Nude Girl Almost Choking To Death

Asian teen girl gets put into a ziplock bag until she's almost gone, taking minutes to get her breathing together!

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abbeyreid +72 points941 days ago

Okay so am I the only girl who gets turned on by this sick shit?? Reply Report

HorseGuy   0 points796 days ago

how cant you, its sooo fucking hot they way she wishes she didnt getinto this Reply Report

V.J. +54 points2078 days ago

Congrats, you now have brain damage you stupid chink cunt. Reply Report

whatever +12 points2057 days ago

yes its a fetish, and unless youre turned on you guys shouldnt even fuckin be here commenting dumb shit Reply Report

cool +7 points2057 days ago

Guys I really think this is a fetish, not some sicko who kidnaps asians and chokes them. Reply Report

cooler   0 points781 days ago

No shit. Reply Report
Dr K

Dr K +6 points2058 days ago

From what I can tell, she might well be dead and these are death jerks. As these look like non-brain controlled breath spasms coming from residual signals coming from the spine.

But can't be sure without a longer version/physical check.
Reply Report

Nigga. +6 points2058 days ago

Yep. She willfully crawled into the bag. Most of you simply don't realize that your body instinctively continues to breathe rhythmically while unconscious. Reply Report

jw +5 points1801 days ago

Wow I would love to have this done to me Reply Report

Tempest   0 points1439 days ago

you can try a mimic yourself...instead of a plain bag and noose around the neck, tie another rope around your forhead...the effects are the same more or less :p Reply Report
Virgin Chick

Virgin Chick +5 points1558 days ago

This kind of turned me on. Does anyone know what happened to her afterwards? I would have loved for the video to have been longer. Reply Report

bristolmike +4 points2057 days ago

Love this, awesome Reply Report

tyui +4 points1530 days ago

This is so hot. I want to have a girl like her. And want her to put me in that bag too. Reply Report

wtf +3 points2058 days ago

The minute she started squirming and attempting to scream, why the hell didn't he cut her lose?! I hope these fucktards don't reproduce! She will now have brain damage! Reply Report

Qjjjj +1 points749 days ago

I can tell you have not been to a biology or genetics class. Reply Report

Tempest   0 points1439 days ago

the risks of permanent brain damage actually doesn't occur until 6-8 mins after the heart has stopped...fact :) Reply Report

Josh1011001101 -1 points203 days ago

@Tempest and 10 seconds after oxygen hasn't reached the brain. The heart stopping isn't the problem Reply Report
Confused veteren

Confused veteren +3 points1570 days ago

It's times like these where I wonder "Just what the fuck ISN'T on the internet?!" Reply Report

confuseus +4 points1171 days ago

Free money. Reply Report

Quack   0 points608 days ago

Patreon, Kickstarter. Indiegogo, Givealittle, et cetera. Reply Report

WhoreySlut +2 points2058 days ago

Well hes a dumb for not letting her loose shes purple!! Reply Report
Asian man

Asian man +2 points2021 days ago

A freshly vacuum pack nude girl delivery to your home everyday, what a new way to do porn..... Reply Report

xerox +2 points1914 days ago

now she is ready to be fucked, still fresh and warm mmmmm Reply Report

AnyNon +2 points1558 days ago

There's quite of few videos of her various zip-lock escapades around the place. She keeps coming back for more. Reply Report

Tempest +1 points1439 days ago

Links!?!?! Reply Report

Hmm +1 points2058 days ago

He is the one to blame.. She is in his power. He might be a psycho that loves to control people. Next time another human will be killed by that sicko. Reply Report

Member +1 points2057 days ago

what the FUCK man..leave it to the asians to do some shit like this. Reply Report

sicko +1 points2057 days ago

Did she die?? Reply Report
Slut watcher

Slut watcher +1 points2038 days ago

Omagirl you should since the chinks blurr shit and tell your man to get some closes ups of your cunt during and then post it up so we can get something decent to jerk off too Reply Report

Tony +1 points1847 days ago

Good idea for long storage. Reply Report
Kill me

Kill me +1 points1075 days ago

What the fuck did I just watch, what kind of people doe this! Her fucking efface was purple like what the fuck! I actually don't know to do, she probably got brain damage what the fuck! Reply Report

123   0 points2078 days ago

brain damage Reply Report

2013   0 points2058 days ago

Can I take this as my carry-on? Reply Report

Hmm   0 points2057 days ago

What the fuck was she thinking
Reply Report

yelle   0 points757 days ago

worst condom commercial ever Reply Report

Dcg   0 points1006 days ago

didnt take her long to regret crawling into that bag Reply Report

NoAirForYou   0 points977 days ago

Over 6 minutes with no air. Her unconscious body is one arousing site. I hope she ended up with brain damage and suffered terribly. Reply Report

Fgu   0 points899 days ago

I hope she suffered Every second Reply Report

sadpup   0 points499 days ago

Oh I wish this was me! Reply Report

ed.....   0 points460 days ago

shouldve let the stupid bitch die
Reply Report

How -1 points2048 days ago

I don't know how this girl did not die Reply Report

Speedy -1 points2053 days ago

He is fucking stupid Reply Report

79 -1 points1762 days ago

now she can wear a diaper for the rest of her life. Reply Report

perv -2 points2058 days ago

I wouldn't let her out ;) Reply Report

Oooo +2 points1965 days ago

Nice Reply Report

Anon -3 points2058 days ago

The name is "Cocoa - Soft" and this is roleplay... Reply Report

HoneyyDipp -3 points2056 days ago

What A Dumbass Reply Report

.. -3 points2056 days ago

Wow, what fucking idiots doing some dangerous shit like this. I hope you killed your brain cells ass hat. Reply Report

ace -3 points1861 days ago

man, is this really necessary ?
humanity is so fucked up
Reply Report

diablo -4 points2078 days ago

That's right. Take em to the brink, and bring em back Reply Report

somebody -8 points2058 days ago

He should get death penalty! Reply Report
fucking bastards

fucking bastards -8 points1951 days ago

thats not porn thats cruelty, that guy should be jailed fucking bastards. Reply Report

funny -9 points2058 days ago

this is lady gaga Reply Report

What -10 points1965 days ago

Wait a second, isnt this a porn site? I really dont see how this is exactly entertaing? Oh i have a boner. Mmm i love to see a girl suffercate till he nearly HAS HHER LAST BREATHE?! Wtf seriously tho if this give u a boner u need to think about wtf is going on in ur head foreal?! Reply Report