Indian Teen Strangled And Stripped

Crazy dude strangles this cute Indian teen, takes off her clothes and starts playing with her hot (well, not really I guess) body.

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-.- +45 points2000 days ago

Rename the video guy plays with fake dead girls hand Reply Report
Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious +6 points1951 days ago

She'd be great in a staring contest. Reply Report

nooneimportant +6 points1914 days ago

why cant someone make a video like this but with less hand play and more fucking -_- Reply Report

alexandria76 +5 points2020 days ago

My ultimate fantasy Reply Report

Fox +4 points2000 days ago

For those asking if this is real, its obviously, fake. Painfully obvious. The "neck snap" sound should be a dead give-away, but if those are not enough:
A: Necks are not snapped that way.
B: When a person dies from strangulation they shit and pee themselves, because their sfinter muscle is no longer under control (For the unaware, that muscle is what lets you "hold it in")
C: At several points you can see her breathing, and at minute 18:00 she even moves her tongue a little.

This is simply a fantasy video folks. Let it go.
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Non-MemberLe +4 points1878 days ago

Eat that pussy dude ! Reply Report

jsdinho107 +3 points2000 days ago

Is this real or fake.... Reply Report

Non-Member +3 points1984 days ago

I love the way he lifts and positions her Reply Report

Opro +1 points2019 days ago

I think Alexandria means to pretend to be killed while being fucked.
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xxxx +1 points2000 days ago

Wow that velcro really sounded like her neck being snapped.......NOT! Reply Report

lol +1 points2000 days ago

toooo much death acting lol Reply Report
Shut up already

Shut up already +1 points2000 days ago

No shit its fake its made for entertainment purposes only Reply Report
Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious +1 points1951 days ago

Okay now that the obvious is said (it's a gimmick), Fox is 100% correct.

In newborns, the child is not yet able to control the anal sphincter, therefore the child shits themselves. As they mature, they gain control over it and no longer shit themselves (in most cases). However, post-mortem (after death) about 5-10 seconds after the last breath is taken, the anal sphincter again relaxes and the body will excrete any remaining feces.

He's also right about the neck snap. I do that with my own neck every morning and I'm just fine. The sound was also edited in afterwards.

Also, somewhere in the video, the guy flips the girl over with her face in the pillow so she can't breath. He moves her head to the side and takes her hair out of her face. At that moment her eyelids twitch. After being dead for that long, reflexes don't work.

One more thing, on the couch, she twitched her leg. Lol
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ZZZ   0 points2018 days ago

anyone tell me ,what's wrong with her hands? Reply Report

sex   0 points2000 days ago

sm1 shld join hollywood Reply Report
Who else?

Who else?   0 points1865 days ago

Who else came here not to masturbate but to see what the hell this was? Reply Report

jami63   0 points1728 days ago

nice body, I wish I could play with her but it would be a different game
this guy must be gay !
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jake evens

jake evens   0 points1554 days ago

Sick bastered..guess that's the only way he can get a girl......fake all the way
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Shivadas   0 points518 days ago

13-year-old Muslim girls break their virginity Reply Report

wow -2 points2020 days ago

Alexandria... what is your ultimate fantasy? Reply Report

yU -2 points2000 days ago

No. She really IS dead. Thats not fake. This is play dead sex gone All wrong Reply Report
theone tofucku

theone tofucku -6 points2000 days ago

i've done this, but to real dead women from asia! joke.
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