Drunk Girl Begging Black Guy To Stop

Drunk girl begs black guy to stop fucking her as his big cock hurts too much. He acts like he didn't hear her and fucks her harder and harder till he cums.

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Who +236 points1921 days ago

Whoa whoa whoa whoa


He's my favorite Doctor and now I have no idea how I can watch him the same way ever ever again now
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bitza +1 points245 days ago

Shame it wasn't Sarah-Jane
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Lmfao -2 points705 days ago

Its so true I had to start back up again Reply Report

Skratch +13 points1043 days ago

SERIOUSLY! I about died when I saw that. I can't believe this turned into a Racial issue, when clearly the issue is the creepy doctor... Reply Report

stuff   0 points1737 days ago

I think David Tennant was the best one but I never seen any of the early ones Reply Report
The stroker

The stroker +13 points1818 days ago

Dude. This is the BEST comment. Loved the ending sound bite too.
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siddy +29 points1841 days ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.. In the middle of getting my jolly on and the 4th Doctor suddenly grins at me. What a mood spoiler!

(he is also my favourite Doctor - you have good taste, sir)
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hannahhard +210 points821 days ago

I wish I could find a guy who could fuck me this brutally! No safe words Reply Report

laidbkguywitabbc +1 points396 days ago

I will shawty Reply Report

nata87   0 points616 days ago

Who is the girl ? Reply Report
Dick Stryker

Dick Stryker   0 points676 days ago

I have 13 inches of prime white man meat for your little pussy bitch. I will blow out the O-ring in your asshole as-well. Reply Report

Manny619 +9 points76 days ago

@Dick Stryker

Mate it looks like you made a mistake and put a 3 after the 1.
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Jo C

Jo C +4 points692 days ago

I can do this for you. Reply Report

IamMakeTakeIt -10 points757 days ago

Shit I can make your body shake and you cum fucking you deep none stop Reply Report

Pennmontana +1 points798 days ago

I'll make u pass out Reply Report
I will fuck baby

I will fuck baby -2 points805 days ago

Hit me up Reply Report
@Canadian Racist

@Canadian Racist +132 points1922 days ago

are you kidding me
you guys are all like "Oh wow i would fuck her so hard" when they have a fucked up meat curtain for a pussy, but if a black guy made it like that, its all of a sudden not right!?
What the fuck is wrong with you!?
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Thefinalsolution +7 points1057 days ago

Stop crying, in every situation there are people saying don't do it. White or black you think it makes a difference? You have the most upvoted comment which means clearly people don't think it's bad just cause he's black, you think every person that upvoted you was black? Get real and stop feeling bad for yourself. Reply Report
The stroker

The stroker +84 points1818 days ago

I think we need to draw attention to the fact this dude pounding a sweet little white pussy & her comments to stop has made us all squeeze millions of potential children upon the hand towel or napkin. If this black gentleman has done anything wrong at all it's only accomplice to murder.. poor poor potential kids of mine...

The white dude.
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Melissa +54 points1887 days ago

I once was fucked by a black dude that was huge, vaginal and anal. You never tell him to hurry cause that makes them slow down and do it more. It hurt like hell and I couldn't walk for days. He got off by me begging him to stop :/ Reply Report
nasty gurl

nasty gurl +1 points728 days ago

Next time play with your clip while having sex. It makes it hurt way less. With any big dick. Reply Report

Jessica -2 points1089 days ago

I luv how it hurts I can't stop tucking big black docks Reply Report
I'm weak

I'm weak +6 points1759 days ago

This is the fun jest shit I've heard all day Reply Report

thewHitehistorian +50 points1582 days ago

I believe the saying actually goes " once you go black, you're gunna be a single mom" Reply Report
Hey there

Hey there   0 points808 days ago

Nice ksi referance bro Reply Report

trips +47 points1789 days ago

he should of stuck it up her ass really making her screem Reply Report

lilwhiteho +46 points1705 days ago

surely many people are glad that he didnt stop! Reply Report

lol +41 points1921 days ago

She's a champ for not making him stop. But it's funny, girls say they want a big one but when they actually get it it hurts too much to enjoy. Reply Report
Star Wars Geek

