Teen Girl Raped Violated And Killed

Scared little teen is being held in an underground dungeon, where her captor holds her and fucks her eventually.. until he accidentally kills her that is.

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Just me

Just me +60 points1745 days ago

This video is from the end of a movie called "Megan's missing" Reply Report

ohsnap +2 points413 days ago

WTF I masturbated to It I thought it is real video xD Reply Report

mmm +18 points1662 days ago

hearing her scream and cry got me off Reply Report

dad +1 points1415 days ago

Love wen they scream an cry and say hpw bad it hurts Reply Report

rapetrio +17 points1576 days ago

megan's not missing, she's in the barrel stupid Reply Report

rapetrio +15 points1576 days ago

this is a great video to jerk it to, we need more shit like this out there, I seen the movie and watch it once the second time I came everywhere no regrets
Reply Report

really? +11 points1725 days ago

why watch this video if you find it twisted? kind of a bad move by you isn't it.
Reply Report

ZornGottes +10 points1577 days ago

lol,open your legs girl because more fun...lol. Reply Report

Pornstar +9 points1725 days ago

That was a waste of ketchup Reply Report

Non-Members +8 points1479 days ago

I'm not that twisted....I like freaky shit...but I still wanna remain humane! Reply Report

thatcrazyguy +7 points1660 days ago

Why are you here

Why are you here +7 points1565 days ago

If so many of you think this is horrible why would you come here just to fuck with us this is where we go because this is the shit that gets us off you came here just to complain that your here so go get a life and try Christian mingle if this is to much for you if your here your fucked up like the rest of us or your just illiterate and couldn't tell what this was about Reply Report
The Logic Of An Idiot, Folks!

The Logic Of An Idiot, Folks! -4 points1523 days ago

Yeah, no need to express your opinion unless you're sucking someones cock in the process.
How dare we state how we feel about something in hopes that whatever comes next will improve!

Are you honestly that much of a fuckwit to think people know they won't like something before they click on said something to see what it is?
There's all kinds of variations of what people like or what 'gets them off'.
Quit thinking you have shit figured out, kid.
Reply Report

naya -2 points668 days ago

Shut up Reply Report
not that twisted !!!

not that twisted !!! +5 points1479 days ago

very sick and twisted ! Im a freak but I'm still humane! Glad its fake bullshit! Reply Report

666785 +4 points1723 days ago

that is sooooooo fucked up!!!!!!! Reply Report
dexter morgan

dexter morgan +4 points1590 days ago

This is why the world needs a real dexter morgan Reply Report

Yes. -1 points533 days ago

I'd become Dexter if I got to do this to people. Looks like fun. Reply Report

jason +4 points1357 days ago

that is sad i like watching porn but shit like that or rape in genral is stupid Reply Report

rapefan:) +2 points1718 days ago

I loved this video Reply Report

dr +1 points1724 days ago

I've watched the movie trice.... last time i fapped to it.
Reply Report

ANONYME +1 points1245 days ago

HORRIBLE Reply Report

Disturbed   0 points1745 days ago

Oh my God! This video was extremely sick and twisted. Reply Report
dont ask

dont ask   0 points40 days ago

what the fuck is wrong with you people

Reply Report

hola   0 points1490 days ago

se pasan no pense que eso existiera lo busque por q pense q me mintieron eso es no tener nombre Reply Report

dirtyoldman   0 points1305 days ago

Hell yes would have fucked her day and night Reply Report

dirtydaddy469   0 points1322 days ago

I wouldn't have killed her I would have kept her chained for further use Reply Report

Anonnnnny   0 points578 days ago

I'm a girl and I got off watching this. Reply Report

MasterCosmoDK   0 points496 days ago

Fair enough some people are into snuff,but to get off to someone pretending to be raped and killed,is in my life sign of WAY too little irl pussy,and not near enough public contact..Its as idiotic as jerking to Donald Duck..And be proud of it. Reply Report

DaddysGirlhard2(not)fuk   0 points713 days ago

You know... I'm going to he'll for wanting to see more XD Reply Report

msmonique   0 points711 days ago

LOVE the last 20 minutes of "Megan Is Missing". <3 <3 Rest of the film is complete shite.. Reply Report

bigbenis   0 points475 days ago

Uh i wanna kill that pos that kiled her....How can i find that coward? Reply Report
Happy Cuddles

