Girl Looking To Get Raped

Damn... look at the ass on this chick! This hot piece of ass answered the door with no pants on and gave the black delivery dude the best surprise of his dead-end career. It looks like she was running the camera herself and was home alone... just begging for that dude to rape her tight ass. Sadly the black dude knew to behave himself and walked off with a giant boner.

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lil wayne

lil wayne +68 points2074 days ago

10/10 would rape Reply Report

murdergirl +23 points2073 days ago

I dont think it would be rape, after all she did answer the door pants less. I mean come on even a thong or something would have been better then that! she was asking for it. the stupid guy could have taken 20 minutes for break. Reply Report

555 +17 points2078 days ago

...and she'd fucking deserve it if she did! Reply Report

guy +10 points1866 days ago

100% agree even if it was my own daughter little bitch beging for dick
Reply Report

Wow +14 points2072 days ago

Everything is just sexier when a girl does it without pants... Reply Report

Goblin +14 points2057 days ago

Gucci Mane delivers now. I see. Reply Report
jealous crackers

jealous crackers +9 points2058 days ago

Hey at least that little bitch could have some good dick for a change instead of having to put up with those weak little crackers...wouldn't surprise me either considering how many white women do interracial dating. Reply Report

Saint04   0 points70 days ago

@jealous crackers what's funny is you say that but most black girls date white guys and to say white guys is weak that's funny cause I smash pussy Reply Report

tripz +1 points836 days ago

Most black guys suck at everything in a relationship, that's why you got me up in here snatching up all the cute black girls Reply Report

Ann +8 points2078 days ago

Stupid bitch. Reply Report
Albert Hall

Albert Hall +8 points2058 days ago

Now that shit pipe does need smashing in. Reply Report

Lumenate88 +6 points2018 days ago

you cant rape the willing! Reply Report
Perfect rape material

Perfect rape material +5 points2058 days ago

Lovely ass and pussy. This is why it pays to be a delivery guy Reply Report

asda +3 points2058 days ago

watch till 9 sec click STOP jerk off till you cum watch the video till end Reply Report
fucking don't be racist

fucking don't be racist +3 points1952 days ago

all black people are not gangster or rapist, don't be racist guys and enjoy that girl ass or pussy! Reply Report

wonder +3 points823 days ago

i would have fucked her so damn hard for hours non stop Reply Report

Alsheimer +2 points2078 days ago

Sau. Reply Report

ango +1 points1819 days ago

good lol so nicely Reply Report
I Kater to thee Monstrositys of IKE

I Kater to thee Monstrositys of IKE +1 points1817 days ago

Lol u see whenever she turned towards the camera he would look at her ass hahahahha good humor right here!! Reply Report

XXXX   0 points2058 days ago

proud monkey, u gotta be the thickest coon on the planet Reply Report

jww312   0 points1069 days ago

You do u retards always have to make the distinction that someone is of a certain race unless it's a fucking white person. We can see that the guys is obviously black.
Reply Report
Obviously fake

Obviously fake   0 points917 days ago

That pizza was light af Reply Report

sweetooth1969   0 points829 days ago

definately fuck the shit outta that little whore Reply Report

godrocks123   0 points578 days ago

i would have raped her Reply Report
Bitch please.

Bitch please. -1 points2020 days ago

Lmfao. That girl needs to eat a little more. It's no fun to rape a tooth pick, they don't put up a good enough fight. -Face palm.- Sluts these days. Reply Report

GloR -1 points852 days ago

Of course he didn't rape her

Does he look white to you? White people invented INDUSTRIAL rape of other women

We need to exterminate white people
Reply Report

KingWakatootititoo -2 points2057 days ago

Hahaha listen to all the stupid brothas talking big on here! Strange how most white men wouldn't touch your fat black ugly sista's! Black people are dumb and fooking butt ugly, that's why the only chance u get to fuck a white girl is when u rape them against their wishes. Hahahaha

Reply Report
theodore whip

theodore whip -2 points1417 days ago

take notice of this cool chick. she answered the door show casing her lower birthday suit. we need more laid back, hard working women like this. dont scare em' off by saying, if granted the opportunity, youd rape. why rape, if theyre willing... if not willing... well then, scratch my previous statement :p Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -4 points1682 days ago

Would love to be her toilet while she is menstruating Reply Report

WNS -9 points2020 days ago

Stupid nigger,,, too many nigger rapist out there,,, And why do all niggers look like retarded monkeys when they smile hrm? Rhetorical question. The answer is because Monkeys are evolved from apes(nigger apes) Reply Report
white male

white male   0 points976 days ago

U stupid as fuck! We all evolved from apes..evolution. U just didn't evolve with the rest of humanity. Say hi to Hitler when u leave this earth. Talk like that in public & ur time will be short. Reply Report
Proud Monkey coon slave

Proud Monkey coon slave -30 points2064 days ago

the reason the brotha didn't fuck her is because she was to SKINNY!!

The majority of brothas prefer white girls with some FAT/ MEAT on them.

We only let the SKINNY white girls suck our dicks because they have cute faces, but too dam SKINNY.

I would think i was hurting a chick that SKINNY if i fucked her. That chick look like she would BREAK.

But this is more proof that 98% of WHITE FEMALE rape victims are raped by WHITE MALES.
Reply Report

tsunami8 +1 points1422 days ago

So he didn't rape her because she was too healthy? Reply Report
mr. anderson

mr. anderson   0 points1417 days ago

wow! you can tell just by looking at someone what kind of healthy they are?? impressive! didnt really know too healthy was a thing, and just by telling someone is too healthy by their figure size. someone should make an app out of your talent. Reply Report