Star Wars Geek +40 points1448 days ago

Darth Vader was the first black guy to ever admit he was the father. Reply Report
Bigger geek

Bigger geek -1 points120 days ago

@Star Wars Geek except he was white... Reply Report

anne +38 points1830 days ago

typical american white whore. Reply Report

dad +19 points1739 days ago

shes a good girl and doing what shes made for Reply Report

Cheese +29 points1872 days ago

Actually... White people bought dieseses here to America, killing native Americans Reply Report
Deus Ex Manus

Deus Ex Manus +1 points64 days ago

@Cheese And the natives wiped out the vikings whom were there before them, hooray for the march of history?

I'm sure 50 years from now some SJW AI will be like "I can't believe we wiped out the humans and put the rest in zoos! it's wrong!"

Deal with it deal with it, hashtag deal with it.
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lilwhiteho +28 points1878 days ago

First it cannot be rape due to the man being black. Second he should cum inside her. Imagine she wouldt remmber and being surprised nine months later when baby cums out black Reply Report

B2Kbreeze +25 points1922 days ago

Why is every description about the video on this site always wrong. Reply Report
Not mad just disappointed

Not mad just disappointed +16 points1208 days ago

Came right as that dude's face showed up.... Creepiest vinegar strokes of my life. Reply Report

AnimeIsBetterThanPorn +12 points1601 days ago

Stop with the racist comments, there is no such thing as race, race is just a human term to segregate people in the past, there is only one race; the human race Reply Report
we all human

we all human -1 points785 days ago

yes to this one race but many differnent people beacause we used to be tribel now is merging of tribes in modern age :) Reply Report
You\'re retarded

You\'re retarded -4 points826 days ago

That's the stupidest leftist statement I have ever heard. "There is no such thing as race" wtf, how hard were you dropped on your head?
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An_educated_person   0 points363 days ago

@You\'re retarded it's not left wing at all it's not believing in an English scientist that made a book for England to rationalize mass murder and I'm a republican and I believe that we are all the same bc there aren't different genomes just dna difference meaning we all came from the same origin and white people are from a DNA change due to what ever happened, go fucking read a book Reply Report

BigDaddy -6 points1589 days ago

I wouldnt fuck her now... black people carry too many diseases... Reply Report

Hypocrisyatitsfinest +9 points1358 days ago

Like the whites did when they came to the Americas right? Reply Report
Stop the racist shit

Stop the racist shit +11 points1572 days ago

All of you racist assholes on her can either get off or shut the fuck up... Nobody comes on here to here stupid debates about race bc we come on here to watch porn and comment on it not to discriminate African Americans!
I'm an African american and I have no problem with white people untill they get on my bad side that's when I become a bitch so STFU!!!
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Lady muck

Lady muck -1 points536 days ago

Here here...sick of the racism Reply Report

ninjs +2 points1568 days ago

Want to fuck my drunk wife Reply Report

:p +10 points1921 days ago

she's gonna have a hard time sitting Reply Report

littlejenni +9 points1708 days ago

Stop moaning you stupid bitch and enjoy that delicious bbc!! Reply Report

nate +9 points1702 days ago

white girls everywhere Reply Report

Cider +8 points1921 days ago

Thanks a lot for the text underneath to allow us to understand what the girl is saying while being fucked. It would be so nice and usefull to have this on any video when it's in a foreing language.
How can a girl prevent a man from getting on fucking harder as long as he doesn't cum ? Once you start hard you can't stop... till you cum, but I feel a bit sorry for the girls as fucking should be a pleasure for her too... At least he cums out of her pussy to prevent her to get possibly pregnant... You never know as she doesn't say anything about that but only complains about hurting.
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AussieBoy +8 points1889 days ago

