Drunk Girl Fucked On Ground

She's so drunk that's she's not even moving the whole time!

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bro +104 points2065 days ago

I want do that with my wifes sister ;-) Reply Report

spreadem +12 points1997 days ago

I've already done that with my wife's sister. Her ass was Tight! Reply Report

Curious_Matt +11 points2044 days ago

Hell, I want to do that with MY sister... Reply Report

FatBob   0 points4 hours ago

@Curious_Matt I wanna do that with your sister too... Reply Report

Creampie101 +6 points1087 days ago

I want to watch you do this to your sister and see you tensing up and watching you cum inside her! But immediately after you're done cumming inside your sister I want to be right there waiting for you to pull out of her so I can immediately slide mine right back inside her used juicy pussy and keep fucking her until I pump my load deep inside her too! Reply Report

daie +10 points1579 days ago

Wish I could have done this to my ex daughter damn!! Reply Report

Creampie101 +8 points1087 days ago

I love when they are so completely passed out and unconscious you can pretty much do anything to them! I would love to be walking by and find her exactly like that! Laying there passed out and unconscious with her panties pulled down and her pussy completely soaking wet and knowing that she was obviously just seconds before been fucked by someone and he had pumped his load deep inside her! I would immediately be so turned on and horny that I wouldn't think twice and I would have my dick sliding into her freshly fucked super slippery pussy and fuck her again until I pumped my own load deep inside her too! Reply Report

Cumfilledwhore +6 points773 days ago

I've had this happen to me. I was barely conscious laying on a bed at a party and man after man after man stumbled in and used my mouth, pussy, and ass. By morning every whole was filled and my body was covered in sticky spunk. I loved every second. Reply Report

YeahRight +7 points2044 days ago

Shame everything you said was bullshit eh, Natalie21 Reply Report

Creampie101 +6 points1122 days ago

This guy needs to call all of his friends over and have a ( Everyone gets to cum inside the passed out chick as many times as you can ) party! I would definitely go to that party! Reply Report

tjlickass   0 points21 days ago

@Creampie101 Agree completely. Drunk and passed out should be used and wake up with a cunt full of cum from as many guys as wants her Reply Report

simon1simon1 +5 points1773 days ago

Every stiff cock on this planet would slip her a fuck and spunk dump. Reply Report

duh +3 points2035 days ago

And we know she is absolutely drunk and passed out, and not staged...how?? Yes, everything on the internet is 100% true and real.

There's a whole bunch of "real incest" videos on here too.
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Yummy +3 points1080 days ago

Mmmm i want a fat man on me when im smashed, yum Reply Report

piperhillfan +3 points908 days ago

I am a lesbian, but my 4 bros and my girlfriend's male mates fuck me all the time. But I am a nympho, exhibitive, shameless girl, I enjoy to get stripped and fucked in front of friends and strangers. Reply Report

grabherbythepussy +2 points825 days ago

I'm just here to read the comments after a little pussy rubbing lol
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Pointless +1 points1806 days ago

This is a lame ass video Reply Report

bigdickj   0 points1998 days ago

Im next Reply Report
Kik: Versace19g

Kik: Versace19g   0 points352 days ago

Nice! I want to watch someone do this to my sister, listened to her getting fucked a few times...she loves to drink and gets hammered sometimes. I’m a total bottom male kικ: Versace19g Reply Report
One and only

One and only   0 points12 days ago

I want to be fucked Reply Report

Tklu   0 points23 days ago

I ain't sure she's breathing.... Reply Report

lame -5 points2044 days ago

Boring Reply Report

Totot -7 points2065 days ago

Can I help :)? Reply Report

Natalie21 -7 points2044 days ago

Poor girl, I actually left my ex after he left me alone at a party and i woke up in the morning on the floor with no panties and cum and blood leaking out of me.

Having said that diseases and princple of the thing aside, the idea of strange men and women touching caressing fucking and using me while im helpless is actually quite arousing.
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WTF -11 points2044 days ago


gohan +2 points1804 days ago

you are two for waching this vid
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