid....ironyyyy!
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Fuck USA

Fuck USA +19 points2024 days ago

Fuck Americans! Reply Report

Frankw265 -1 points1605 days ago

not all of them are wouldn't recognize an accent if it ran you over with an 18 wheeler...........I bet you were one of the wankers abusing this poor girl Reply Report
Fuck you

Fuck you -7 points1813 days ago

Read my name Reply Report
Fuck USA

Fuck USA +6 points1707 days ago

Suck my dick! Reply Report

Pervert +13 points2045 days ago

They have a drunk hottie in front of them and instead of seeing her tits he puts his fucking fingers up her nose! Nothing but a bunch of gay ass cock suckers! Reply Report
Born in the USA

Born in the USA +11 points1995 days ago

Those guys are jerks! No matter where they come from. You do not TREAT anyone like that, no matter if she is a drunken bar girl or not! I lived and worked in Asia for ten years and seen this same thing happen many times by assholes and jackass! It always made me sick! Some People don't have and respect towards others as they should. So what if she was a hooker, what that got to do with it? Reply Report
racist cunts

racist cunts +9 points1950 days ago

Generalising a few dumb American guys as a whole country of Americans is just as ignorant as these dumb shits. I must not be the "typical American" This shit happens everywhere. They could be Canadian for all you know, Shit heads like this come in all nationalities. Reply Report

Clarifier +8 points2045 days ago

Just to clarify...
This shit IS REAL!
It was reported in Asian newspapers about a month ago.
The 2 assholes were Americans. Their identities were revealed in the papers.
They did act like CUNTS but in all fairness, the Korean was a hooker (read as 'cunt for hire'). She drank too much and those guys decided to humiliate her. Probably thought they could still bonk her afterwards but they were thrown out of the bar.
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Srte -2 points709 days ago

Hopefully the Korean mafia find them and put 2 in the chest for each.
We don't need "Americans" like that.

You better believe these cowards would NEVER act like that in America because they would be dead. That is why they went all the way around the world, because they think they can get away with it in Korea.

Disgusting, and most Americans would never do that.
I'm very sorry to that girl. Don't matter she is a hooker, they'll never get a hottie like that any other way.
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Kinky +8 points2046 days ago

At least most of the caucasian guys let girls walk away, while all islamic filth kill them after been raping them. Reply Report
fuck dat

fuck dat +8 points2044 days ago

@non member chris- you wasted your time bro , nobody gives a fuck. Reply Report
Aussies are worse

Aussies are worse +7 points2046 days ago

Fuckin A. Come to Japan. The Aussies are the noisiest cunts here. Also the dudes sounded Canadian. Reply Report

marky +7 points1996 days ago

I would treat her right. sick frat douches needs their heads bashed in. Reply Report

FUCK AMERICA +5 points2047 days ago

do this in australia get your head kicked in degenerate fucks Reply Report

sf +4 points2045 days ago

one of these arseholes is a paddy Reply Report

scum +3 points2067 days ago

i would of fisted her asshole Reply Report

lol +3 points2044 days ago

americans , british, irish, its all the same, who cares, thats how they were raised while watching how their father do that shit to their own mother Reply Report

Brako +2 points2067 days ago

Man I really hope someone kicks there fucking teeth in. Reply Report

rossirep +2 points1885 days ago

its an insult to animals to describe these small dicked assholes as that.. humans - nothing but cancer to this planet. Reply Report

ninja +2 points1761 days ago

He should have push her on the floor and shoved his dick up her ass Reply Report

Nyc +1 points2045 days ago

I'm American. They at learnt American Reply Report

anne +1 points1958 days ago

i dont understand why people are being so whiny. youre offended by people who hate americans. but you same douche bags talk about non white americans far worse. thats why our society is so messed up. bunch of idiots. Reply Report

