Farting Girl Shits Herself

The fact that she's upside down doesn't stop her from shitting herself.

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skuz +70 points1772 days ago

Yummy Reply Report

LeslieCreeper +5 points494 days ago

Her name is Cary Kelly. Reply Report
Wet Pussy

Wet Pussy +34 points1706 days ago

Soo turned on. P.S I'm a straight girl. God I'm so wet. Reply Report
Poo Lover

Poo Lover +5 points1656 days ago

I loved that video...i would love to know that girl..imagine she farting in my face...imagine watching her pooping and peeing...especially pooping Reply Report

carly +23 points1752 days ago

Farts and wee as an entrée and warm runny shit as a main course. Oooh my stomach is rumbling for some scrumptious crap. Reply Report

jannybh +17 points1728 days ago

Hell, she is so beautiful, and doing it right. She should share the good work publicly with other grls. Reply Report

Lilwhitegirl +1 points1541 days ago

Yes, this should be shown at early afternoon TV by any stations. Reply Report

Anon +16 points1750 days ago

Why did I fap to this? Reply Report

eh +15 points1767 days ago

What a nasty girl... I am in love, will you marry me? Reply Report

Delicious +13 points1750 days ago

Definitely marriage material. Reply Report

cliveltc +13 points1740 days ago

great video , love to hear the sound of farting Reply Report

SexyBethanie<3 +12 points1751 days ago

Id put my mouth on her ass hole as she she shit it out and shit in her mouth as I ate her shit....mm my pussy is so fucking wet I would sleep with shit on my face and put it on my sandwich ;) Reply Report

Darkstar +3 points1453 days ago

omg that sounds so fucking hot! Reply Report

alexandria76 +11 points1746 days ago

my volcano of love nectar Reply Report

Cider +10 points1752 days ago

At least she pissed ! Wonderful ! Eventually a video showing a girl pissing when she shits. As I always say, all girls pee when they are pooping. This is a real good movie... The girl's position to piss is fantastic, but also for shitting although it is obviously difficult. Well done. At the end, she's exhausted. It is pleasant to watch as it's very special. Yummy Reply Report

Cider +10 points1752 days ago

A very last thing : no man's voice gving orders ! The sound is fantastic with no other noises... Reply Report

Cider +9 points1752 days ago

After my comment, I watched this fantastic video a second time. everything is gathered in this mivie : the upside down position of the girl enabling her to piss on her face and in her mouth, the farting (very good) and the difficult shitting. She pusses as she gives birth ... She put water in her asshole though to make her shit come out easier, but that's excellent too. Congratulations to her and to the cameraman. Reply Report

:D +8 points1752 days ago

Thats Ann Lee from Lezpoo such a great girl!
Reply Report

Joker +8 points1752 days ago

So this is what all those classy girls do at home :/ Reply Report

core37 +7 points1772 days ago

I want to clean her off with my tongue! Reply Report

pinkdik +7 points1751 days ago

sexiest thing i have seen in ages,wish she was shitting and pissing all over my face and cock.i would lick all the shit and piss off her lovely body mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Reply Report
Female hottie

Female hottie +6 points1751 days ago

Lovely noises. I would love to tickle her clit til she comes. Horny lass. Reply Report

Dickleberry +6 points1750 days ago

Lots of piss to yummy Reply Report
fuck off u cunts

fuck off u cunts +6 points1743 days ago

NICE LIPS BABES xx Reply Report

hornystud +6 points1720 days ago

this turns me on so much would love to fuck her Reply Report

Carl +5 points1751 days ago

thats one serious space-docking Reply Report

Damn +5 points1752 days ago

Just imagine sticking your penis in her pussy while the shits running down.. Reply Report

acidbath32 +1 points1102 days ago

fuck that stick it in her ass Reply Report

FapFapFap +5 points1752 days ago

OMG ill jack to this all day who is this chick? Reply Report

manymanlikeme +5 points1752 days ago

I want to put her in the shower, then fuck the rest of the shit out of her. Reply Report

Cider +4 points1752 days ago

Ow, a last thing : girls who have shit on their pussy, must wash it as soon as possible as it is dangerous and unheathy because they can have infection. This is serious and important ! Il like this video a lot... Her efforts are really like a woman who gives birth : impressive. Reply Report

lendon +4 points1702 days ago

the greatest shit ever Reply Report
girl poo lover

girl poo lover +4 points1700 days ago

I'd love to come in her bottom while she's having diarrhoea near the end....I can just imagine the sensation as her hot, runny poo squeezes out around my dick. Love to meet a girl who would like to make love while she empties her colon.... :) Reply Report

DiarrheaGirl +5 points981 days ago

Hell, I'm a girl and I have diarrhea at least 2-3 times a week because I'm lactose intolerant, so anyone up for a nice fucj and shit, I'm up for it. I love it when my diarrhea is nice and creamy. Reply Report
Dressed up

