Woman killed by shopping cart

Old lady gets killed by shopping cart rolling down from escalator.

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sandis +14 points1635 days ago

that was sad... Reply Report

Tesco +14 points1292 days ago

Shop till you drop!
Reply Report

peta +7 points1363 days ago

Strike !!! Reply Report

jami63 +4 points1580 days ago

I don't think it was a shopping kart because the conveyor belt has stripes to stop the rolling of these wheels Reply Report

member +4 points1356 days ago

Strike!!!! Reply Report

... +3 points1635 days ago

she was an old lady. that force threw her 5 to 7 meters away & crushed her against the wall. she died in hospital. Reply Report

LOOOOOOOOL +3 points1211 days ago

Purple shirt guy just stands there like "Gonna be tweeting this..." Reply Report

ouch +1 points1635 days ago

imagine someone telling you that you will be killed by a shopping cart... Reply Report

... +1 points1635 days ago

that cargo on trolley was 150Kg of can drinks. Reply Report
The PUN-isher

The PUN-isher +3 points1234 days ago

Wow! Too much soda CAN really kill people. Reply Report

deadtic   0 points1617 days ago

well fuck if people were not so fucking lazy that they need to take out steps and add moving ramps this shit would not happen. She should have walked while on the ramp instead of riding it down and then she would have not been there when this thing came rolling down. Reply Report

the1truebob +1 points1169 days ago

And if you're shopping in a two-floor store with a shopping cart full of things, how do you plan on getting up and down the stairs? Douche!! Reply Report
billy 3

billy 3   0 points571 days ago

This is one store i would never shop in Reply Report

woopsy! -1 points1497 days ago

boom! Reply Report
bob the builder

bob the builder -1 points1295 days ago

and she didn't bring the groceries home...shoulda stayed in the kitchen... Reply Report
Bargain Shopper

Bargain Shopper -1 points1176 days ago

I was there, it broke her back, hips, legs,arms and pussy, she lived but now she is a paraplegic... Reply Report

Satanic -2 points1634 days ago

Perfect serial killer xD Reply Report

lol -3 points1635 days ago

I doubt that killer the person Reply Report

lol -4 points1600 days ago

Lol that was funny Reply Report

aww -7 points1633 days ago

that shouldn't of killed her it wouldn't kill me im a machine though some people are feeble / fragile Reply Report