WHORE HATE   0 points2044 days ago

To be fair, they paid for this whore. It's her job to be sexy and aware of what's going on. It's her own fault for getting drunk on the job. Reply Report

thedevil69sg   0 points2040 days ago

bunch of lame brain retards, who are never gona see a pussy for the rest of their life.. Reply Report

antiabuse   0 points2040 days ago

Heard about Gays, these are the one's.Seems one of the face like Monkeys ASS (RED)
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American   0 points1571 days ago

The waste of humanity! Kill an American it's an ecological action for the earth Reply Report

KittyGirl0214   0 points1074 days ago

Wow, they are such shits. She is a beautiful girl. Not all those pathetic excuses for men are american tho. Reply Report
Fucking Kim chi man

Fucking Kim chi man   0 points1015 days ago

Oh dude.... THis fucking girl alredady take plasticsurgery and Them right that girl is bitch IF you want ride yellow bus then, you need to come to korea so you can fuck the any girls in korea club you just treat dinner and you dick on dish Reply Report
Nobody Gives a shit

Nobody Gives a shit   0 points695 days ago

Eat my fat American cock Reply Report

SanDiegoFullOWhores   0 points683 days ago

Looks like a whore from Convoy Street in San Diego - A lot of hostesses but her and her condition... Reply Report

ajjax   0 points332 days ago

These guys are fucking stupid. A few more drinks and they could have had her bent over the toilet in the bathroom and took turns filling her pussy and ass full of cum. Instead they make playground jokes. TOOLS! Reply Report

FUCK DONALD TRAMP   0 points174 days ago

when trump became the president of the USA every fucken white male think if the president can act like this is OK for us to behave the same I fear for women, blacks, arabs, hispanic and minorities in general living in the USA the longer DONALD TRUMP is in power the more of this you are going to see Reply Report

danstoncul   0 points319 days ago

american son of a bitch, want korean thug catch you fucking american Reply Report

Westside   0 points302 days ago

Ayy and fuck ur shitt holes u punk azz bitch u iz always USA TIL I DIE Reply Report

Westside   0 points302 days ago

P.s stupid ppl n0t all white guys got little dicks am liveing prove stupidity at iz best with sum of u dumb azz ppl SMDH an if u don't like THE GREAT USA THEN FUCK U WITH SICK DICK U BITCH U Reply Report

Guyzzxxxx   0 points166 days ago

Fags Reply Report

lol -1 points2045 days ago

@allufags Reply Report

chris -1 points2045 days ago

And yeah... I have to admit it... I'm gonna cry! Im' extremely sad that my country, USA, was offended by a heartless piece of crap that calls himself "toad". Right now, I stopped sucking the dick of my Republican boyfriend when I saw that my comment received negative votes. I CAN'T DEAL WITH NEGATIVE VOTES! I'M GONNA CRY! :'(

How you can offend my country?! HOW?!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

DON'T. DO. THAT !!!!!!!!!

I'm gay and Republican and I don't give a fuck!

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wolfmankayl -1 points2015 days ago

This is NOT what all Americans are like, these are the scum of the earth. All people from all countries have my all American invitation to come and kick the shit out of those monkeyfarts.

She was a cute and polite girl, even though I like being rough, I do it in a nice way that is enjoyed by all. I would have treated her kindly. Guys like that get around polite people and they just abuse the kindness. Some people just cant be given anything, they need to be hobbled and caged like dogs. As a PURE AMERICAN I say FUCK THOSE GUYS!
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Gosh... -1 points2004 days ago

I don't know who is more stupid; the idiots who think Americans would do this on camera? Or the idiots who didn't know this was fake? Like, the outrage in Korea was against the woman for agreeing to it and laughing about it afterwards. She knew what she was doing. You too can figure this out in a mere couple seconds. Reply Report

anne -1 points1958 days ago

typical fellow american white males. they do this because its ok for them to do this to their moms sisters and any white woman. so its carried on to other people. im around guys like this unfortunately. school work neighborhood public outings etc. we pretend like were better than everyone else. not true. we hide it better. pretend like we do nothing wrong. Reply Report