Dressed up +4 points1615 days ago

She got that business shit tie on Reply Report

Fancypants +3 points1751 days ago

Art. Reply Report

Geez +3 points1751 days ago

I'd stick my dick right in her shitty filled ass and fuck her balls deep until my dick is in her dirty colon then I'd take my dick out and make her lick all that raw delicious shit off my cock until its clean, then after that I'll ram my cock back in that shit filled ass and fuck her until I've literally fucked every mushy piece of shit out of her. My cock would be a plunger to tgat booty. Reply Report

luckygirl +7 points1510 days ago

i would love that to be done to me holy shit thats so fuckin hot your cock could be my plunger everyday as many times as youd like Reply Report
bi sexual gal

bi sexual gal +3 points1746 days ago

What a sexy nasty little bitch! Reply Report

Algeriano +3 points1566 days ago

A love you je t'aime احبك Reply Report

victor357 +3 points1385 days ago

Wonderfully disgusting,I loved it Reply Report

victor357 +3 points1382 days ago

I agree with you Reply Report
Non member black guy

Non member black guy +2 points1752 days ago

And thay say pretty little wight girls can't fart Reply Report
random guy

random guy +2 points1771 days ago

I used to have the full video of this and have been looking for it for a while now. anyone know her name? Reply Report
gimme that shit bitch

gimme that shit bitch +2 points1752 days ago

i'd drink all her piss and eat all her shit <3 Reply Report

blaketylersmith +2 points1588 days ago

please! somebody put her in an anal-fuk video with a man! & hav her do all the shitting, not the man that would ruin it Reply Report

tehpole01 +2 points1465 days ago

nice now im hungry! Reply Report

shitslutdiarrhea   0 points932 days ago

Mhhh, same here. ;) Reply Report

shitslutdiarrhea +2 points948 days ago

I love having runny diarrhea shit like that! I have it often and it feels so nice, especially when my tummy is all rumbly and upset full of diarrhea. Anyone who loves this stuff, should definatly message me especially if you're a girl. Maybe we can roleplay this. ;) Reply Report

Girlypoop +2 points439 days ago

I love sloppy diarrhea shits Reply Report

GirlyLover   0 points35 days ago

@Girlypoop If you guys get together, please film it and share it with us horny perverts. Reply Report
Mondo cane

Mondo cane +1 points1646 days ago

Jaw on the floor: You seem to be a connoisseur of gross videos, and have a lot of technical knowledge about the biology of such things; So seeking out and analyzing gross videos for one's enjoyment is fine with you, apparently, but heaven forbid one should be sexually aroused by them--that's a sickness. You're a twisted hypocrite. Reply Report

AndrewT +1 points793 days ago

What a DIRTY girl, she drinks her piss-nice-then forces a shit, what a love! Can I share abed with her? I'll give her a laxative and plenty to drink! Reply Report

canadashitonamericancunts   0 points1750 days ago

Thisisagreatwhitenorthgirldoingudoubleservicetofuckncomiesinclud Reply Report

nosirdontlikeit   0 points1444 days ago

shes hot, id poop in her mouth and have her eat my big hairy ass Reply Report

waaterboy112   0 points911 days ago

LOVE it! Reply Report

Beautifulmind   0 points701 days ago

She is so pretty. I love her. Reply Report

creepypervert   0 points198 days ago

Fuck I need her sooo bad Reply Report

Barney -2 points1336 days ago

Clean your mess whore Reply Report

scatman54 -3 points1751 days ago

a enama will do that everytime Reply Report

yolo -6 points1750 days ago

nice women...but.
she shit's herself
Reply Report
non memeber 14 teen years old

non memeber 14 teen years old -7 points1751 days ago

bow come no girls like getting anal fucked Reply Report

awhellnaw -8 points1750 days ago

Why did i watch this Reply Report

FCA1975 -9 points1751 days ago

That's disgusting, and not my thing at all. But nothing a good shower and a scrubbing can't fix. This bitch has a banging ass body. She would get the dick, and then she can fat and piss all my jizz instead of shit. Reply Report
Jaw on floor

Jaw on floor -14 points1668 days ago

Didn't see that coming at the end. Groossest video since 2 girls 1 cup. Water doesn't make that happen. A saline enema does. One thing to keep in mind that is most impressve about this video. All it takes is a small drop of doody to make someone's vomit reflexes activate. I don't know how this lady doesn't puke all over herself when the doody starts flowing. The tells me that she has done this before and has par taken in this sort of activity a lot. The lot of you that find this sexually arousing, are a twisted group of people. Reply Report

PermanentObjectifiedHumanToilet +3 points1667 days ago

Do what you want, ‘cause a pirate is free,
Yar har, fiddle di dee,
Being a pirate is alright to be,
Do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free, You are a pirate!
Reply Report

Beav -24 points1752 days ago

Women are fucking disgusting no wonder I'm queer Reply Report