Happy Cuddles   0 points502 days ago

Bash her Head in with a hammer For screaming the little cunt or cut off her nipples
In the movie She Really went quite I don't know why video was lame Not enough tourcher She Acted just like a sheep accepting death Only Waiting to say a Few Bass
Reply Report
Freezing nuts

Freezing nuts   0 points479 days ago

If he kills her then why does she let go of the table at the end? Reply Report

Hjhgghh   0 points162 days ago

8sdfds Reply Report

Rapeslut061091   0 points193 days ago

I need some to rape me repeatedly. Nothing gets me off more than being raped. Reply Report
a normal guy

a normal guy -1 points1725 days ago

i dont know how people can wank over this shit, its fucked up, sort yourselves out Reply Report

alexandria76 -1 points1723 days ago

By far, my favourite thing to masturbate to EVER Reply Report

boner -1 points1703 days ago

This was the hottest thing I have ever seen! Reply Report

Faggot -1 points1682 days ago

To be buried in that burrel at 0:40 is every Half-Life fan's dream. Reply Report
Megan is Missing

Megan is Missing -1 points1603 days ago

This is in the last 33 minutes or so of the movie. Its on Netflix I think
Reply Report
That guy

That guy -1 points1414 days ago

Like the only video here that even looks real even tho it's not, only shit that makes me cum lol Reply Report

;) -1 points740 days ago

That was awesome, came twice, all sluts should be raped then killed once you've got your use out of them. That's all women are good for
Reply Report
non meber

non meber -2 points1674 days ago

I can tell whe things are fake & when they are real. When they are a sceene from a movie or a recreation. Rape/snuff pron movie makers should be carefull. You never know who is watching. Imagine if it were your daughter, or mother, staring in one of your real movies. Reply Report
Rapest are pathetic

Rapest are pathetic -2 points675 days ago

You suck motherfuckers into this shit if you have to rape girls or get of to videos of rape just shows how fucking pathetic you are and know this if I ever cought any guy rapeing anyone I would not hesitate to kill you Reply Report

InsanelySane +1 points587 days ago

Quit being a little bitch you faggot. This is all you can do? Is complain about this? Man I'd kill you before you'd kill me just because you're a dumb shit lol Reply Report

Hawk616 -3 points1504 days ago

I believe i can fly...... Hmmm doesn't for the reference! Oh well! Reply Report
potent pervert

potent pervert -3 points1315 days ago

This video sucked it showed no cunt, ass, or tits Reply Report

nobody -4 points1744 days ago

i would cut the guys head clean off hate shit like this Reply Report
you sick fucks

you sick fucks -4 points1704 days ago

megans missing is based on a reral story i knew her parents its no fucking lol shit you guys would be fucking depressed if that was your kid or freind you sick fucks Reply Report

dad +2 points1570 days ago

i would jerk watching it Reply Report

lolwut +2 points1603 days ago

this wasn't based off of a true story dumbass, quit lying. it was made as a kind of "wake up" film to parents but the story was far from real. try not to take every found footage film as true in the future Reply Report

charlie -4 points1580 days ago

Thought about becoming a member, but after that sick video, no way in hell/ Reply Report
Not cool

Not cool -5 points1678 days ago

I watched the vid but I dnt get off on girls getting raped now if u can tell its fake nd she starts to get into it then that's fine but this girl wasent so no didn't get me going more like a boner killer Reply Report

Jesus -7 points1724 days ago

your watching it too Reply Report

Well... -7 points1723 days ago

I came lol

Alo she gets buried alive in a barrel with her dead and rotting friend.
Reply Report

Concernedcommentor -9 points1723 days ago

Megan is Missing is really a great film. Please remove this clip from this site.. Reply Report

siisha -9 points1745 days ago

Bitch learned her final lesson Reply Report

laoben -9 points1742 days ago

ok just a thought I don't think its suppose to be her dieing looks more like fake hymen breaking deflowering she braces herself as she gets up off the table and walks to the door you hear 2 sets of footsteps. guessing its a fake virgin rape vid. Reply Report

Movie -9 points1724 days ago

Pretty interesting movie Reply Report
non members

non members -10 points1745 days ago

it sucked it showed nothing Reply Report