Rape Of Teen Caught On Security Camera

3 guys attack young girl and forcefully fuck her right in front of a security camera.

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Anon93 +18 points1759 days ago

This is from a film lol Reply Report

yo +6 points1547 days ago

name of the movie ?! Reply Report
Marque De Sade

Marque De Sade +4 points1894 days ago

Ok, that was completely lame. That was a complete waste of 1:05. Reply Report

Zrikk +2 points1765 days ago

Kinda scary..real rape fuckin sucks Reply Report

-NATIONAL ANONIMOUS-   0 points651 days ago

So shoking but even when some ppl have no life to do this type of awful videos cause of it happends to 1 on my family and if i get to know who was last time when you get back ill get my battlefly knofe and stabb you to death this wont stay like this video will be up to date in all autority police Cnn apps desapear for ever nobody will miss you in this world you are just a little number of all the ones that cares now you pick suicide,jail or death Reply Report

Bolita +1 points140 days ago

@-NATIONlAL ANONIMOUS- learn how to spell before you write something that doesn't make any sense you douche bag asshole Reply Report

FDB -1 points1689 days ago

Urm....why would you have a security cam in the bedroom?? Reply Report

jelly -2 points1515 days ago

I had a good wank over it who cares if it's real or fake Reply Report

k -3 points1866 days ago

fake Reply Report
im the victim

im the victim -5 points1787 days ago

its not fake this video belongs to the law Reply Report

trish +5 points1463 days ago

did u get pregnant? Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -4 points1431 days ago

Did her cunt stink? Reply Report

fake -4 points418 days ago

Fake and gay. We want real good one. Feminists make us crave rape despite the fact that most feminists are fat and ugly. They are still evil tho so f Feminists. Reply Report