Rape Of Retarded Daughter

He drugged her father, lifts her from her wheelchair and rapes her deep in her virgin pussy.

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interneter +90 points1609 days ago

its fake you moron, learn to distinguish between the two. also learn that fantasy =/= real life, there are many fantasies darker than this. Reply Report

Richard +33 points1564 days ago

You went full Retard, You should never go Full Retard!!!! Reply Report

laoben +18 points1606 days ago

seriously why do these retards always think these fake rape vids are real honestly can you not figure out this is fake I mean who in their right mind would take a professional camera crew to film them raping anyone. Reply Report

LOL +15 points1588 days ago

Apparently some people who visit this site still don't understand what it is. You fools need to go back to PornHub. Reply Report

dammit +14 points1518 days ago

that lucky bastard, shes way hotter than the tards i fuck Reply Report

\(O.O)/ +11 points1589 days ago

You never go full retard... Reply Report

296jack +11 points905 days ago

This fantasy is so wrong, maybe that's why it's so hot. Reply Report

Sonnderkommando +9 points1589 days ago

Even if it were real, what is wrong with a loving father taking care of his daughter's every need? Reply Report

Tyco +9 points1588 days ago

"He drugged her father"
Did anyone else read the description below the video.
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jami63 +8 points1321 days ago

I don't understand why he pulls off Reply Report

Really +7 points1587 days ago

You know the word gullible is not in the Dictionary? Handicapped girl in a wheelchair? With a neat shave, thong panties and very toned legs?
Reply Report

DAD +7 points1410 days ago

The only thing he did wrong was he dent call a few friends to take turns on her Reply Report

gothcumslut +1 points262 days ago

Other thing he did wrong-he pulled out. Should've creampied that pussy Reply Report

derp +6 points1454 days ago

This was retarted Reply Report

eric +6 points1381 days ago

Old Salieri - Italian porno- 1990s... Reply Report

Scott +6 points1255 days ago

Needed more anal Reply Report

funny +5 points1586 days ago

You gotta love the comments on vids like this, better than the vid it zelf.
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Junior we

Junior we   0 points61 days ago

How to find the full video.
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XXXX +3 points1588 days ago

You twats that dont know fake from real if she was so fucked up then who trims her pussy hair.... her dad? jeeze Reply Report
oh really

oh really +3 points1589 days ago

Morons, your bus is leaving! Reply Report

Loki +3 points1588 days ago

Yes, I did read the description. The older man in the beginning is the father. How could you miss that? Or did you just skip to the good part ;) ? Reply Report

Melissa +3 points1552 days ago

The best part is that she is nice and quite and doesn't fight. I bet she loves it. Sex feels great. She is one lucky girl and he was nice for making her feel good. Reply Report

FAKE +2 points1588 days ago

Dumb fucks

Dumb fucks +2 points1588 days ago

Its a fucking fake you idiots who think its real..!!! Man.... you fuck-wits are gullible huh..?? their both fucking porn stars. Ive never seen so many dumb cunts on a thread like this unbelievable..!! Reply Report

ipooptoomuch +1 points1587 days ago

this is hot Reply Report

Hornybitch +1 points1587 days ago

This is so hot, wish he slapped her around a little more though Reply Report

Ohyeahdady!! +1 points1298 days ago

The only thing I did not like is no boobs Reply Report

John +1 points918 days ago

fucking hot, I want some Reply Report

231   0 points1258 days ago

Did u ever find any Reply Report

fakedrake   0 points802 days ago

a retarded girl is not gonna have her pussy shaven! Reply Report
Dindu Nuffin

Dindu Nuffin   0 points627 days ago

Suck, Forrest, suck! Reply Report

martyn   0 points483 days ago

holly, give me a shout have a great interest... Reply Report
jeremy hall.

jeremy hall.   0 points329 days ago

Wtf lol i still watch the whole thing Reply Report
Tom D\'Arcy

Tom D\'Arcy   0 points224 days ago

I leaked while watching and wanking to this ! FABBO !!!! Tho I wonder if it is fake ....I get a sense that it could be but I prefer to believe... ?????????????????????????????????? Reply Report

tyu   0 points25 days ago

open bob and show vagene :)) Reply Report
Love to rape

Love to rape -1 points417 days ago

i'd shoot my load inside these bitches every time... It's what they deserve. And Holly - if you want to get on with this - let's you and I get together. I'm in Mass, where are you? Reply Report
Never Forgetti

Never Forgetti -1 points474 days ago

The vid's missing a tag. Guess the dude was feeling adventurous, cause he decided to explore her retard anus before he blew his load on her pussy. Reply Report

Dingus123456789 -1 points415 days ago

People think this shits real. Tell me, when have you ever seen a retard that attractive? Reply Report

Omer -2 points1605 days ago

Love it Reply Report

Anon -2 points1583 days ago

Great trolling on here, and thanks to those who reacted. Beautiful Reply Report

Homealonechick -2 points1578 days ago

I've seen this actress in other porn she is definitely 100% not "retarded" for anyone concerned lol Reply Report

Beav -3 points1588 days ago

Just as enthusiastic as my mrs. Bitch Reply Report

Truth +3 points913 days ago

Poor Bitch is right. Man can't you take a hint already? Reply Report

werid -4 points1574 days ago

cerebral palsy."spastic Handicapped "disabled down syndrome
what are you trying to say someone born with a disabilitie should not have sex its only sick and disgusting if its incest or animal porn or child porn well the reason why some people have it is because of incest and its still wrong to rape somebody they cant say yes or no and they should not live there hole life as a virgin s people in mental hospitals have done it risk of been sacked or fired its the law they cant have sex
Reply Report

Melissa -6 points1552 days ago

Trust me she probably enjoyed it. Men are horny monsters. They can't help themselves. Just lay there and relax it'll hurt less. He's doing her a favor. Not like anyone else would fuck her. She is so lucky Reply Report
needs help

needs help -7 points1587 days ago

sick just sick in tell you this poor thing filmed with a crew of porn pros lol just havung fun biys rubbed one out . this so staged its hiklARIOUS ANO ONE CAN THINKS ITS REAL RUGHT//////.././. Reply Report

Cider -25 points1589 days ago

Delete this asap please. Destroy this vid quickly. Thank you. It's unbearable and shamefull, , really glaring and scandalous. Reply Report

Watcher -57 points1609 days ago

This has got to be the sickest porn I have ever seen. How in the fuck could a father rape a mentally handicap daughter like that? You can tell she should be in a mental hospital, receiving the care she needs. This video should be taken down. I love a good porn, but this is ridiculous. Reply Report

jannybh +2 points617 days ago

What else to do? If I were mom of vegetables, I´d start to rent them out from the beginning, best too prvrts, who beat it, sht and pss on it too. Vegetables cannot do it themselves the whole day alone. Reply Report

Truth   0 points913 days ago

Simply, stop searching and viewing then! Reply Report