scripted reality porn, the latest craze, dodgy cameras, bad acting, etc. if it really hurt while thrusting like that she'd be jolting her body away not holding her legs away, spinning on his cock to her belly and she'd be in a lot more pain when he goes to harder thrusting, so what if she fucked a black dude?...who cares, the is becoming the hot spot for racist who are to scared to say shit in public, stay behind your keyboard and keep fighting a centuries old fight thats over, i'll fuck a girl of any race..oh by the way if you can't tell his dick has an extension implant, that makes you posters even more retarded, just saying. Reply Report

shanghaicumwh0re +8 points1265 days ago

shes gonna be so sore tomorrow, want to try this so bad Reply Report

Gaper -1 points1051 days ago

Lets link up. Ill gape the shit out of your cracker asz Reply Report

Bigrapecock -3 points1121 days ago

Where you live we can try it ;) Reply Report
funny guy

funny guy +7 points1921 days ago

Hope this sluts daddy sees this LOL Wake up call Reply Report

really +7 points1922 days ago

i like how every racist only shows up on the internet Reply Report

cooksad +7 points1568 days ago

All the stupid racist shit aside behold @1:35 (The Doctor/ The Legend) Tom Baker. :) Reply Report

FFF +7 points1255 days ago

Hitler was right. There's too many niggers in this world. Reply Report
mad jock

mad jock +6 points1921 days ago

Rapes fuckin Rape no matter the colour Reply Report

poorinreitn +5 points1921 days ago

Sluts fuck everyone except people who hate sluts. Get it into your heads, little people. And black people who "make fun" of small dicks... IF (*IF*) you have big dicks, I hope it's big enough to pay for all the alimony, dawg. Cuz smart you ain't. dig? Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +5 points1921 days ago

Is this girl is slut or whore? A whore fucks everyone--a slut fucks everyone but you. Reply Report
no slut fuks everyone

no slut fuks everyone +4 points1394 days ago

whore fuks everyone but gets paid or compensated Reply Report

lol +5 points1520 days ago

So many trolls tho. Reply Report

ThugLife +5 points1051 days ago

Soz i told him, "Look here Nigger, if anybodys gonna fuck my sister its gonna be ME"! Reply Report

Non-Member +4 points1921 days ago

she is the queen of sluts and he is the king of fuckers. perfect couple. Reply Report
These comments crack me up

These comments crack me up +1 points918 days ago

That was pretty funny lol Reply Report

shocbomb +4 points1017 days ago

I love this video its a 9/10.it would of been a 10/10 if he blew his load in her Reply Report
Useless Comment Comment

Useless Comment Comment +4 points1912 days ago

Did that black guy have a outie belly-button? Reply Report

heavy +3 points1922 days ago

i dont know why i remember last weekend :) Reply Report

Rafe +3 points1666 days ago

It's something wrong with you racist dummies, grow up or shut up Reply Report
Hmm. . .

Hmm. . . +3 points1214 days ago

Im so curious to know why people are talking all this racists bullshit behind a computer. Just enjoy rhe damn video, why bring racism to a damn porn site!? Reply Report

GET OVER IT +3 points1366 days ago

Guys and girls obviously our likings aren't going to change any time soon by some stranger on the other end bad mouthing you to change your ways. Lets just BUST in peace, we all got that in common. And stop living the past becuase you are going to miss the future Reply Report

;/ +3 points992 days ago

this must be the Bill Cosby sextape... Reply Report
bet daddy\'s proud of you!

bet daddy\'s proud of you! +3 points769 days ago

Stupid white slut, hope you enjoyed the NIGGER and hope the future brings you more joy with more NIGGERS you useless niggerlovin white slut Reply Report
toads sister

toads sister +2 points1921 days ago

beautiful black cock lucky slut I want one Reply Report

dad   0 points1739 days ago

100% agree all white girl should let any bbc fuck them Reply Report
No tits

No tits +2 points1743 days ago

No view of the tits! WTF!!! Tease. Reply Report

df   0 points1741 days ago

big tease !!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply Report
Puerto de la puta

