Couple Fucking In Public Bus

Old video of shameless teen couple having wild sex in the middle of a bus filled with people.

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hornblower +9 points1984 days ago

Working in public transport I have no doubts that this was NOT faked in so far as it was a real bus being driven through a real city and the couple fucked as shown. What we were not told was that the vehicle was obviously on a special run, hired for the purpose with actors as "passengers" who knew exactly why they were there. No one complained to the driver, a camera car was following, no stops to pick up/set down. Not a complete fake, just not made as we were led to believe. Reply Report

Wizard +2 points1984 days ago

Seems legit Reply Report

OrangerBoy +2 points1981 days ago

u guys think it's real? It was a video made for entertainment purposes. I like it.. it's hot, but it's not "real" as in, it's not two regular people randomly fucking. Look at the camera angles. They cut off scene by scene like a movie. And then it even had a scene where the CAMERA was outside with the bus moving. BTW the two girls watching at 1:33 HOT! Reply Report

somebody +1 points1984 days ago

It's not fake, it's Russia! Reply Report
Fake scene

Fake scene   0 points2007 days ago

Anti-social/unwell fuckwits will think this is real LOL. Reply Report

WELLLL   0 points1983 days ago

Russia has no law that is against public sex. So! This could be fake, we don't know. Thing is, enjoy it. Reply Report

ingomat   0 points1238 days ago

This is RAW - watched first time looong ago - keep your fantsies living Reply Report

HaterRater   0 points1030 days ago

At 00:55 I saw Donald Trump taking the bus. Crossing that off my bucket list. Reply Report

Ladida   0 points331 days ago

I remember dude's strange haircut: this scene didn't make it into the porn movie I saw some time ago. Reply Report
is Non-Monkey

is Non-Monkey -3 points2002 days ago

WTF ARE AM WATCH I, Fakery Reply Report

fakers -3 points1984 days ago

well that's just another random fake from foken fakers.. Reply Report

neighborhoodtoiletsince1995 -5 points1634 days ago

Message me and I'll send you pussy pics. Reply Report