Joe -1 points1828 days ago

They are British or Canadian you dumb fuck! Reply Report

John123333 -1 points929 days ago

americans should try that in germany we will take them to auschwitz and open it for them Reply Report

Lol -2 points1521 days ago

I saw a video of a Russian men raping 2 girls. Must mean every Russian including their women are a bunch of cunts. That's the logic of you people who are agreeing with Toad's comment. Every country has a bad reputation in one way, or the other. Last I checked people were still trying to go over to America from many different countries because it's still a great place to live. The people there are spoiled, and that's a fact. Sure. You know why they are spoiled? Because they don't live in a shit box of a country like most people have to, and you know what? Good for them. Most of them aren't like these guy's, and really don't deserve the fingers being pointed at them the same way you don't deserve being judged based on something someone else of your nationality may have done. Is this the new version of racism? Nationalism? You going to start hiding your wife, and kids when you see an American walking down the street? Seriously. The human race is laughably ignorant of it's own hypocrisy. Absolutely no progress will be made in the world at this rate. Especially considering you people came to a porn site, and clicked this video fully well knowing it's contents, and then watched it meaning you wanted to see this happen so you can what? Complain about a nationality you either loathe for a legit reason, or are jealous of? Either way I think you need a hobby other than jacking it to porn. Perhaps take the time to make the world a better place instead of being a bigger douchebag than the guys in this video. Most of the world works on the principle of "An eye for an eye", and a lot of you don't seem to understand this but that has a domino effect. You, or someone you love could be effected by it, and you wouldn't even know it. You could piss off the wrong person, and the next day your life just changed for the worse because of it. We live in a very small world when it exists in this digital shell. If you knew someone at your job was on the edge, dangerous, and stressed out you certainly wouldn't poke that bear would you? Especially if someone you cared for was around that person more than you were... And yet online people trip over themselves just to try to offend others intentionally because they think the chances of the person they are offending can't possibly come back to bite them in the ass. I don't wish anything negative on anyone but I seriously hope karma plays it's role right, and teaches those people a lesson. Most of all this whole "This nationality is ___" need's to stop. That kind of train of thought is the same as the pricks in this video who are looking down on this girl, and you know what? It's wrong for them to do it, and just a bit of common sense here but it means it's wrong for anyone to do it. So maybe the world can be a bit less douchy? It kind of need's to start somewhere right? Reply Report

Dan -5 points2045 days ago

It's fake guys Reply Report

teeth -5 points2044 days ago

she does have disgusting teeth Reply Report

Jesus -7 points2045 days ago

It's ok. God loves us all. Xx Reply Report
kill white boys..

kill white boys.. -7 points2026 days ago

come to korea..and get shot up bitch....actually...get kicked in your mouth till it comes out of the ass. Reply Report

logical -8 points2044 days ago

you guys do here the slight accent right? maybe one or 2 of these dudes are american but there were also british or south africans there. slight accents. think about what you say before posting Reply Report
non member

non member -10 points2025 days ago

I dont get all these comments. .. end of the day shes a woman and even more a dirty yellow slope... their is no other purpose then for them to be treated this way.. slopes are bread and sold mail order style for this purpose ...I own 3 and use one just to clean my ass so I dont waste money on toilet paper rape this gook up so fast and lock her back in a closet with the rest of mine until I need some fried rice... anyone who doesnt own their woman and treat her like this pig cum dumpster she was put on this earth for is a fucking foolish little child and should stick to wanking off into a wad of toilet paper hahah I pity u all Reply Report

Frankw265 -1 points1605 days ago

someone seems to have their own issues...poor projecting fool....were you touched as a child? Reply Report

KingT   0 points1812 days ago

Little boy with mental health issues? Reply Report

American -23 points2045 days ago

This guy isn't American he's Canadian he doesn't even sound American Reply Report
Paddy O'Spud

Paddy O'Spud -24 points2045 days ago

Guy abusing the crap out of her is definitely Irish. Reply Report

anon -27 points2046 days ago

they obviously dont have american accents. kinda ignorance piled on ignorance really. Reply Report
We're not all assholes.