Puerto de la puta +2 points1073 days ago

This is rape, she is asking multiple times him to stop yet this primitive brute keeps fucking her disregarding her rights. I really don't know how people havent woken up to this shit. These nignogs raping 5 times more then white men. We need someone like hitler to stop these primitive animals ruining our society. Reply Report

Imbecile +2 points1051 days ago

Are you really that fucking stupid asshole? This is a scripted porno scene Reply Report

HateNiggas +2 points818 days ago

Fckn Nigga Bitch. Get AIDS Whore!!! Reply Report

Dicksout4lesliejones +2 points764 days ago

Harambe be proud Reply Report

max +1 points1921 days ago

mwhua it's okay Reply Report

pytakuras +1 points1917 days ago

Reply Report

N1gakillr +1 points579 days ago

Mudshark is a mudshark! Reply Report

blackcockgobbler +1 points1759 days ago

i wish a big black man would pound me like that :) Reply Report

Mightysex6969 -3 points1712 days ago

Call me i will fukk u so hard n deep! Reply Report
Fred Stevenson

Fred Stevenson +1 points1211 days ago

when she she stop keep going ever hard feel the pain never stop Reply Report

Nonymous +1 points997 days ago


adf +1 points919 days ago

Came laughing my fucking ass off at 1:34 Reply Report
Nigger killer brown lives matter

Nigger killer brown lives matter +1 points734 days ago

Fuckn nigger rapist I would shove a bat up his nigger faggot ass Reply Report

dad   0 points1922 days ago

what is my lil amely doin there?!?!?!?! OMG Reply Report

dad -3 points1739 days ago

i hope your proud of her i know if she was my daughter i would be i cant wait till mines old enough and takes her first bbc like a little slutt she should be if were lucky we will see mine on here 1 day Reply Report

jannybh +2 points1722 days ago

old enough when ngga wants her Reply Report

:/   0 points1922 days ago

Eww this bitch looks like et what the fuck Is wrong with him Reply Report
long dick champ

long dick champ   0 points1921 days ago

That's how we do Reply Report

AnimeIsBetterThanPorn   0 points1601 days ago

This world is corrupt Lets leave this darker side of the world and go to the brighter end Reply Report

someone   0 points1348 days ago

Its too bad that you can't find the original full version of this video where he asks her if she wants him to stop and if so he'll go to see "insert female name here" he said it differently but it was like 3-4 years ago can't remember Reply Report
stupid fuck ups.

stupid fuck ups.   0 points1254 days ago

-_- wow first off why call us niggers and comment on this video why even watch the video in the first place if you hate African Americans so much just a curious thought to all y'all "crackers" "hicks" "hillbilly's" and wannabes Reply Report
Dont be ignant

Dont be ignant   0 points1198 days ago

Well generally, a decent person would stop if the girl is being hurt to the point where shes biting a damn sheet..this guy didnt..so hes a dick cause hes a dick..not cause hes black. Reply Report
Dont be ignant

Dont be ignant -3 points1198 days ago

@that one canadian racist dude Reply Report

adynho   0 points1087 days ago

i like this video :) this is what pussy deserve get fuk.ed Reply Report

invasion2012   0 points993 days ago

Bitch immediately caught 5 STD's and is now HIV positive.. You lie with niggers and catch shit. Reply Report

NIGRH8R   0 points973 days ago


jww312   0 points915 days ago

Why is it that every time white people see a black face, the topic of race comes up? Also, why couldn't the title of this clip be, Drunk Girl Begging Guy to Stop? WTF? Reply Report

feelthebern   0 points906 days ago

reparations Reply Report

jaxx   0 points866 days ago

Destroy her tiny white pussy.mmmmm Reply Report
bbc slut

bbc slut   0 points861 days ago

fuck I would beg him not to stop Reply Report

loads   0 points721 days ago

I heard 9mos later, she gave birth to a monkey. Reply Report

xoxdaddysgirlxox   0 points504 days ago

Omfg where do i find a guy like that? Reply Report
Asian man 14/88

Asian man 14/88   0 points509 days ago

Niggers need to die. Coalburning whores need to be punished. Only I deserve to rape white women. Reply Report

