Slut Eating Brownie With Cum

Dirty cum fetish slut eating cum covered chocolate cake.

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jriebe1952 +4 points799 days ago

I love to cum in and on food. It is even more fun when you invite a few girls over for dinner and they have no idea until I show them the video I made of me making the dinner. I have even put cum cubes in the drinks of women I have over. Reply Report

MsDoll   0 points12 days ago

@jriebe1952------- That's just like my husband has done for years for me and our live in mistress who usually makes the rules. It started out with his cum in our coffee until we found out. We've had most foods cum covered and shared with campers and friends. We need to trade recipes and snacks. Reply Report

Nicy +2 points2114 days ago

It's not a brownie. It's a recees cup -_- Reply Report

manymanlikeme +2 points2113 days ago

Sexy. I'm horny now. Reply Report
Some Guy

Some Guy +2 points2031 days ago

May contain nuts. Reply Report

wantonslut   0 points1664 days ago

Lol funny Reply Report

ilovelindsey +2 points1524 days ago

id like to look in her eyes as we eat that sperm cake together. once weve eaten all the cum id ad my own and we can eat too Reply Report

bagger   0 points2114 days ago

whats the name of the song? ftw , i fuggin forget it, cant find it again Reply Report

explorer   0 points1603 days ago

"All in all it's just an...other cu(m) cake in your mouth!"

(Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall")
Reply Report

cock   0 points1795 days ago

fucking do something with those huge tits Reply Report

explorer   0 points1603 days ago

All in all it's just an..-other Cum Cake in your mouth. Reply Report

Cider -1 points2114 days ago

Stupid, disturbing, superfluous, noisy, irritating and unnecessary music. Really absurd. This brownie with cum is a new kitchen receipt which none of my girl-friends tasted up to know. It seems delicious with a lot of sperm like cream Reply Report

Schpreit -2 points2114 days ago

What a waste of a brownie... Reply Report