Disrespectful Throat Fucking

Poor girl is treated like a whore, gets slapped in her face while two cocks are destroying her throat and is choked as they cum deep down her throat.

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Hard work at the farm

Hard work at the farm +70 points1920 days ago

Just farmers working on one of their pig...Nothing special Reply Report

pok +11 points1895 days ago

I love her pathetic face, she's thinking at what point in her life did she fuck up so bad to end up here. Reply Report

diablo +7 points1897 days ago

Good little slut bucket.......but actually, they went ready on her, I've done alot worse. They should have pissed in the whores mouth as a finish! Reply Report

Chuck +7 points1895 days ago

You people don't understand ! This girl likes to be treated like that ! It's her fantasy to be raped ! Don't you see or are you blind ??? Reply Report
Wtf is wrong with you people

Wtf is wrong with you people +5 points1896 days ago

Wtf!!!! Look women arent pigs they are people ! To the guy " non member " if i met you i would make you my fucking bitch ! Sereously i would castrate you! You fucking asshole i hope someday i meet you because im going to bash your head in! I hope someday someone will do it for me ! I would cut you into little bits and pieces starting with your tiny wimpy dick and then i would just cut off small pieces at a time so you could stay alive as long as possible and feel the knife cutting off bits off you! To all the men out there that are disrespectful to us women ... People like me are out there and for your sake i hope you dont meet us in particular me because im fucking crazy and i will kill you in the most horrible ways you no i could imagine... I hope none of you are from quebec because im fucking close to you .... And probably the americans wont even know where that is dumb assholes ( its in canada " for the dumb americans ") non member im going to find you! Reply Report
Another Quebec girl

Another Quebec girl +5 points1743 days ago

Totally agree anyways it's easy for those dumbasses to talk behind their screens. Reply Report

thesatyre +3 points599 days ago

Yes, please keep writing your hate filled thoughts on justice in these comments sections. Just don't forget to occasionally pump your wet cunt as the video of another slut getting abused, degraded and reduced to a disposable object plays in on your screen. If you can, make sure you time your orgasm to the moment where the cock raping her throat makes her puke and she panics, struggling to even breathe as he cums in her spamming throat. After that make sure to finish your rant and post it before moving on to the next video. Reply Report

CumInMyThroat +3 points588 days ago

That's hot as fuck. I'm going to cum very soon now thank you I love seeing a whore's face abused. Reply Report

Comment +4 points1895 days ago

Not all women deserve to be treated like this, but fucking nasty pigs like her certainly do. Reply Report

gordaputa +3 points801 days ago

Mmm i wanna get throated and slapped around like this. I deserve some hard punishment for being a fat slut ;) i love it when he fills her throat with cum Reply Report

thesatyre +4 points599 days ago

Now there's a whore that gets it. Good job piggy. You deserve a treat for that. How about a nice big, fat white cock using your spic mouth hole as a cum dump? Reply Report

hhj +2 points1897 days ago

meh she got off lightly Reply Report

Burner +2 points1891 days ago

there just getting there monys worth Reply Report
to big m

to big m +1 points1894 days ago

I wanna rape ur fat sloppy ashy black ass so hard u bleed for a week from ur used up cum dripping hole.. bitch acts tough till she gets some meat in then she turns quick into the big pig she is and loves getting beat up by that cock Reply Report

St2000 +1 points1890 days ago

Gag that slag! Reply Report

lol +1 points1710 days ago

whore gets what whore deserves Reply Report

non-member +1 points594 days ago

rape that throat wide open like the good cum bucket she is ;) Reply Report

:)   0 points1897 days ago

I'd be fucking him in that little asshole while he gets head
Reply Report
non member

non member   0 points1895 days ago

The Quebec whore is a pig and needs to be sought out and violently raped without mercy. . She clearly doesnt know her worth Reply Report

Onegin   0 points1897 days ago

She's ino it. Look at her nipples Reply Report
Big M 10

Big M 10   0 points1895 days ago

To the Quebec LADY!!! I think ur right. Me, myself, I think dat women should be treated
Like the queens dat dey are. For all u weak bitch ass niggas, u must 4got dat ur mom is
a woman? If u wouldn't treat ur mom like dat, den why da fucc would u treat ur woman
like dat? Bitches make me sick & pussy's make me horny. Either wat it goes, all
y'all can get fucced up. Big Memphis mii name. Fucc wit me!!!!!!
Reply Report

piggy   0 points1744 days ago

mmmmmmmm.. Reply Report

jealous   0 points1616 days ago

I really wish it was me getting worked over like this Reply Report
Deepthroat lover