Ori   0 points424 days ago

Someone drug me and do this to me Reply Report
Who, from whoville

Who, from whoville   0 points389 days ago

Come on you guys that was hilarious, and the funniest part is I was about to read the comments when the fun started. You know who ever posted this shit thought it would hilarious to do that and honestly I was almost getting off when that happened and I just started to laugh my ass off. Reply Report
Dr. Cool

Dr. Cool   0 points308 days ago

Don't think she was acting, pussy wasn't wet and never got wet... Reply Report

Unluckydude   0 points297 days ago

Maaaaaaan I came as soon as the creepy dude popped up, worst timing ever lmfao Reply Report

Thongbonercocklover   0 points295 days ago

I think he should have a turn on the resiving end of a hug cock that some dude that won't stop until he blows his load. I would bet my own asshole that inconsiderate waist of a cock would cry and scream harder than she did. Reply Report

Mj8373829   0 points255 days ago

Fucking nigger needs to get beat Reply Report
deez nutz

deez nutz   0 points168 days ago

or you need to get beat bitch
Reply Report
Kik: Versace19g

Kik: Versace19g   0 points252 days ago

I’m a total bottom male. Would love for a cock like thatcto take me, would even set it up with my sister, she likes to drink often too...kικ: Versace19g Reply Report

Thongbonercocklover   0 points245 days ago

I want to take a monster nigger cock in the ass. Big dicks make my dick hard,
And I really want to know if a black guys dick tastes different than white cock.
Reply Report

Leira   0 points224 days ago

Been there honey you'll be alright Reply Report

Richar   0 points203 days ago

Where can I see the whole film?
Reply Report

pelle   0 points170 days ago

read something about this girl few years back she lived in a town where the hate against black was high and she wanted just to upset the whiteguys that where into her Reply Report
deez nutz

deez nutz   0 points168 days ago

she was taking it tho Reply Report

Iiii   0 points116 days ago

Dirty black cunt Reply Report

Yeet   0 points98 days ago

Right as a came stupis ass Tom baker greeted me with a smile Reply Report

TyGubdf   0 points55 days ago

U Reply Report

Lexxie   0 points2 days ago

really want someone to fuck me im in florida just want to be raped 9543714632 need master Reply Report
Dear Baby dicks(;

Dear Baby dicks(; -1 points1921 days ago

Dear baby dicks as the saying goes once you go black you never go back as it being once you've had the taste of heaven baby dicks are no long satisfiable nor interesting as every girl should go black and stay there for the good of evolving the fuck out of you baby dicks thus eradicating you from the earth and in turn we fill our "meat wallets" with dicks that actually fit(:
Reply Report
@ Wtf did I just read

@ Wtf did I just read -1 points1919 days ago

Your kidding me right? White men TOOK the africans to america, against their will
Reply Report
Non member

Non member -1 points1522 days ago

All of the racist in here don't even know what a nigger is, look it up
Reply Report

Whovian -1 points1079 days ago

I did not see Doctor who anywhere in this video Reply Report

racewar -1 points1043 days ago

Fuck niggers white will rise again!!! Reply Report

sehnsucht -1 points1306 days ago

now thats dry :/ Reply Report
All of video

All of video -1 points1114 days ago

Where can we see the whole of this film? Reply Report

Pusey -1 points584 days ago

Fuck Reply Report

Nolongerablackdickvirgin -1 points718 days ago

This may be one of my favorite porn videos. I fucked a black guy for the first time in my life (and seriously, I'm a 29yr old black chick) and it was huge, and just tonight I'm all on this black dick fix hahaha. Reply Report
I fucked a toaster then came in a bagel

I fucked a toaster then came in a bagel -1 points973 days ago

Racist whites..... Why must you have the feel of hate for Umbra people.
I know it may be your Heritage and all but, that was years ago. The war is over, but i see the abhorrence has still lived on.......Your whites came to america, Indians were there first and you know they didn't enslave your people and called them "crackers". They shared everything with your people.... but whites can't even do the same in return....
Reply Report

