Kidnapped Schoolgirl Raped In House

This gang of Asian street thugs found a nice schoolgirl to play around with, so they took her back to the hideout where everyone can have a go!

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abbeyreid +49 points519 days ago

I would absolutely love to find a group of guys willing to treat me like this! Reply Report

club +1 points361 days ago

gave me your number Reply Report

Janey +1 points325 days ago

Do you want mine? Reply Report
big dave

big dave   0 points384 days ago

I'm sure thousands of guys would love to treat you like this :) Reply Report
Biggus Dickus

Biggus Dickus +43 points1626 days ago

We all know it's staged, but enough with the pixelation already, we all know what a cunt looks like. And it's not like your trying to protect her dignity. Reply Report

zzz +14 points1520 days ago

Wow she is beautiful.N she just lost her verginity. Reply Report

K +11 points1626 days ago

It's ok to kidnap and rape a girl,but seeing a vagina or a penis is a big no no! Reply Report

FAKE +8 points1627 days ago

I always recored my crimes and take the time to edit out genitals and license plates before I plaster them all over the internet. Reply Report

Tiffany +4 points1534 days ago

how come its only asians that get raped lol maybe white girls like me have that fantasy too lol Reply Report

Dave +7 points1195 days ago

Me and a few friends could help you out but don't be too passive, struggling and begging to be let go as your nipples harden and your pussy gets wet is wonderful. . . nothing like a girl who can't help responding and tries not to cum. . . . but does. . . . frequently :))) Reply Report

xXx...kay...xXx +1 points240 days ago

Would absolutely love some one to do this to me xx Reply Report

Cider +3 points1625 days ago

Faking ... faking ... faking ...Fed up with this hypocritical digital censure. Stupid. This Japanees girl pregnant now... :-) :-) :-) Reply Report

849393 +3 points1625 days ago

Holy fuck asian girls are hot but so annoying. Reply Report

Dave +3 points1195 days ago

Spot on, why do they have to make those stupid noises ? Reply Report

Blech +3 points909 days ago

Why blur the pussy but not the asshole ? Reply Report

ANTIHUMAN +3 points844 days ago

Nothing turns me on faster than hearing a hot young Asian girl squealing and crying as she gets raped. Reply Report

Rock_my_cock +3 points834 days ago

I wish I could fuck one ;) I'd torture them and punish them soooo hard
Reply Report

Maggot +3 points657 days ago

Don't worry nobody dies virgin cuz life fuck us all Reply Report

KillYoSelfYouSickCunts +3 points396 days ago

Fuck all of the bad peoole out in the world Reply Report

E +2 points1437 days ago

The funny thing is that it's always Americans bitching about the censoring when the censoring is due to American moralistic bullshit pushing the censoring to begin with. Reply Report

psychotic +1 points793 days ago

no. thats actually a japanese law. genitalia involved in sex acts must be censored according to japanese law. america has literally nothing to do with this. it has to do with japans morals and how its "honor code" works. or some such chinky bullshit. Reply Report

Sure +1 points425 days ago

Well, it is law, but it's America's fault. We pushed it on them as a weird power trip after WWII Reply Report

spankmypussyoldman +1 points370 days ago

Any old men watching this from ct Reply Report

eww +1 points409 days ago


Reply Report

sticknballs   0 points258 days ago

Faaaaakeeee! Reply Report

tru555   0 points603 days ago

hot video. google 'sexy asian girl chased through the woods' to see a hot girl vomited on (not porn) Reply Report

notsosure   0 points490 days ago

i think this video might be real. Why else would they blur out their faces... Reply Report

enteme   0 points471 days ago

I agree with Abbeyreid.
They are so good to her. I'd have been in my 7th spray long before they fucked me.
Reply Report

cuntswithcameras   0 points80 days ago

Is there troop of monkeys who have stolen cameras as it seems all these so called porn films are filmed by chimps...Cunts more like... Reply Report

wtf -1 points1627 days ago

Japanese law forbids uncensored display of genitals. So, to comply with the law, and avoid the risk of prosecution, they've censored her pussy and their dicks. Japanese law also forbids rape, which carries a far greater sentence than obscenity. So they protect themselves from a short stretch, but leave themselves open to a very long one. Sorry guys, you're gonna have to try harder than that if you want to pass off staged shit as being for real... Reply Report

@canadaisurunderlord -1 points1627 days ago

Ineedscissors61!!! Reply Report

marialoca -3 points1476 days ago

Tf, is wrong with you all Reply Report

canadaisurunderlord -2 points1627 days ago

Heydickwadumustbeabletorelatewiththisisonlyfunvideoimnumbertwome Reply Report

Melissa -12 points1589 days ago

If a girl would just relax and not fight it would go over more smoothly. I can't stand it when a bitch screams. Be lucky someone fucked u Reply Report

tsunami8 +9 points988 days ago

I hope you don't actually expect someone to be relaxed while being raped, do you? Besides, this is rape porn. You're not suppose to be relaxed. Reply Report
Just reading comments

Just reading comments +2 points1175 days ago

Melissa I Totally agree with you Reply Report