Deepthroat lover   0 points676 days ago

One of my favorites anybody know the full scene? Reply Report

lol   0 points1198 days ago

I think Non Member has some mommy issues, however everyone needs to remember she signed up for this, it's not rape or abuse if she knew exactly what she was getting into, which she did. These guys are a legitimate group and if she didn't do research on who she was working for (assuming they didn't tell her what was going to happen, which they most certainly did anyways) then it's her own dumb ass fault. People need to lighten up around here, it's fucking porn for God's sake, not a smuffin or rape film. Get off your self righteous high horses and if you don't like this kind of porn, watch a different kind. I'm sure you'll find something you like. be the adults your supposed to be. Reply Report

Spades   0 points420 days ago

I don't even watch porn that is not solo work. I just wanted to know, humans are curious by nature. But jesus christ she actually went through with the whole thing. You could tell she was miserable and didn't want to do it. Gotta respect her work ethic I guess. Reply Report

forcefuckdoll   0 points77 days ago

I wish someone did this to me Reply Report

Damn... -1 points1895 days ago

These white devils have no mercy. Even for girls from their own race.

That was pure white on white crime...
Reply Report

eww -1 points1573 days ago

she gets paid to fuck people might aswell do this shit to her i wouldnt want her as my gf Reply Report
Big M 10

Big M 10 -2 points1892 days ago

I knew ur dumb bitch ass was gay. Y u even tlkn to me? I'm all man
asshole. I hope all u bitches get a 20 ft long rod shoved up ur asses.
Fucc up if u want 2. Stupid bitch made ass pussy ass bitches.
Reply Report

tinyone4u -2 points1815 days ago

No girl deserves to be treated like that. Those guys should have there throats fucked like that upside down. There the fucking PIGS. I mean this to. Reply Report

tomfurter -2 points748 days ago

In my opinion "disrespectful" is the wrong term. The woman has the chance, to show her respect to the men. And this woman is into respect. This is just the way humilation works. Reply Report
hey Canadian

hey Canadian -3 points1895 days ago

Ur a pig... and now my girls broken nose and beat down ass is on ur conscious. .. when I read ur comment I thought u need a whore slut beat down but since I havent found u yet I took one of my rent out pigs that earn me money broken her skank ass nose made her deep throat me then raped her ass till she passed out crying bleeding from the nose .ur next u Canadian piece of bacon .. Reply Report
Hey Quebec girl

Hey Quebec girl -3 points1892 days ago

I agree with the girl completely! To the I guy hope you burn in hell no girl should EVER be treated like that, and if you think so your a sick fucking pig Reply Report

lostmyfaithinwomen -3 points1828 days ago

the only thing that women bring to the table is their slippery slimy fuck holes. Reply Report

Bullza -5 points1896 days ago

You people are fucking weird. Seriously you need to have a good look at your life because some of you belong in an asylum. Reply Report

Distgusting -6 points1893 days ago

No girl deserves this Reply Report
non member

non member -8 points1896 days ago

To the Quebec whore.. u couldnt do shit.. id rape ur ass till it runs red with blood then use my cock to sign my name on ur slut forehead. ..ur beaten down worthless skank woman body will be so abused u walk with a limp for life then ill whore u out for money and enjoy increasing my retirement based of ur dirty canadian trash ass... learn ur place bitch ur only purpose in like is to be a fluild dumpster for men hahaha ur my bitch better sleep with the doors locked Reply Report
Love it

Love it -11 points1792 days ago

I fucking love this shit ! Too bad they didn't slice her head off and face fuck her whore useless empty head !! Reply Report
non member

non member -14 points1897 days ago

Its hardly disrespectful when women dont deserve respect in the first place. They are on this earth to be used beaten pissed in pissed on ass to mouth ass to pussy whatever we see fit and when they are broken and used up drop them off on the side of the road and grab the next whore by the hair and drag her back tie her up and start all over.. learn ur place in like pigs Reply Report