One Night Stand Amateur Video

Hot party girl went home with some guy she just met in the club for a wild one night stand. He had to film how he was banging this chick with the most amazing booty, else his buddies would have never believed him.

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gman +12 points2132 days ago

She can ride a dick Reply Report

Bigduck +7 points2110 days ago

One night stand? She fucking loves him... that's just a couple having sex. Nice story though. Reply Report

Darn +2 points2110 days ago

Lovely sex, but the music was distracting! Reply Report

scum +2 points2132 days ago

what a surprise a bitch that goes the extra mile for her dick, she deserves a fucking award. Reply Report
Raider Rob

Raider Rob +2 points2110 days ago

This cracker is dumber than shit. Going RAW in a "one night stand?" Enjoy your AIDS/HIV. Reply Report
I'm better than you all, my mom says so!

I'm better than you all, my mom says so! +2 points2110 days ago

You're all complete fucking morons. All of you dicks spouting on and on about her having STD's, do you guys know from experience? And just ... fuck the rest of you. I'm too damn cynical already! Why can't I enjoy my porn in peace without some stupidity mongers throwing their around their ass hole ideas with all their retard strength?! Reply Report

Julie +2 points2109 days ago

What a niceeeeeeee fuck ;-)
Reply Report

Boner +1 points2107 days ago

He has more of an ass than she does. Still hot. Reply Report

Wow   0 points2110 days ago

Girl must be a high-end escort to ride a cock like that Reply Report

Hmm..   0 points2110 days ago

She has weird nipples. ._. Reply Report

Crazed   0 points2108 days ago

Love this song! and the guys is hott! Reply Report
bristol englishman

bristol englishman   0 points2094 days ago

what a fucking ride this lucky bastard had ! Reply Report

MG   0 points2057 days ago

i think they are couple coz they know how to please each other .... dont judge the both of them just because of wrong caption of the video... :) fact is they had a very hot night .. ill do those things with my boyfriend :D Reply Report

non-member -1 points2104 days ago

I love one night stands when my husband is gone on business Reply Report
White People

White People -3 points2110 days ago

She has no ass, and she probably has AIDS. Reply Report

oookaaay -6 points2110 days ago

now this an extraordinary predicament, but i'm with the racist white bastard this time. I think this bitch is highly likley to have HIV! Especially since she's pretty skilled, so casual in a one night stand and all while doing it RAW! Reply Report

ugh -8 points2110 days ago

Was hot till I realized they were niggers Reply Report

girthy -9 points2110 days ago

what's with this crap nigger music Reply Report

Boo -13 points2110 days ago

He don't even have her moaning what a little dick virgin
Reply Report
Eww blacks

Eww blacks -16 points2110 days ago

Fucking niggggerrr Reply Report