Brutal Rape In Elevator

Women should watch who they go into the elevator with. It's the perfect place for rapists like this to pick their victims.

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keej +86 points2107 days ago

when your accent is thicker than your cock, don't do porn
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non-member girly

non-member girly +19 points2106 days ago

if a guy wanted to fuck me in an elevator id just bend right on over ;) Reply Report

AssOverTits +1 points868 days ago

Can we fuck Reply Report

Sky +13 points2107 days ago

Wth was wrong with the camera man stop moving so much!!! Reply Report

klingonfruitbat +8 points2107 days ago

why didn't the camera guy help her Reply Report
Calm down guys...

Calm down guys... +6 points2094 days ago

Although I find rape porn hot, I think it's a bit sick that some people would prefer 'real porn'. The video looked real enough to me even if the camera work was a bit dodgy. Reply Report

noname +5 points2122 days ago

awful acting Reply Report

Sexiigurl +5 points2106 days ago

Wouldve liked to see the bitch cry more, but otherwise fucking hott x Reply Report
No one inparticular

No one inparticular +4 points2106 days ago

First of all don't pretend to stop An elevator then film the doors open during the video. I thought that American porn and uk porn (I'm British) was full of awful acting but that was ridiculous. I prefer my bf to be a hell of a lot rougher than that! Reply Report

breannalee +4 points1854 days ago

I need to spend more time in elevators Reply Report

BIGbtw -1 points35 days ago

I will love to take you in the elevator,bus ,train,car ,tour house,your momma's house fuck I even take you on the strip in Vegas Reply Report

sfhdoc +3 points1981 days ago

That must be the slowest elevator in the world. Reply Report
suck my dick

suck my dick +3 points1835 days ago

The guy fucked her brains out I love fucking gals roughly
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xxboredintxx +3 points1817 days ago

Looks like a great episode of How I Met Your Mother!!! Reply Report

bacchante +2 points1025 days ago

Dumb ass! Nut the bitch! Reply Report

bored +1 points2107 days ago

real rapes are funner to watch. Reply Report
inver grove heights MN

inver grove heights MN +1 points2101 days ago

i liked the leprechaun at 15:12. Reply Report

mark +1 points2118 days ago

boreing Reply Report

sat666 +1 points2107 days ago

nice Reply Report

Tucker +1 points2093 days ago

Got her! Hot fantasy! There was no way she was going to escape him in the elevator! Reply Report
bla bla

bla bla   0 points2107 days ago

Hey, at least it is just acting though. I'd hate to see a real rape on camera. That's probably why the acting is so bad, so that no one gets in trouble for rape. Reply Report

...   0 points1123 days ago

ive been raped and i have to say..... any man who wants me can force and ii promis to put up a struggle Reply Report
Fuck me daddy

Fuck me daddy   0 points921 days ago

First of can we just delete this guys voice from existance thanks Reply Report

UNKN0WN   0 points271 days ago

Rape is the best kind of sex, no matter where you're at. Reply Report
Papa cock

Papa cock   0 points618 days ago

If I was that man that bitch could't even walk again Reply Report

BIGbtw   0 points35 days ago

I will like to see real rape porn not these no acting characters. thanks Reply Report

Analvirginthankfully -1 points1954 days ago

What fuckin lift goes from 1 to 2 to 3 then back to 2?? Cunty bollocks didn't help with his dodgy Delboy shirt and hell boy accent!!! Shite shite shite Reply Report

Shane_212 -2 points2103 days ago

Lol this is all fake, scripted crap lol.. Reply Report

ross53545 -3 points2107 days ago

give her the dick Reply Report
Rape Ghost

Rape Ghost -4 points2107 days ago

Fake!!!! Reply Report

antoniomamie -4 points2107 days ago

real or staged that dude is hot in my book... being gay would've loved to be the recipient of this hunks cock an abuse... like I say women never know when they're getting good...maybe she'd been happier if he fired his load right in her cunt...nocking her up and leaving her with a souvenir Reply Report

sat666 -5 points2124 days ago

Too bad it's obviously fake. Would be better if he beat the FUCK out of that bitch-hole-slut. Reply Report

Anon -5 points2107 days ago

Waste of time Reply Report