Daaaaaam. -1 points826 days ago

If I was her I would be screaming and crying from painful pleasure, trying to crawl away. Idk how she can just lay there. Tooooo big. Reply Report
lol >.>

lol >.> -1 points864 days ago

cam right as that dude with the wig appeared , rethinking life choices. Reply Report

Hdgwjwu -1 points687 days ago

I've never laughed during a wank before lol Reply Report

Nopurple -1 points570 days ago

Typical black man. Reply Report
white people r funny

white people r funny -2 points1921 days ago

White people brought disease to africa and everywhere else. Reply Report

FknHonkies -2 points1333 days ago

Crackers , honkeys , trailer park trash ... I hate whites & I'm Chinese Reply Report
Buk lau

Buk lau +1 points798 days ago

Then fuck off out of here chink Reply Report
Everyone is Dumb But Me

Everyone is Dumb But Me -2 points891 days ago

You guys are all retarded, this video went viral a few years back. She is a daughter of a pastor and she basically found a black guy on craigslist to fuck her just to piss her dad off. She is crying because his dick is to big for her. Reply Report
Grand Cyclops of The Klan

Grand Cyclops of The Klan -2 points753 days ago

That's what that little race traitor gets!
Fuck a big black buck like that, you deserve all the pain you get.
And I'd castrate that nigger for laying wood on that poor white trash girl.
He shouldn't have pulled out, then she could pop out a little niglet in 9 months, go on welfare and he could brag to his hood buddies that he "gots 'nother baby mama. Dis one be a bunny, man. She axed me to stops, but I's dint lissen. Bussed a nut up dat tight little white pussy, now she knock!"
Reply Report
Exactly White

Exactly White   0 points579 days ago

Mudsharks will die 1st. Reply Report
Fuck me like this

Fuck me like this -2 points635 days ago

Add my snaaapchat- Hafro (make me wet ;););)) Reply Report

Fww -2 points320 days ago

White women are real sluts. Poor loser white men who can only watch black men enjoy white women Reply Report

Cockucumber -2 points500 days ago

I feel bad for guys that dont have big dicks... its amazing how much women talk, and how much ass one can get without even trying Reply Report

Woow -3 points1920 days ago

Wooow, no wonder black people have so many kids. Doest reallty matter how loose your pussy is if the daddy has a cock that big! Whoooosh. Reply Report

3Pak -3 points1797 days ago

Awe, so much penis envy from all you samll dicked white boys. Reply Report
Nigglet supporter

Nigglet supporter   0 points813 days ago

Poor niggles got angry Reply Report
Laura @ i love big black cocks

Laura @ i love big black cocks -3 points1579 days ago

I love black men there so much better then white men they hve better bodies and bigger dicks white guys fucking suck i use to date white guys until I had my 1st black cock 6 yrs ago never dated a lame pink tiny pecker again I'll take a black over a white dude any day !!!!!!!! Now all you racist suck on that !!!!!! Go black & you'll never turn back Reply Report
all lauras are fat sluts

all lauras are fat sluts +9 points1394 days ago

once u go black we dont want you back Reply Report

Tashika +1 points1544 days ago

I’m a Black Women and I love white dick.
Every single white dick I had made me BUST!
No black man ever made me or my white girl friend's scream like the white guy’s dick’s did.
You must have had a chinese guy who you Thought was white.
Take that Racist Fucks!
Reply Report

Bullshitt +1 points856 days ago

that name is fake as fuck
Reply Report
Black dick

Black dick -2 points1579 days ago

I gotta black dick dtf??? Reply Report

matt -3 points1405 days ago

she didn't enjoy that stick to the fat girls guys with big dicks lmao or atleast pass around the same sluts ... and with the black thing .. I wouldn't want to imagine any male fucking my gf lol I know all you males are dirty rats :) but yea the thought of a gob shite black man thinking hes gangsta I woundnt ever date a girl stupid enough to date someone like that Reply Report