We're not all assholes. -27 points2045 days ago

I hate the fact that we spend more on military spending then important things like education and healthcare, and that we welcome our young adults into society with a crazy amount of student debt... But really, there are some nice people here- they just don't make it into the news as often as the assholes. Reply Report

johnny -37 points2044 days ago


ghost -47 points2044 days ago

This video has been verified as fake by the Korean Herald. Toad is an imbecilic troll. Reply Report

omg -50 points2046 days ago

i love how it says american and they are clearly not american xD yall are the stupid ones for just believeing what some stupid person says in the desc. Reply Report
united states of assholes

united states of assholes -57 points2046 days ago

Useless white bastards Reply Report

XXXXX -62 points2046 days ago

Fucking gaping ass homos.... Reply Report
Fuck you all

Fuck you all -95 points2045 days ago

if you listen to the accent of the guy pushing her around he isnt american for all you dumb fucks out there Reply Report
you are all dumb they are not american!

you are all dumb they are not american! -96 points2046 days ago

uhhh did any of you fucking idiots hear their accent they are clearly NOT american you dumb fucks. Reply Report
couldn't have said it better

couldn't have said it better -112 points2045 days ago

"You guys discriminating against people based on where they live and not their character makes you look just as ignorant and rude. If one guys idiotic sexism contributes to an entire country then this whole world is full of ass holes. This is obviously not the case. People saying "FUCK AMERICA" you are just as big as an issue as these idiots on film. Stop being so narrow minded and hateful. This world is hard enough. Try being a good person damnit." Reply Report
They are not American...

They are not American... -112 points2045 days ago

To bad everyone wants to make out like America is full of people that are stupid. At least Learn what an American sound like... and if the rest of the world hates us so much why do they keep moving here and copying everything we do. If you have a problem with us come do something about it... ohhh that's right you can't. Reply Report

chris -157 points2045 days ago

I like how my past comment has -140 for saying something logical and also polite. Then a person saying USA= bunch of cunts gets +331 This really bothers me. I live in a world were people are sexist, biased, and illogical hateful people. People out there seriously hate America based on what they see on the news. I see some crappy shit about several countries, but I would never judge an entire population based on the terrible extreme things the news puts out there. Of course the news is going to put things that draw attention. Our news does the same thing. I am not America... I am one person. I was born and everything else is situational. We are all who we are because of everyone around us. We will never have peace in this world if we keep fighting fire with fire. Reply Report

chris -243 points2046 days ago

You guys discriminating against people based on where they live and not their character makes you look just as ignorant and rude. If one guys idiotic sexism contributes to an entire country then this whole world is full of ass holes. This is obviously not the case. People saying "FUCK AMERICA" you are just as big as an issue as these idiots on film. Stop being so narrow minded and hateful. This world is hard enough. Try being a good person damnit. Reply Report

Satan -319 points2044 days ago

this dumbufck got 553 +? tha fuck is wrong with you all u fuckin racists Reply Report
Any excuse right?

Any excuse right? -608 points2039 days ago

People have a dislike for all American's based off what they think ALL American's are like. That's never going to change just like how Americans think all French are cowards who's war cry is "We surrender!", and that Italy are a bunch of fat spaghetti eating mobster wannabe's. Or how England think that Australia is a bunch of degenerate punks who should be locked up, and tortured. Long story short. Every country has a large group of people who for some reason think badly of an entire country just because of what they saw, heard, or experienced that can be connected to nationality. Here's the crazy truth about that though. It's not nationality that causes a person to be bad. It's how they were raised that fucks them up like that. With that said. I live in the USA. Do I believe my country has a lot of assholes like the guys in this video? Probably. What country doesn't? Anyone live in a perfect world separated by the sea? Nope. If a handful of assholes means that persons entire country are a bunch of cunts then guess what that means!

Planet Earth = Bunch of cunts
Reply Report