Teen Girl Raped In Forest

Young girl forced to fuck outdoor.

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Melissa +35 points2053 days ago

@crazyfucker Never return to a crime scene. Moron. Reply Report
Big Cock Flasher

Big Cock Flasher -2 points1165 days ago

Hey, bad girl. You're such a bad girl for coming to this video. I like bad girls. Let me shove my big fat cock in you in public. Reply Report

evabroughtanaxthistime +5 points1771 days ago

No- she was actually really crying - from boredom - is that guy wearing an invisible back-brace or something? Reply Report

alexandria76 +4 points2053 days ago

i wish there was more crying Reply Report

Cider +3 points2052 days ago

Fucking fake... Reply Report

killer_clownz +3 points1272 days ago

What movie is that from ? Reply Report
brownie shytles

brownie shytles +2 points1262 days ago

looks like a young liz hurley Reply Report
mad jock

mad jock +1 points2052 days ago

cry even though your fuckin enjoying it Reply Report
Cousin Raper

Cousin Raper +1 points737 days ago

I went for a walk with my sexy, hot as all hell cousin the other day in the woods and then I stripped all her clothes off while she was struggling and got naked and fucked my big hard cock right through her and unloaded a huge blast of cum all over her face and tits. I'm now gonna make her my sex slave fuckslut and rape her whenever i get the chance! Reply Report
The Reviewer

The Reviewer   0 points54 days ago

Usually most porn videos are really bad junk "Forest Rape" is a bad porn video facing terrible mistakes and issues. Why was the girl walking in the WOODS alone? Why was the rapist so cocky not bringing a knife along? Due to his arrogance he looks like a complete fool! This is how it should have gone: "Should I bring a knife or cigarette? Hmm...knife." But no that didn't happen instead he brought a freaking cigarette! Why didn't the lady have a gun? A good way for woman to stay safe in an encounter like this, to make it even is to carry a gun or even a knife of her own. No, instead we have idiotic characters making idiotic decisions. Why is there no sound? Why edit the video replaying the same scene not once but twice sometimes? It makes it annoying. Like all porn videos, "Forest Rape" fails in the same places all porn videos fail. No likable characters, idiotic characters, no sound, replying a clip, and not so great acting. Oh, what if the girl did run back to civilization? What then rapist? Everything he did would've been pointless.Also, please hear me out. God loves you. No matter what choices you make don't watch porn. Because watching porn can easily lead to dehumanizing people. This is the Reviewer! Have a nice day! Reply Report
Kama raja

Kama raja -1 points68 days ago

She finally let him fuck and stopped struggle. She suiside as she felt guilty . Reply Report
cindy duong yeung

cindy duong yeung -2 points1826 days ago

this is so fake, find better pornstars Reply Report

crazyfucker -9 points2053 days ago

Should have beat her for running and then tied her there after. Come back for her later Reply Report

qwatricjet -10 points2053 days ago

hell yeh
Reply Report
Horn ball

Horn ball -13 points1927 days ago

If this is real rape then take this down right away!!!! Reply Report

WiseOwl +4 points858 days ago

Of course it's real, the cameraman just happened to be passing by. Reply Report