JoshSwinger -3 points926 days ago

I love getting my girl this drunk, and letting all men have her for the night, then eating and fucking her cum box Reply Report

AL -4 points1850 days ago

COAL BURNER. Reply Report

Zenit_boy +6 points1429 days ago

I get confused, is that a derogatory term ? Because coal burners are useful, coal burners are warm, they help bring life into an otherwise barren place and can be highly romanticized when used in a log cabin or steam boat. I get confused why the term Coal Burner should be used in the way it seems to be. Coal Burning to me is a symbol of an uncontrollable need for passion, is that what you mean by the term or is it still a derogatory one? Reply Report

bbc -4 points1442 days ago

fuck more bitches like that Reply Report
Blank bitch

Blank bitch -4 points1186 days ago

All your comments are more interesting than this video. Definitely not rape. Waste of my time, enjoyed all your amazing comments. Faith in humanity restored blah Ha Ha .... Demonstrably. Ha what u gonna do? Keep commenting please...or. STFU watch the clip or move on. Reply Report
Master blaster

Master blaster -5 points901 days ago

I don't see nothing wrong with a white girl wanting to get a monster cock rammed up her ass. But if you get pregnant, don't bring your black baby back to a white man. You made a choice, stick with it. My brother has a white wife with a black baby. I can him the family cuckold. We live in the south too. I don't blame her but she should of stayed with black or put the baby up for adoption. You can't have it both ways. I won't let them fide in my car or come to my house. Reply Report

2lolo -6 points1586 days ago

When White woman stop Burning Coal?? Fucking Niggers just using whites.
Reply Report
Wtf did I just read

Wtf did I just read -7 points1919 days ago

How did white people bring disease to Africa you came to our land you slave Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +4 points1728 days ago

Blacks came to your land??? I can tell your stupid ass didn't go to school. Reply Report

me +18 points1805 days ago

Learn to history fuckmouth...they were SOLD to the white people by the AFRICANS who had already enslaved them Reply Report

Wow   0 points1108 days ago

Mind blown Reply Report

henyford4life -7 points1693 days ago

Some of you may have big dicks but that wont help you any at age 22 when your dead because you lived a thug life or at age 18 when your in prison and your cell mate nigger brotha is screwing YOU. Reply Report

Twinky -8 points1747 days ago

niggers are kind of animal Reply Report
dumb nigger

dumb nigger -8 points1513 days ago

dumb nigger Reply Report
wtf you expect?

wtf you expect? -9 points1738 days ago

nigger would fuck any hole like some raging ape Reply Report
love BBC, f*ck white boys

love BBC, f*ck white boys +4 points1581 days ago

actually most black guys are way more gentle in bed than white guys, and actually care about if their girl cums or wants them to stop doing something... this is porn, it's fake. Reply Report
shut the fuck up

shut the fuck up -9 points1696 days ago

All y'all little white racists need to get out of here with your little small ricks Reply Report

mike -8 points1632 days ago

you need to shut up nig Reply Report
White boy

White boy -10 points1921 days ago

I never touch a girl that a dirty fucking nigger has fucked. That shit is repulsive Reply Report
All Niggers Must Die!!

All Niggers Must Die!! -4 points1113 days ago

Exactly. I always ask the girl that I'm interested in if she's ever been with a black dude (nigger) and if she says yes. I'm out. That's NASTY. ALL niggers are nasty. Reply Report

sweg -13 points1736 days ago

ugly ass nigger probly had crack and had her hooked send this beast back to africa their diseases country Reply Report

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why no one has repoted this

why no one has repoted this -14 points1449 days ago

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sane person

sane person -16 points1921 days ago

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Canadian Racist

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NIggers are a disease -22 points1682 days ago

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Canadian Racist

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You're a dumb fuck   0 points1693 days ago

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Lol -3 points1610 days ago

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Canadian Racist

Canadian Racist +2 points1357 days ago

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