Girl Forced To Fuck A Bottle

Assholes force girl to fuck a bottle and tell her to suck it clean afterwards. It looks like she was enjoying the bottle fucking she was enjoying, however she seemed more disgusted by the smell of her own pussy when sucking it clean.

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Obama +65 points2142 days ago

She didn't look like she was forced to do anything. Looks like a dumb whore looking for attention to me ... she must have one RANK Fucking pussy, though, she almost gagged when it was in her mouth. Maybe she should wash her junk. Reply Report

Otrump +6 points935 days ago

Not forced?? She doesn't look to happy if you ask me. Reply Report

Test +14 points750 days ago

Idiots. She is crying and saying "it hurts". Those guys are sheep-fuckers and they force her. this is real and this is a crime. Those guys are subjects to be put to jail for a long time. Reply Report
Biggus Dickus

Biggus Dickus +11 points2141 days ago

Looks like a Perrier water bottle, maybe it's one of their new commercials, "our water is so fucking good" Reply Report

bottled +10 points2162 days ago

she loved that bottle filling her pussy up. Reply Report

lpokuytr +8 points2140 days ago

she didn't gag from the smell... just simple gag reflex. she just isn't a good deepthroater...

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That proves it

That proves it +5 points2141 days ago

She is a dirty slut. Her pussy so smelly even she herself can't take the smell. Reply Report

wendywilling +5 points2128 days ago

I love this. I watch over and over. I wish it were me. Reply Report

twofaced +3 points2142 days ago

can't enjoy or look away Reply Report

kuvbjv +2 points2140 days ago

this is not the full vid. seen it before. she definitely looked forced in the full one Reply Report

Manlyman +5 points708 days ago

By all means, point us to the full video. Even if forced (what, verbally?) she's fucking that bottle and that's hot. So, full video please! Reply Report

popescu +12 points2016 days ago

where? Reply Report

dirtydaddy469 +2 points1067 days ago

I would have layed down and let her fuck my cock Reply Report
catty qwerty

catty qwerty +1 points1695 days ago

My cunt is wet Reply Report
Bottle Fucker

Bottle Fucker   0 points1026 days ago

She didn't have any issues with riding that bottle... I'd say she's one of millions of women that love masturbating with bottles or being fucked by them. I've fucked my GF with a martini Royale bottle, she loved it too :) Reply Report
I\'m your daddy bitch.

I\'m your daddy bitch.   0 points107 days ago

This is the hottest video I have ever seen. I have lost gallons of cum to it every day. Reply Report
fuck sheepfuckers!!

fuck sheepfuckers!! -1 points2142 days ago

they are not assholes! they are sheepfuckers!!! russians call them hachiki ! Reply Report

Cider -1 points2141 days ago

There was again no pissing. What a pity as she probably drank the water out of the bottle first before fucking with it. She indeed nearly vomited (gagged) but she maybe went to far with the bottle in her troat. I hate de guys shouting and giving loudly and agressive orders with bad laughter... The bottle is most probably a Perrier one or is at least very similar. There is a big difference between the taste and the smell of a vagina compared to an asshole... Which one do you think I prefer ? Reply Report

crownofworms -1 points1889 days ago

My dick next. Reply Report
Weird boner

Weird boner -1 points1535 days ago

Mahn if i see these foolz imma smack em, but for now i juzt gonna wank to it Reply Report

krulll -1 points1000 days ago


SHREK WITH A SHIT FETISH -2 points190 days ago

@krulll kkk Reply Report

niceguy66 -1 points681 days ago

I would. Suck her pussy Reply Report

niceguy66 -1 points222 days ago

I would suck her horny cunt Reply Report

kruger -2 points1898 days ago

Fuck this video Reply Report

SHREK WITH A SHIT FETISH -2 points190 days ago

she gonna give birth to a six pack... Reply Report

onemadman -2 points188 days ago

She didn't work hard enough. It needs to be harder, faster and much deeper. Reply Report

ukrainian -4 points2142 days ago

lol these guys r russian Reply Report

Ukr +4 points1525 days ago

По-моему, эти ребята с горных племен. Reply Report