Fat Girls Orgy

4 Fat black lesbians get into an all out lick and finger fest. Obviously they are very skilled at eating.

Also, huge compliments to whoever built that bed!

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John +35 points1753 days ago

I like fat chicks. Deal with it. Reply Report

Jane +8 points1719 days ago

Watching this boosts myself esteem. I am in no way obese, but I could stand to lose 20/30 pounds. Good to know not everyone is turned off by chubbies Reply Report
Lord 666

Lord 666 +7 points1753 days ago

If i was in that room, i would join them!!! Reply Report

BBWLOVER +5 points1752 days ago

if i had to choose between a skinny girl and this i would defiantly go for this x Reply Report
I jerked Off

I jerked Off +4 points1730 days ago

wow, i love fat girls <3
never had a black one though,
wonder what nigger pussy tastes like
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Greg +3 points1752 days ago

This is one of the best natural 4 sum ever very erotic and sensual. Better than that og yeah oh yeah skinny girl crap talk. Love it. With I could taste those wet hot pussies. Reply Report

kn +3 points1752 days ago

I find the black accents a turn off, not the fatness Reply Report

@2 +2 points1772 days ago

its better than your case scenario i bet you cant even get a normal chick but you only like eat girls shits and be dumpster shit thing sick fuck :lol: Reply Report

Wow +2 points1604 days ago

I've never wanted to be a mattress so much in my life Reply Report

Josh +2 points1390 days ago

John amen I love big fat woman Reply Report

Lena11 +1 points1366 days ago

Wished the blck Lady fed the whter ones with sht. Reply Report
@ kent marsey

@ kent marsey   0 points1774 days ago

you must be one stupid fuck without girlfriend so what peoples like me big chubby or even fat womans? i dont see anything bad there but stupid fucks like you wont understand it Reply Report

ICame   0 points599 days ago

fat nigger pussy is the best Reply Report

lusciouslinda   0 points670 days ago

Ir would be great to join these women and squirt all over them while they licked my pussy to orgasm. Reply Report

AndrewT   0 points487 days ago

WOW I came during this, what Beautiful Girls! I just LOVE FAT girls, I'm FAT myself by the way, The girl who screamed, in sheer pleasure, at about twenty minutes in, was my favourite. Reply Report

mx23   0 points121 days ago

I'd be in heaven if i were to in between them bbws. It's hot, where was this recorded at if not mind me asking
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ohigu -1 points1752 days ago

The thing that sucks about fat porn is the good views are always blocked by rolls.... Reply Report

komentator -5 points1752 days ago

Czarne wieloryby... Reply Report

HellNO -7 points1753 days ago

I just threw up! And if they were around I`m sure they would try to all run and eat it damn WTF looks like beached whales Reply Report

jh -8 points1752 days ago

the beds weight limit is exceeded Reply Report

!2! -12 points1773 days ago

@ 'heavy comment' BWAHAHAHAHA!!! you actually admit getting turned on by fat chicks???!!!
I'd bet you have fat chicks because you can't get good looking healthy ones!!!
OMG *pukes*
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Kent Mersey

Kent Mersey -21 points1774 days ago

Being a guy who prefers petite women, watching this video would be like torture to me.

But you losers that 'like' fat/obese women... knock yourselves out!!!

and before any dumbfuck asks or suggests... no, I did not watch this video.
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Kent Mersey is a FAG

Kent Mersey is a FAG +12 points1469 days ago

Then why comment? Oh right, cuz you're a complete fucktard. Reply Report
Big D

Big D   0 points176 days ago

ROFLMFAO Reply Report

Dillhole   0 points365 days ago

Um... yeah? Reply Report